Steelers’ Sammie Coates dealing with hand injury

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Steelers receiver Sammie Coates is playing excellent football this season, but a hand injury may hold him back this week.

Coates has a large cast on his hand and seems unlikely to do much in practice this week, Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reports.

Despite suffering a cut on his hand that required stitches on Sunday against the Jets, Coates remained in the game. He did drop some passes, however, indicating that the hand injury may have been bothering him more than he was letting on.

Although the drops are an issue, Coates has made more big plays than any receiver in the NFL this season: Coates has 19 catches for 421 yards this season and has an NFL-high six catches of 40 yards or more.

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  1. He has those old school Mike Wallace stats from his younger days in Pitt… and just like Wallace u have to hold your breath every time the ball goes his way! lol

  2. He’s pretty big and rangy for a WR. His 40-time is good, but I bet his 60-time would be even better (comparatively speaking) if they ran it at the combine, as it would emphasize downfield speed more than off-the-line burst. I think that’s why he’s always been a big-play threat in college and now in the NFL.

  3. greenejoemean says:
    Oct 12, 2016 12:47 PM
    Those drops had nothing to do with a hurt hand.


    Honestly, I thought the same thing when I was watching the game. They mentioned a hand injury, and it seemed like a bit of a cop out. But then I read that he got 17 stitches at halftime. So the cut must have been pretty bad. Seems like a legitimate excuse

  4. “Hands Of Sweed….”


    As long as Coates doesn’t have the mind of Sweed, he’ll be fine. Limas Sweed let drops eat him up and he became mostly useless because he couldn’t get them out of his mind. He never contributed in any facet of the game.

    Coates was obviously upset by his drops last Sunday, but he kept playing hard and came back with a few tough catches later in the game, including another TD. Plus, he blocked when asked to , played special teams, and in general kept plugging away. After the game, he was disappointed that he had had issues with drops, but vowed to keep working. That’s the attitude fans and teammates want to see. He’ll be fine.

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