Dennis Pitta: Ravens needed the spark Marc Trestman’s firing could provide

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Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta thinks his team will be better in specific areas, such as the red zone, after changing offensive coordinators this week.

But mostly, he thinks realizing that people get fired when they don’t produce will be good for a team that could use a shake.

Via Clifton Brown of, Pitta said that former coordinator Marc Trestman was a “good guy” and a “good coach” but that time had come for a change.

I think it’s something that this offense needed,” Pitta said after Wednesday’s practice. “We were kind of in a bad place. It didn’t seem like we were getting out of it. Hopefully this will spark us.”

Of course, it puts replacement coordinator Marty Mornhinweg on the spot, giving him a short time to put his stamp on things. But Pitta said Mornhinweg’s “energy” and “excitement” was already on display.

“You see somebody go, you see somebody essentially get fired, it lights a fire under everybody,” Pitta said. “You understand that nobody’s job is safe, from the head coach down to the long snapper, whoever that is. It does instill a sense of urgency.

“Marty’s stepped up, and is in this position, and we all want to play well for him.”

If they don’t, the coordinator won’t be the last guy getting replaced.

14 responses to “Dennis Pitta: Ravens needed the spark Marc Trestman’s firing could provide

  1. A spark, cool. I just hope the philosophy is something geared towards the talent they have. Deep balls to Wallace, seams to Pitta, 20 carries for West, touches for Dixon, hitches for Smith, but the majority of the production depends heavily on the health of the o-line.

  2. Im surprised Pitta has made it this far into the season. Maybe they did fix his hip this time. Either way Mornyweg has a pretty lousy track record as an OC. They might do a bit better in the next few weeks because they change things up but will probably settle around the same output as Trestman.

  3. I think they got all full of themselves with wins over the mighty Bills, Browns, and Jags. Now that they have crashed back to earth, someone hit the panic button.
    They will finish 5-11, maybe 6-10 and Trestman won’t be the only one that gets shown the door.

  4. There are more important things than statistics. Forsett wasn’t running great but they were 3-0. They haven’t won a game since cutting him and now they fire their OC. Brilliant. This team isn’t going to even sniff the playoffs. For the first time in a long time the AFC North will field just one team.

  5. Trestman is a genius but he needs a decent QB AND A RUNNING GAME.
    I think The Bears fired him too quickly, I would bet he could of had Cutler be good again if they gave him 2 or 3 years

  6. he had a running game, that was evident in the first quarter of the last game, he abandoned it for some reason and it cost the team

  7. Marty had some very clever plays in Philly but there can be an awkwardness to his play-calling.

  8. Is he saying that the long snapper is the least important guy, and that he doesn’t know who that is?


  9. He already used the ineligible receiver idea that he condemned as deceptive, maybe Jonny Harbawl should try to steal more ideas from the Pats.

  10. Cannot believe that the Ravens have Marty as their OC, particularly after their 2008 game against Philly when Donovan McNabb was benched.

    Despite all the confusion, a very inexperienced Kevin Kolb had moved the Eagles offense, and they were at 3rd and goal from about the Ravens’ one.

    So what does Marty call? A dropback pass that Ed Reed took an NFL record 108 yards for a pick-six. McNabb was never the same, Kolb was never the same, and Eagle fans were never the same toward Andy Reid. That game began the “fool’s gold” era for the Eagles, leading to the firing of Reid and his staff in 2012.

    Not convinced that Marty is clueless? Take a wild guess who was the OC when Geno Smith was drafted, thrown to the wolves, and sucker-punched to the injured reserve list.

    I want to be a client of Marty’s agent. If he can keep getting jobs for that guy…

  11. I’m optimistic. Harbaugh knows how to play underdog to motivate the team. A little spark and a few smart moves – like keep running when you’re averaging 8+ yards a carry – will help.

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