Dez Bryant takes on Skip Bayless, wins

Getty Images

Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant has missed the last two games. But that hasn’t kept him from #winning.

Bryant, who has had periodic kerfuffles with notorious hot-take short-order cook Skip Bayless, found himself in another dustup with Bayless on Wednesday, after Bayless suggested that the Cowboys are better off “without the old Dez,” who thought the team revolved around him.

“Thank you bro never thought that once,” Bryant said on Twitter. “Always dreamed of a family feel and we have it. . . . Skip is not a real cowboy fan.” Bryant added a hashtag with the term “bandwagon.”

Said Bayless in response: “Hey : Now I’m a bandwagon Cowboy fan? Yep, guess I have been since the 1st Cowboy game I attended as a fan, Nov. 5, 1961.”

Then came the hammer from Dez, who found a tweet from Bayless in 2009 in which he said, “For the record, I am NOT a Cowboys fan.”

Check. And mate.

Maybe Dez is the one who should be getting paid way too much money to cook up hot takes. At least he’d be more consistent. He couldn’t be any less consistent.