Dolphins may be without Reshad Jones this week

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Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has thrown for 680 yards and nine touchdowns over the last two games, so Sunday would be a good day for the Dolphins to have as many of their defensive backs as possible on hand.

They already know they won’t have cornerback Xavien Howard, however, and another one of the most important players in that position group might not be able to go this weekend. Safety Reshad Jones missed Wednesday’s practice with a groin injury and Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald reports he’s unlikely to practice on Thursday or Friday either.

That doesn’t sound like the path to a spot in the lineup this weekend, but Dolphins coach Adam Gase isn’t going to rule anything out ahead of time.

“A game-time decision,” Gase said.

The Dolphins’ defense ranks 28th in the league in yards allowed, a ranking heavily influenced by allowing more rushing yards than any other team in the league. Their difficulties in that area could be exploited by Le’Veon Bell this weekend, although a Jones-free secondary would offer Pittsburgh a variety of avenues to attack Miami’s defense on Sunday.

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  1. At this point this season is over for my Fins. I’d rather see them lose out and get a top pick in the draft instead of wining anymore games. No point to finish 7-9 once again along with not getting a 5 star player in the draft.

  2. Agreed with above poster. If Miami wins more pointless games, we will miss out on one of the top QBs. Therefore, we will have no choice but to keep Tannehill when his salary jumps up to 18-19 million next season. And we will forever be stuck in mediocrity

  3. Ben may equal that 2 week output against my Dolphins. Perhaps the beat down is so bad Ross sees the error in hiring Tannenbaum to oversee personnel. One can only hope.

  4. Even if we get the #1 overall pick, there is no guarantee that player will live up to the draft status. Have you seen our draft record the last.. well… the last 20 years? Need a complete overhaul and that starts at the top, the very top.

  5. It’s only Week 6 and we’ve already reached the bitter end of another Dolphins season. What a waste.

    On a better note, Reshad Jones being out means great things for my fantasy team headlined by Antonio Brown :]

  6. @iammrbinky….you are so right…while this post has nothing to do with a bad personnel move or anything, it is only our best defensive player out…along with others…but everyone fails to see how the Jets went to the AFC championship game with “Mark Sanchez” in spite of the fact they really had no offense..then tannenbaum FAILED to build an offense around that really great jets D…so you bring him in and think he’ll do anything better here? I’m not a fan…these players on this team are just not any good outside of the few obvious….

  7. iammrbinky says:
    Oct 13, 2016 10:09 AM
    Ben may equal that 2 week output against my Dolphins. Perhaps the beat down is so bad Ross sees the error in hiring Tannenbaum to oversee personnel. One can only hope.

    As teary-eyed as I am agreeing with you on this, we can’t underestimate the fact that Ross gave Ireland another shot in 2014 after putting together the worst offensive line of all time, releasing linebackers Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett in favor of the 2 inferior Dannell Ellerbe and Philip Wheeler, and whiffing on all 4 of Miami’s draft picks in the first three rounds (Dion Jordan, Jamar Taylor, Dallas Thomas and Will Davis).

    As bad as Ireland and Tannenbaum have been, Ross is an even more inferior owner by comparison because he simply can’t hire adequate personnel decision makers and employs them for way too long.

  8. Final Score:
    Pittsburgh 98
    Miami 6

    Roethlisberger: 863 yards passing
    Brown: 425 yards receiving
    Bell: 381 yards rushing

    Headline Monday:

    And I’m a Dolphins fan

  9. It’s amazing how bad the drafting and scouting have been for the Dolphins yet the promote the head of scouting to GM. AMAZING how this organization rewards incompetence.

    Last year Tannenbaum trades 2 of our draft picks for a wide receiver who cant even crack the starting lineup and we now have lost2 draft picks this season for Tannenbaum and his head up his azz moves.

    4 first round draft picks on the offensive line who can’t or wont stay healthy,and who can’t run or pass block.

    Our QB gets demolished on almost every play but do you ever see anyone of them extend a hand to help Tannehill up? Try that when Marino was our QB and you’d be driving north on I95 out of Florida.

    So sad to have watched this once proud team since 1970 to the total embarrassing mess it is today

  10. Lost among the Dolphins pity party here is that this is EXACTLY the type of “trap” game that the Steelers have consistently lost under Tomlin. We will see if this year’s Steelers can play above the level of the competition and keep their momentum going into the Week 7 showdown with the Patriots.

  11. You have to go back to the last time the Dolphins made the playoffs for what is the best front office model to go forward with. 2008…Parcells, Ireland and Sparano… all in their first season. you need someone like Parcells calling the shots with his guys.

    The problem now is that you have a young promising HC in Gase who looks to be halfway decent if given the chance. So if you bring someone in as the football czar role that Parcells had, he needs to have a history with Gase. Peyton Manning? Hmmmm…

  12. little fishy fans now want to throw the rest of the season, a la Indy Dolts, to get the highest draft pick.

    That would be cheating on an epic scale. Just like the Dolts did to land Luck.
    Surely, you don’t want another Major cheating scandal on your resume

  13. Those rooting for that high draft choice, seem to forget that Tannenbaum is the guy make that ultimate choice.

    Stephen Ross is the worst NFL owner in my lifetime………….and I’m not young.

  14. Not sure how you can mention 7 wins and the Dolphins in the same sentence 305phinsfan. Dolphins are a 4 win team at their best. They could easily win just 2 games. Who else do you see them beating?

  15. This season was so close to being a Big duck egg in the win column. But fortunately we got to play the Browns. Those of you who watched know what I mean. Tannehill excels during meaningless games and would normally be dangerous to playoff hunting teams during the final few games, so a couple more wins wouldn’t be impossible, but this year is different this year he has five statues in front of him, we can’t run can’t tackle can’t cover and our players are dumb even more stupid than last year some of those penaltys just unbelievable. But we have a good punter. We sign sick note free agents on top of that so all in all we are crap.

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