Dolphins want Mario Williams to play harder and play better

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Defensive end Mario Williams’ stay with the Bills came to an end this offseason after a 2015 that saw Williams complain about the team’s defensive scheme while others in the organization complained about his effort level.

Williams landed with the Dolphins as a free agent and had nothing but positive things to say about Miami’s scheme this offseason, but the Dolphins don’t seem overly pleased with what they’ve gotten from the veteran. Williams has seven tackles and a sack on the season, none of which were recorded in last week’s loss to the Titans.

Tennessee ran for 235 yards in that game and defensive coordinator Vance Joseph said that Williams has to do more in that area and work harder overall to meet the team’s expectations.

“He’s got to play harder; he’s got to play better,” Joseph said, via “Obviously, he’s being allowed to rush the passer. But the games we’ve been in, it’s been more run-first, pass-second games. So for us to be a great rushing team, we have to earn the right. … If they want to rush more, stop the run more consistently.”

The Dolphins haven’t done that yet this season and there’s not much in Williams’ recent history to suggest he’ll be part of the solution to the problem. If that’s the case, the Dolphins won’t have much to show for their big offseason acquisitions on defense with cornerback Byron Maxwell getting benched before injuries moved him back into the lineup.

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  1. Scheme better, coach. Maybe put Wake, Williams and Suh in the game at the same time. Use whichever DT stops the run best next to Suh. Try taking the game to the offense instead of reacting to what they want to do. That might actually help the DBs a bit. Defense is getting torched now anyway, so there is no real downside

  2. Hmm this sounds familiar.. I NEVER bash players for getting paid.. get what you can.. In this case WHY would the Fish pay him all kinds of money and assume they are getting something other then the Bills got last year?

  3. People have been saying this for the last few years and they just might need to admit he actually is playing as good as he can, he just isnt that good anymore.

  4. If Mario isn’t on pace for double digit sacks at any point of the season, you’re going to see the effort decline until the team writing his paychecks opts out of his contract. Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg?

  5. It blows my mind they even signed this turd. They had to prepare for him twice last season and seemingly didn’t notice how he has pretty much given up on playing football? They deserve their record.

  6. This guy has clearly given up on playing football. They didn’t see that in the two games worth of film they have on him from last season? They deserve their record.

  7. and who is surprised? 4-3 DEs are usually excited to move to a 3-4 OLB more chances to get at the ball, but this bum used it as an excuse to be lazy and he is still lazy

  8. So they signed a lazy player who Buffalo was happy to let walk because he was problematic and now they are having issues with the fact he is lazy?

    I like have Miami in the same division because they are prone to such terrible decisions.

  9. As a Bills fan, I’d like to thank the Dolphins for picking up our trash. We’ll see you soon down there and make you wish you spent money wiser, the man is no NFL player. He’s a quitter living off his high-draft spot, ready to retire.

  10. Yeah , remember Dolphins fans ALL offseason?

    “Wake, Sue and Williams will be unstoppable”

    And like I said, ” when the season starts reality sets in”

    Yes, I’m quoting myself!

  11. now really what did you expect from Mike Tannenbaum? How he seems to land on his feet when he only demolishes franchises wherever he goes is beyond me.

  12. Top 5 Greatest Dolphins:

    1. Larry Csonka
    2. Nick Buoniconti
    3. Reggie Roby
    4. Jason Taylor
    5. Jim Jensen

  13. I do believe Miami has found a way to insert two holes in their defensive line. Williams and Suh, taking the cash and not doing the work.

  14. There were indicators in Buffalo in 2015 that this guy was a “me first” guy, and nothing was ever his fault. When will teams learn about these kind of guys?

  15. I feel bad for Dolphins fans, with an inept front office and clueless owner running the show. Mario has a brutal attitude and just doesn’t care. He blamed the Bills’ system last season for his lack of productivity. His replacement — a journeyman linebacker — has 7 sacks. I wonder who Mario will blame this season?

  16. yeah right, good luck with that. He’s already been paid, forget about it, he is checked out. This was his last paycheck in the NFL and he knows it. Dummies!

  17. Mario Williams still plays football? He’s more likely to be on the back of a milk carton for a missing person.

  18. .
    At some point in time, Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville will realize that some guys just come to Florida on vacation.

  19. But I thought it was the coach’s fault that he wasn’t performing? Isn’t that what they all said last year about Rex? I guess that Gase isn’t that great a coach after all, I mean Mario is such a gifted player, I can’t imagine why he’d ever take a play off.


  20. If the Dolphins ever want to be good again they’ll have to stop signing these type of players to huge contracts. What they’re doing is making no sense whatsoever. They have no plan!

  21. Suh is doing his job he just has. O help around him. Read somewhere Mario was blameing his lack of production on the QBs releasing the ball too quickly since in Miami. 😬

    Seems like The Buffal defense is doing better since he left. I too feel for the Miami fans. If you look at the entire offense and defense they have a total of about 4 decent players. The rest? Meh. Tannenbaum should be fired

  22. This is what happens when you have to pay players a ton of money to come and play for you.

    Meanwhile, Bill signs players for peanuts, and has players take less just to keep playing for a winner.

  23. Just let this sink in, Lorenzo Alexander has more sacks in the first 5 games this season for the Bills than Mario had all of last season and through 5 games this season. Yep, Rex didn’t know how to utilize Mario…

  24. That trade with Miami and the vikes looks great for the Vikings! Gave them our 3rd at the High end of the round for Miami 3rd and 4th in the 17 draft which will be in the low end of the round!!! Who said the Vikings mortgaged their future with the Bradford trade???

  25. FIRE TANNENBum!!!!!!!! Ross–I like the stadium you upgraded but by hiring TANNENBum you are showing you don’t know how to run anything but realty firms.

  26. Mario had a talent level few other pass rushers could match paired with the work ethic and heart of a down and out AA baseball player.

  27. Seriously though – Mario is the WORST guy to try and motivate, throw in the fact the Defense sucks just a bad as the Offense and it’ll be just a matter of time before him & Suh go “toe to toe” – which is shame for Cameron Wake – just him to come back healthy to watch this season implode
    is shameful, as he more than any current Dolphin on this roster deserves better !!

  28. The Fins have been trash for a long time now. I as a Bills fan love how bad, no terrible they are. They do have a constant tho. Signing hopeful wannabe players and paying the Kinb’s ransom money. Draft a terrible QB and keep shoving him down their fans throats. If the Browns weren’t in the league the Fins would easily be the worst team.

  29. For the record, this dolphin fan was not talking trash in the offseason when they got these guys. I stopped drinking the koolaid a long time ago in regards to the dolphins. I actually drank some last year thing they had a chance for the playoffs. As usual I was let down. I will NEVER drink the koolaid on this team again. Honestly I see no hope for this team with the current ownership, front office, coaching staff, and most all of the players. Ross needs to, oh what the heck, any decision he makes will be wrong. I’m just about done with this team and I have been a ban since childhood starting in 1970.

  30. I think it was Einstein who theorized in his paper, “The Franklin Effect” that:

    Being strapped to a pallet of Franklins slows forward motion and has an equal and opposite effect on inertia.

    “A body at rest, tends to stay at rest, if there’s enough Franklins on the pallet”.

  31. Adam Gase: So Mario, we’ll bring you in a 4-3 with Suh and Wake and form the most dominant front in the NFL. We’ll also give you 15 million, 4 of which is guaranteed. How’s that sound?

    Mario: Yeah, sure sure. Can you tell me the part again about Florida not having a state income tax?

  32. Well don’t forget the Dolphins are the only team in history to go undefeated in an entire season. When was that again? Give me a hint…..BC or AD?

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