Ezekiel Elliott not thinking about Eric Dickerson’s rookie record

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Before the season, Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott said he was aiming to break Eric Dickerson’s NFL rookie record of 1,808 rushing yards. But now that Elliott is looking like he has a real shot at the record, he says it’s not on his mind.

Elliott told reporters stats have never been his focus.

“Honestly, I never started talking about Eric Dickerson’s record, you guys did,” Elliott said. “So you guys made that a story, but it’s honestly not something I’m very focused on. I’m focused on going out and winning ballgames. Focused on getting better with the team every week.”

For the record, Elliott did start talking about Dickerson’s record, telling reporters he had approached Dickerson at an event and told him he planned to top his 33-year-old mark. But now that Elliott is close to record pace, he says he isn’t thinking about whether he can do it.

“I don’t know,” Elliott said.

With 546 yards through five games, Elliott is on pace to finish the season with 1,747 yards, falling just behind Dickerson’s rookie record of 1,808. Elliott is also on pace for 16 rushing touchdowns, which would be the second-best for a rookie as well, behind Dickerson’s 18. Breaking those records would be an impressive achievement, even if it’s one Elliott isn’t thinking about now.

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  1. Jerry will make it happen because it’s all about image. He will garbage time games that he should not be in

    Elliot looks a lot more like Emmitt Smith. Very talented but ran behind a great line. Dickerson will always be in the same breath as Brown, Sanders and Payton (who knows if Sayers had today’s science).

    So break the records. They’re just records…

  2. Nobody is breaking any of Dickerso’s records. Five games. What a joke. He obviously bought some merchandise in the Seattle pot shop

  3. .
    and to think, the Giants D is the only one who was been able to shut him down.

    In week 1 it looked like the Giants D was for real.
    after 5 Weeks we see it wasn’t.
    so let’s stop talking crazy, against a semi ok D he can’t run

  4. Zeke, you go son!!!!! AND, when Tony comes back, after fully healed, he will be playing with probably the best team we’ve had in his career, if the D doesn’t allow more pts than the O has posted. He won’t have to carry the team solely on his back (no pun intended) anymore 🙂 Thank the good Lord that McClay took over the draft board and Stephen is making more decisions….better late than never!!!! Zeke, you just might break that record!!!!!

  5. Let’s hope the leagues best rushing defense can knock him off his pace a little bit this Sunday. Can’t wait for the game!!

  6. I think the guys is a tank and off the top of my head I can’t think of anyone else I would rather not see coming at me full bore if I am a corner or safety. He always seems to fall forward when being tackled.

  7. I’ve always wondered why GMs get enamored with drafting so many skill position players who can be picked-up during free agency when you can follow a near error free approach of drafting offensive lineman over multiple years.

    Show me a Super Bowl winning team that hasn’t had a solid offensive line compared with some historic teams who had dominant offensive lines.

    The offensive line makes everyone better, and when you have a great tailback playing behind them, only good things happen.

  8. It seems even the media forgets that they bait players into saying this stuff. Just because you have a quote of Zeke saying he wanted to break Eric Dickerson’s record doesn’t mean it wasn’t simply in response to a reporter asking him about it. Just because he said it, doesn’t mean that’s his primary focus. He answered a question.

    With that said, Zeke is definitely on pace for that record and his production has gotten better and better as each game passes. BUT, the Cowboys are also clearly focused on limiting Zeke’s carries and avoiding 30-35 carry games. They have been inserting Alfred Morris about one out of every three drives.

    Back when Dickerson set that record, he was the workhorse back getting an AVERAGE of 24 carries per game. Zeke has only exceeded 24 carries once in the five games he has played. I don’t personally see it happening for Zeke because they’ve got such a capable backup in Alfred Morris. From the team’s perspective if they have a shot at the playoffs, there’s no reason they should be giving Zeke the football 25+ times per game in the regular season.

  9. Man you can always bank on Cowboy haters to blow up a thread. I really think this is PFT post anything Cowboys because they know the reaction it will garner

    “Bob, clicks are low this week, post something on the Cowboys”

    “Leroy, post some of Jerry’s meaningless comments and let’s make something out of nothing to get the views up”

    “Cletus, we haven’t met the Jerrah quota for this week, posting something about Romo’s back so we can get Dr. Jerrah comments”


  10. Single season records and playoff pictures should t be discussed before Halloween at the earliest. More like thanksgiving really. Now if your team is garbage, it’s always a good time to head over to Walter football and see what hope the future has.

  11. He might want to think about working on pass blocking some more, because Tony’s back. (see what I did there?)

  12. I love the way Zeke handles the media. I watched this interview last night. 50% of the questions directed at him were obvious attempts to rope him into saying something article worthy. Whether it was about the QB controversy, Dickerson’s record, or Dez Bryant’s patience dealing with an injury. Every time he was baited he answered with a stern “yes” or “no” and moved on. He happily obliged to questions directly related to gameday or that were fun in nature.

    This “click bait” media has got so out of control and true sports journalism is dead. It is clear that job security in this field depends on whether or not you can stir up a controversy that comment trolls will waste their day commenting on. Big up Zeke for handling the media the same way he handle the rock, like a pro.

  13. Same thing happened in Dak’s interview. One reporter even asked him if he paid for his own bow ties in college. His answer? “Yes. Thanks guys.” End of interview.

  14. Zeke is Emmitt Smith with top end speed. He rarely gets hit, rarely fumbles(though he has had a few with the Cowboys) and he can play all three downs without any problem.

    Also, he played 15 games in a season once in college, for those talking about the rookie wall. He ran for over 750 yards in his last three games, against the teams that finished 13, 2, and 3 in the country.

    Hate the Buckeyes and hate the Cowboys all you want, the kid is the real deal.

    Dickerson’s record is on the table.

  15. Dickerson’s Rams actually beat the Cowboys his rookie year in ’83 in the NFC wildcard game. The Rams were knocked out the next week by Washington.

    Getting farther than that this season should be the only goal Zeke and the Cowboys have in mind.

  16. He was a great straight ahead runner at Ohio State. He is a perfect fit for Dallas offensive style. Initially my 11 year old grandson wasn’t too interested in drafting him on his family team against his two older brothers and his Dad. I had previously had a talk with him about Zeke’s upside in Dallas system. I stressed it is his team and pick the player he wanted but just consider everything on all the players. I was just a consultant on the phone. He picked Zeke. Sometimes you just know something is right. Now if he only he can stay healthy.

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