Jared Goff feels like he’s gotten better every day

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It would be a stretch to call 2016 the year of the rookie quarterback, but it has been a year with a couple of rookie quarterbacks showing they are right at home in the NFL.

Neither Carson Wentz nor Dak Prescott was expected to be a Week One starter, but both wound up in that job and they have both performed well while helping the Eagles and Cowboys to winning records to this point in the season. Both of those quarterbacks were taken after the Rams made Jared Goff the first overall pick, but Goff hasn’t had a chance to join them on the field yet.

Goff said that seeing those rookies do well while he sits behind Case Keenum hasn’t been difficult because he feels he’s been steadily improving despite not being on the field.

“Every situation is different,” Goff said, via ESPN.com. “All these guys that are doing well right now I’m very happy for. Most of them I’m good friends with, and they’ve done a really good job. I’m very happy for them. … I’ve felt good every day. I think I’ve progressed ever since I got here, and I don’t think I’ve ever really plateaued or gone backwards. I think I’ve gotten better every time, every week, every day. So I feel good.”

Offensive coordinator Rob Boras agrees with Goff, saying that the quarterback isn’t “asking rookie questions anymore.” Head coach Jeff Fisher said that there’s no timeline for Goff to move into the lineup, although the team will have a bye after Week Seven that could provide a spot to make a change if the Rams feel it’s time to break the seal on their top draft pick.