Josh Norman: Why can’t we have fun within the game?


Josh Norman gave an interview to ESPN The Magazine this offseason that featured him calling NFL commissioner Roger Goodell “straight horrible” and his feelings about the league don’t seem to have softened since then.

The Redskins cornerback made an appearance with Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier of 106.7 The Fan on Thursday and discussed the penalty he got for mimicking a bow-and-arrow shot after an interception in Week Four. Norman said he felt like his conduct has been magnified by the league, noting that others have done similar things in the past without getting a penalty, and scoffing at the league’s explanation that it fell on the wrong side of the rules because it simulated violence.

Norman went on to rip the league as a whole when it comes to the crackdown on the way players celebrate on the field.

“I think we have a double standard as a league,” Norman said. “We say want to be PG or whatever television show we’re showing, but at the same time we’re selling beer on TV shows when kids [are] watching. So it’s kind of like, well dang, if that’s the case and that’s good, why can’t we have fun within the game? I mean it’s a barbaric sport. So if you want to be a double standard, like, c’mon, man. Let’s be realistic here. You want to have things the way you want it, but then again, when it comes to us, we can’t have the things we want. It don’t even make any sense. It’s stupid in a way to a point where … like, who is running the ship? And why are we allowing things to happen like that that shouldn’t be? That’s kind of how I feel.”

Norman said he would understand the $10,000 fine he received for the bow-and-arrow celebration if it was in the rules before the season, but feels the league is changing things on the fly and that he will “continue to try and fight this thing because it’s just stupid.”

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  1. As a Redskin fan, I think Norman needs to shut his pie hole.

    If you do not want to play by the rules or don’t like them, quit the sport.

    If you want the paycheck you are getting, fool, then shut up and don’t worry about what others are doing. Perhaps you’d cover receivers better than you do!

  2. Norman’s a tool but he’s right. The NFL has the most ridiculous rules on celebrations and it’s clear they are making things up as they go.

  3. Don’t like his team, don’t know him, but he is absolutely right. This type of arbitrary player control on the part of the NFL is certainly contributing to fan apathy and decreased ratings.

  4. I doubt he is making any friends in New York with his beer analogy LOL.

    No different than the draconian penalties for pot. The pain pill pushers that sponsor the NFL, Pfizer and the like, keep Roger handing out major penalties to players who smoke.

    Careful Josh. The NFL protects it’s major sponsors, without a blink wiping out the career of a player, even extremely talented ones (see Juston Blackmon, Josh Gordon, Martaveus Bryant).

  5. Talk about a double standard. The players get 50% or whatever it is of all revenue generated by the league which includes advertising, so next time you go to the bank Josh remember that. I mentioned this before This rules started when player started making the motion of slashing throats when celebrating. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE all knows that these rules aren’t made up out of the blue just like the ones where we all work. so this happens. The one guy coming in late, ends up putting in place no flex time for anyone. But also I have said this plenty of times too. I don’t watch football to watch some guy celebrate. I watched part of the Chad Johnson thing on ESPN. To listen to him talk about how he wanted to entertain fans when he scored. I have another take. He is a narcissist and he wanted to draw attention to him and away from the game. That was my take.

  6. Fun to Josh Norman and guys like him turn into a one up contest to see to see who can be the most outrageous and draw attention to themselves at the expense of their opponent.
    Joe Horn comes to mind stashing a cell phone in the goal post pad and answering it when he scored.
    The NFL has plenty of corporate customers, and right or wrong, some of them are a bit stuffy and are not amused by the likes of Josh Norman acting like idiots on TV.

  7. The ONLY reason they now have rules about celebration is because a few idiots got way out of control. So, as usual, a small few ruined it for everyone else. It’s just like life.

  8. Its your job and your already getting millions to have plenty of fun in the offseason. shut up and play the game for money.

  9. while I agree that NFL has gone overboard with making this a no-fun league… in the end it’s a job.
    Your employer gets to tell you how to act and dress and also gets to punish or fire you if you don’t comply.
    You’re not special, you’re not a magical snowflake… act the way your employer expects you to act.. and STF. Most of your opinions are dumb. (redskins fan)

  10. I’m not a Josh Norman fan nor am I a Redskins fan. But I kind of agree with him but to a point. Josh Norman needs to look to the rest of the players in the NFL as to the reason why this rule exists. In and of itself, the bow and arrow imitation is benign. It means nothing, it signifies nothing. But the problem comes in when, and not if, the NFL says the bow and arrow move is okay, there will most definitely be a player who will then take that okay and push it to another level that may or may not imitate violence. And then the line will get pushed more and more. It’s inevitable. Players will always try to one-up each other. You have to draw the line somewhere.

  11. As an Eagles fan never thought I would agree with Dez Bryant over Skip comments and now Josh Norman making logical sense. All in the same day let me remind you.

  12. One Name: Antonio Brown.

    One question: Should he be getting these monster fines?

    Incredible talent, nice guy, fun.

  13. “Norman said he would understand the $10,000 fine he received for the bow-and-arrow celebration if it was in the rules before the season, but feels the league is changing things on the fly…”

    I’m shocked, shocked I tell you that anyone would think the league office makes it up as they go along. But just to be clear, the courts have ruled they can do as they like.

  14. I never thought I would agree with this guy on anything…… But he is absolutely right! Add this to another list of reasons viewership is down!

  15. “Why can’t we have fun?”

    You can find the fee schedule for excessive celebrations in the CBA. You know, that thing the players and the owners agreed to.

  16. NFL: shooting a bow and arrow…may be offensive to native americans.

    world: he plays on a team called the Redskins.

  17. When you get paid triple what you are worth and run your mouth all off season and into the regular season, you’re gonna be under a microscope Josh. He brought it on himself.

  18. The answer to Norman and all the others who act like jerks when they get a first down or do something else positive, is because kids watch what you do and they emulate you. I know — I coached kids for many years.
    Plus — my question to Norman and all the other me-me publicity hounds is this: why can’t you act in a way which displays sportsmanship? Trash talking and acting like idiots is for the WWE, it doesn’t belong in the NFL.
    I watched football when it was at it’s best — in the 60’s — and the guys back then celebrated with their teammates. They didn’t run 10 yards away from them and pound their chests and make body builder poses. Or worse, do dances simulating sex.
    Norman is a good football player, but he has proven he’s a zero when it comes to class.

  19. mykelane says:
    Oct 13, 2016 5:17 PM
    Is he shooting a arrow because of the team name? If so, can Cleveland players just drop trou to celebrate?


    that would obviously be offensive to dung beetles.

  20. So if you can’t have some choreographed celebration to bring attention to yourself and say “look at meee” then you aren’t having fun?

  21. If he didn’t want to get fined he should have grabbed an American flag and lit it on fire. NFL loves its protesters!

  22. Is the NFL going off the deep end with fines and penalties, yep. It wouldn’t have come to this if the goofballs had any kind of selfdiscipline, but no they have to have Sharpies and try to one up each other until the league has to implement stupid rules.

  23. Yeah, why can’t we have fun? Why can’t you run to the middle of the field and showboat after a score? Why can’t I take you out at the knees when you do? It’s all fun…in somebody’s view.

  24. Yes, it is difficult to take seriously the Goodell/NFL’s patronizing and hypocritical conduct rules within the context of game broadcasts being family friendly when it seems that the league is primarily supported by the promotion of alcohol and erectile dysfunction medications. I’d rather see Josh Norman play Robin Hood with his little bow and arrow than answer questions about boner pills from kids watching the game with me.

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