League has no comment on Art Briles working as guest coach in Cleveland

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Given the ugly allegations involving the Baylor football program on the watch of Art Briles, it would seem that he’d be radioactive for any other major college or NFL teams, at least for a while.

Define “a while.”

The Browns have made Briles a guest coach, getting minimal benefit but inviting maximum scrutiny for associating with a man who has become a pariah for his alleged role in efforts to suppress sexual-assault accusations at Baylor. Regardless of what he did or didn’t do, Baylor fired him earlier this year.

The league had no comment on the matter, in response to a Wednesday email from PFT.

The NFL likely isn’t officially stopping the Browns from having Briles around because he hasn’t officially been sanctioned by the NCAA. In the past, the NFL respected suspensions imposed by the college football governing body on former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor and, subsequently, his former coach, Jim Tressel.

Unofficially, the league surely is concerned that the Browns would cozy up to someone like Briles for a limited assignment. The Browns are 0-5; how much is Briles’ presence going to help the cause? How much will having Briles around hurt the broader cause of the NFL?

At a time when the league is reeling to figure out why so many people aren’t watching pro football games on TV, the last thing the league or any its teams needs to do is give anyone else another reason to turn the channel.

7 responses to “League has no comment on Art Briles working as guest coach in Cleveland

  1. This is outrageous! Belichick should not allow this guy to…

    oh it’s Cleveland?

    (looks the other way)

  2. There’s nothing to “figure out” about why people aren’t watching the answers are obvious –

    1. Most corrupt commissioner of any pro sports league in modern America

    2. Dilution of the product so the on field product is much less interesting and enjoyable than it used to be.

    3. Even though the league makes billions from its normal operations, and now billions more from its shadow ownership of the daily fantasy gambling sites, the massively greedy, mostly scumbag owners are still trying to extort their buildings from the taxpayers.

    Corruption, greed and poor product make the choice not to watch very easy.

  3. The only team in the NFL whose fans refer to their stadium as “the factory of sadness” shows why. To think Hue Jackson would come in and change the hapless Browns into something that resembled a football team is a joke. The decisions still ride with the moneyball guy who said that drafting Wentz was a mistake. How is that going for Philly? How is that going for the Browns? Here is yet another move that shows the Browns would have been better if the US judicial system locked up their owner.

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