Trump makes light of NFL’s concussion rules

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I’ve resisted this one, because nothing good comes from wading into the current political tar pit. But what I’m about to write would be the same regardless of which presidential candidate said it.

Speaking at a rally in Florida on Wednesday, Donald Trump noticed that a woman had fainted, regained consciousness, and returned to the audience.

“The woman was out cold, and now she’s coming back,” Trump declared, via “See? We don’t go by these new and very much softer NFL rules. Concussion, oh! Oh! Got a little ding on the head, no, no, you can’t play for the rest of the season. Our people are tough.”

Whatever words would be used to explain away the remark as a joke or, you know, “locker-room banter,” any effort by a candidate for the highest office in the land to make light of the ongoing concussion crisis cuts against the important change in culture that football and other sports will need in order to ensure that people who may have suffered concussions will make the condition known and remove themselves from play until they are properly evaluated and, if concussed, until they recover.

The NFL had no comment in response to Trump’s remarks, but the league surely can’t be thrilled about his ongoing effort to paint football and, in turn, football players as soft. That’s the attitude that will tempt players to hide the symptoms of concussions, for fear of being labeled as something other than tough.

On the scale of outlandish things that this specific candidate has said in recent weeks, this one lands at (to use a numbering system with which he’s familiar) at three or four. Still, politicians who question the gravity of the health condition and who challenge the toughness of those who won’t play with a concussion will undo many of the gains that the NFL and other football conditions carefully have made since the league finally agreed, against its will, to take concussions seriously.

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  1. Just goes to show what a dumb ass and dangerous person little hands Trump is. They should take little hands and use him as a tackle dummy and see how tough he is.

  2. Actual NFL owners think exactly like this. The Texans owner, Bob McNair, gave an interview not long back saying he still doubts that you can get a concussion from playing football.

  3. What happened to yesterday’s “First, we’re trying to be a refuge from a presidential campaign that has created a worrisome divide in our country, sharpening the I’m-right-and-your-a-idiot rules of engagement to the point where meaningful discourse is nearly impossible.”?

    Enough, we need a respite from this sorry excuse for an election season and even sorrier ‘candidates.’ Please quit while you are behind

  4. Does Trump think Junior Seau was not tough??! It’s hard to say what part Seau’s CTE had in the leading up to his suicide (which could have had more to do with the insomnia and Ambien), but the Donald would be wise to shut his trap on this concussion issue. We all want a strong America. Calling people tough (and insinuating others aren’t) does NOTHING to help America.

  5. I agree that the NFL has been sissified since the 70’s. However, The lasting impact of repeated head injuries isn’t fully understood yet. With each passing year we learn more and more about the dangers of concussions. However, We all need to pump the brakes of hysteria when it comes to CTE because the science is still in its infancy. Guys like Chris Borland who retire out of fear of a potential injury does cast a shadow of softness. The league needs to do a better job of educating players about the dangers of concussions but do so in a way that doesn’t make everybody drop their pads for pom poms.

  6. You’ve resisted huh? Or more like you’re employer is trying to get some last minute jabbing in at the opposition. C’mon Florio, we already know NBC sat on that recording and in an timely manner released them to the press to smear the GOP candidate amongst women. Now, you are doing your part to spread political news on a football blog to further your employers political agenda. Just get it over with already. The media controls everything, we are a nation of sheep. Separate the heard to take away our strength in numbers. Here comes the queen just in time to finish off the job that our current Commander in Chief almost accomplished on his own. Heaven help us!

  7. Is anyone analyzing the injury level and its correlation to reduced training camp practices in pads and during season reducti8ns. Seem that a more slowly balance of workouts and hittingh in season and training camp leads to a better result and less injuries.

    As many posters I assume have played organized ball at some level, my recollection is more hitting in pads gets the body into fb shape.

    Or is the current level of players with weight, mass, and speed making it impossible for players to avoid injuries, if true what is the solution? Weight restrictions? Etc. Just something to think about as we go through the season.

  8. This sort of comment comes from the old school thinking in the NFL of keep your mouth shut about injury, play through injury. If you can’t do those things, someone else will.

    While the NFL is still not doing enough IMO to address this issue, they are at least addressing it. Things are changing for the better. But there is still a long ways to go and for a candidate for president to make a remark like that just means more set backs in the effort to make the sport safe.

  9. It’s the only way to make Hillary look good is to match her up against him. It’s pathetic and the entire process makes a mockery out of the US system. It deserves the full outrage that taking a knee for the anthem gets instead.

    Boy are we a dysfunctional bunch.

  10. Concussions are serious stuff. I’ll say this for everyone on the planet where it comes to concussions: That’s your brain! It’s where you keep all of YOU! Anyone making light of that for others has a traumatic brain stupidity.

  11. Like this clown has ever taken a serious hit in sports. He is a egomaniac that thinks he knows everything.
    Stick to casinos and real estate Donald. Your time in the spotlight is almost up.

    Im not a huge hillary fan, but I’d bet the farm once she wins, all Donald will say is that the election is rigged.
    Another fumbled election by conservatives

  12. I’m not taking sides because both sides are horrendous. Trump comes from a generation when football concussions were not taken seriously and they were just part of the game. Data from the last few years has changed that sort of thinking. He was probably trying to be innocently humorous but it was not funny.

  13. Is anyone else curious to hear what Tom Brady has to say about his best bud Trump’s comments?

    In a December interview with The Washington Post, the former reality show host bragged about the Brady endorsement, claiming that Brady sings his praises “to anyone who asks him.”

    It’s all fun and games until the Donald opens his mouth on national TV. If Brady wants to plug his best bud during the good times, he should be man enough to stand up there and answer questions during the bad.

  14. This country is in for a world of hurt come November, and even more so when the newly elected candidate takes office next year.


  15. Why does an article like this not surprise me coming from NBC which is already under heavy scrutiny for being Hillary Clinton’s paid media mouthpiece? Maybe Mike Florio should be a little more concerned with Hillary’s dishonesty and incompetence compromising national security than a bad joke by Donald Trump.

  16. “because nothing good comes from wading into the current political tar pit”

    True statement. So let’s keep the football site to football posts. Way too much political stuff being posted lately in a place that’s supposed to be our escape from that garbage. Please let us continue to have our escape! 🙂 Us idiot commenters can handle the obnoxious political commentary just fine on our own.

  17. It’s in his formula. Trying to brag about people and having to lower something else to make it look even better. He did literally the same exact thing with soldiers and PTSD

    Is this over yet?

  18. He’s still salty that he didn’t get the Bills with his lowball offer. He didn’t have as much money as Pegula, and that will never sit well with him.

  19. And the beat goes on. This political season seems longer than the football season. It’s like two losing football teams battling for last place. No winners so far.

  20. Someone should ask Brady if he still supports this lunatic. You are judged by the company you keep. This is not a joke anymore.

  21. Florio: Concussions are bad. Football leads to concussions. If you continue to patronize a sport that leads to head injuries like this, while simulataneously claiming people are being seriously injured by it, you are a hypocrite. Why don;t you just live your stance: Football needs to be outlawed. Period.

    Then again, that would put a crimp in your income wouldn’t it? For you, and your parent company, NBC, the defacto Hillary Mouthpeice. Nice hit job Florio.

  22. I can’t wait for this loud-mouthed, ignorant buffoon to be thoroughly embarrassed on Nov. 8th (or is it the 28th?).
    Republicans vote Nov. 8 th
    Dems vote Nov. 28 th

  23. “Trust me on this. I know more about concussions than any of the doctors do. Believe me. Believe me. And I can fix the NFL. Did you see what I did for the USFL? Trust me.”

  24. Anyone voting for this moron, is a moron. Plain and simple.

    And that goes for all you little naive and dumb Millennials living as a virgin in mommy’s basement in the burbs.

  25. Donnie gave the other USFL owners a concussion when against the sentiments of the majority of the teams, he played “I’ll take my ball and go home” when he pushed for league to go into the fall.

    Yeah, Donnie, congrats on that anti-trust lawsuit win. Did you spend the $1 award yet?

    The USFL could have evolved in a spring development league for the NFL but of course Donnie knew better.

  26. Probably needs to spend a few days with the families of Junior Seau, Mike Webster, Dave Duerson, Chris Henry to name a few CTE victims. This guy keeps running his mouth long before he uses his brain, which really worries me.

  27. Any excuse to mention Trump here in a negative light is clearly most-welcome. You liberals can’t help but bring politics into everything. I come here for football talk, not politics.

  28. This from the guy who sought as many draft deferments as he could get to avoid the hazards of military duty.

  29. A guy who claims to be a billionaire and didn’t pay taxes for more than a decade wants you to know that life isn’t fair to him.
    Wow, this country is really going to hell isn’t it?
    I mean c’mon, what does a white man born to great wealth have to do to catch a break in this country?

  30. I can understand people having political differences, but science is science. We know the effect of concussions on the brain. Refusing to address it for so long is a stain on the NFL shield.

    This was just another example of Trump speaking off the cuff about something he doesn’t understand. Whether or not you want that in a President is (obviously) your choice. But informing people that Trump was factually incorrect about the impact of concussions isn’t being political. It’s a journalistic responsibility.

  31. If you haven’t figured it out by now…..he’s a plant. The game is fixed. TPTB have their puppet.

  32. Its almost like this guy wants Hilary to win the election, I’ve never seen a candidate shoot himself in the foot as many times as Trump has. If Mitt Romney ran this year he would of walked right on into the white house if he were to run against Clinton.

  33. “Anyone voting for this moron, is a moron. Plain and simple.”

    I agree, until you see who he is running against – the definition of corruption.

  34. Trump was right, the woman that hit her head didn’t have a concussion. No one else in the room, though, could clear the concussion protocol.

  35. A Trump supporter with a concussion might just have more common sense than one that doesn’t. At the very least they have an excuse.

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