With Chip Kelly gone, DeSean Jackson has no hard feelings for Eagles

Getty Images

Wide receiver DeSean Jackson will be facing the Eagles this weekend, something that he’s done three times since the Eagles released him before the 2014 season but there’s a difference between this meeting and their previous matchups.

Chip Kelly is no longer coaching the Eagles, which means that Jackson’s nemesis from his final days in Philadelphia is off the radar. The Redskins wideout made reference to Kelly’s absence when he was asked about the presence of any hard feelings toward the Eagles at this point.

“I never really had hard feelings toward Philadelphia, besides being released by whoever released me,” Jackson said, via Philly.com. “I mean that is different, but I guess he is not there anymore. There have never really been hard feelings toward the city, the team, the organization. Like I say, things happen, you move on.”

Jackson has 13 catches for 283 yards and a touchdown in his previous games against the Eagles.