Flexing earns Carlos Hyde a $9,115 fine

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49ers running back Carlos Hyde has been fined $9,115 for the taunting penalty he was assessed in last week’s loss to the Cardinals, USA Today reported.

Hyde flexed at a group of Cardinals players after picking up a first down. Though it appeared Cardinals cornerback Marcus Cooper initiated the post-play conversation, Hyde was flagged then fined for his reaction.

The 15-yard penalty for taunting came late in the second quarter. Three plays later Blaine Gabbert was intercepted by Calais Campbell, and on the next play Larry Fitzgerald caught a touchdown pass from Drew Stanton to tie the game.

18 responses to “Flexing earns Carlos Hyde a $9,115 fine

  1. I really wish, all NFL players would stop celebrating completely. No high fives, no fist bumps, no pumping up the crowd, nothing! Just to prove to the NFL brass how awful the games would be without celebrations.

    The NFL is becoming unbearable to watch.

  2. 9 grand?!? I know they are football players but since when did showing off you biceps cost multiple months of Rent. Sheesh! These guys putting their bodies on the line, losing years off their lifes and making millions (billions for the league) and thats not enough, they have to find a way to get more money. Where the hell does this fine money go because its going to get alot of funding this year.

  3. Some of these fines are getting extremely tired.

    Not saying I enjoy showboating, celebrating every first down like you just won the championship, etc., but seriously, some of these fines are ridiculous.

  4. No Flexing League.
    There seems to be nothing the league won’t stoop to just to show the players who the boss is. 345 Park Ave continues to act as though what they do happens in a vacuum and can be done without fear of repercussion down the road. Sooner or later the chickens always come home to roost. Karma happens

  5. All part of Goodell’s master plan to prove it’s the executives the fans tune in to see, not the players.

  6. Goodell: Hit them as hard as you like, and we’ll do everything we can to keep you from being taken care of after we’ve profited from destroying your body.

    But please don’t touch anyone else in the feels. We can’t have players being sad.

  7. thegreatgabbert says:
    Oct 14, 2016 6:41 PM
    He missed a lot of blocking assignments too. Curtis Modkins mentioned that in presser. Hyde has a big ego and a small brain.
    Ya, That’s what I took away from the article too. Sheesh.

  8. I would be happy if someone or some entity would create a new football league to run this one out of business. One that has the same rules same game, but with no corrupt shady commissioner, no stupid fines, no greedy owners, no bad refs or fixed games.. no cheating, no expensive tickets and concessions, just good old football the way it was intended.

  9. Seriously? No wonder the ratings are going south.

    BTW, Fan Boys, Goodell doesnt make the rules, he merely enforces them. Your beef is with the owners who love the fines. $Kaching$

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