Is Philip Rivers a Hall of Famer?

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On Thursday night, current Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers surpassed former Chargers quarterback Dan Fouts as the all-time leading passer in franchise history. Because Fouts has a bust in the Hall of Fame, an idea was hatched for Friday’s question of the day on PFT Live.

Is Philip Rivers a Hall of Famer?

Rivers currently is No. 13 on the all-time yardage list, trailing five Hall of Famers, four active players, a future Hall of Famer (Peyton Manning), and Vinny Testaverde and Drew Bledsoe. By the time Rivers, who has 43,094 career yards, retires, he could have more than 50,000 passing yards by the time he retires — something only six others have done.

But he currently has no Super Bowl rings, and not even a single Super Bowl appearance. Then again, Fouts didn’t either.

At the risk of inviting the wrath of the “quarterback wins aren’t a stat” crowd, Fouts was 86-84-1. Rivers is 94-72.

Given that Fouts did enough to make it, the choices for Rivers are yes, no, and (essentially) maybe. Cast your ballot, make your case in the comments, and dial up PFT Live at 6:00 a.m. ET on, or turn on NBCSN at 7:00 a.m. ET. Or both.

35 responses to “Is Philip Rivers a Hall of Famer?

  1. I would say not yet, simply because of the passing era the league has been in for a while now. However, if he gets to 50K yards, then I definitely would say yes. Super Bowl wins are a team goal. It’s not his fault the organization can’t put it together for him.

  2. Different eras. All because Rivers passed Fouts it doesn’t mean anything. Fouts did it in an era which was totally different back then. 4000 yards passing a year was quite rare, mostly Fouts/Marino in the 80’s. Now countless QBs do it

    Rivers is a great QB but ideally needs another playoff win or two

  3. Not a Chargers fan but I have always liked him. Right now, he is a good player on a bad team and that has been true a lot of years he is played.

    But you can’t put every good player, no matter how much you like them, into the HOF, or being elected to it loses any value. Almost all the guys elected to the were the best or arguably the best at their position for a number of years they played. You can say truthfully that rivers has been and continues to be on of the better QB’s but arguably the best any year he has played? I don’t think so. And forget about wins and SB’s, how many signature momements has he had in his career? Can you think of them? Neither can I.

    Guys like Curtis Martin DO get in but the voters usually do get it right.

  4. Just because a guy is good, doesn’t make him a HoF. Winning is EVERYTHING in sports and he can’t even win division titles constantly.

  5. Phillip Rivers has to be the unluckiest qb ever and not even close, wonder who is number 2, you’re right Dan Fouts.
    He will be a hall of famer no doubt.

  6. There’s no doubt in my mind that Philip Rivers is by far the best QB in Chargers’ history. And unlike the ‘great’ Dan Fouts, Rivers would be deserving of enshrinement in the HOF.

  7. I don’t think so. To me, to be HOF you must be considered the top of your position for several (7+) seasons. I just don’t think Rivera has been one of the elite QBs.

    You have Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Brees, Big Ben..

    ….Then there is your Rivers, Matt Ryan, Eli, Flacco.

  8. “At the risk of inviting the wrath of the “quarterback wins aren’t a stat” crowd, Fouts was 86-84-1. Rivers is 94-72.”

    Because it is a dumb stat. QB plays 33.3% of the game.

    We never say “What was Richard Shermans win stats?”

    “What was Donald Penn’s win stat as a left tackle?”

  9. Fouts was a leader who obviously belongs in the Hall of Fame, and when I saw that Rivers had passed him for passing yards, I was sad. It’s the difference in the eras, of course, but even so…

  10. Gee, let’s just give it to anyone then. Sign up now to be inducted into the HoF, folks! Call now and you’ll get your custom made bust for just three small payments of $19.95! But wait, there’s more! Call now and you get a second bust for no additional cost! Give it to a friend, a family member, or hell, a mediocre QB who people won’t remember in 20 years!

  11. Rivers is sadly entering Dan Marino territory. Great quarterback with no ring. Rivers is and has been awesome. Hall of Famer? On the cusp I think, Im not Bolts fan but would love for Rivers to get a ring.

  12. No.

    Fouts was an outlier in a time of pro-set offenses focused on grinding out yards through runs. Coryell and Fouts together made the modern passing game that Rivers is now a part of. Rivers stats in the way the game is played today aren’t worthy of the HoF.

  13. Some guys are only in the HoF because of Super Bowls but there’s more to football and a HoF career than that. Rivers is really close now, IMO, and when he passes 50K he should be in for sure.

  14. He’s had a very good career, but the HOF should be reserved for truly elite quarterbacks. Of his contemporaries, Rivers has to rank behind Brady, Manning, Roethlisberger, Brees, and Rodgers. He’s not in the top six in the league at his position for most of his career. How is that a HOF career? It’s not.

  15. Couple of key points that tell the difference between Hours and Rivers:

    The numbers Fours put up were done in what we all acknowledge was a different era. His numbers in those days were amazing. In today’s passing league, they are just pretty good.

    Which brings up another difference: in his time, Fouts was the premier passer. Rivers, while pretty good, does not stand out the way Brady, Manning, Breed, and Rogers have

  16. Rivers has been been a really good QB thus far. Only won the passing title once, in 2010.
    5x pro bowl, for whatever that is worth now a days.

    Has not made any noise in post season play and no rings.
    And he will be forever compared to his fellow draft class QB’s. Manning and Roethlisberger.

    Manning 2 SB MVP, 2 SB Rings and 4x Pro Bowl
    Roethlisberger, 2 SB Rings and 4x Pro Bowl, Offensive Rookie of the Year. 2014 Passing Co-Leader

    So Rivers may eventually get a Gold jacket, but not before these 2 get fitted.
    Maybe if he gets a League MVP in the near future that could change. Or wins a SB.
    But till then No Hall of Fame for Rivers.

  17. The thing is Fouts played in a different Era where getting these stats was much harder. The rules have changed to help the passing game so much that middle of the pack QBs are putting up the same numbers as hall of famers. This needs to be taken into account when they vote in the future.

  18. anyone with half a brain can see he is a first ballot HOF entry.
    check the stats.
    they dont lie
    as good as Big Ben, 10x better than sheli ever will be and surpassing some of the greats from the past like Fouts.
    to say he isnt HOF simply exposes ring counters that dont understand the game.

  19. peytonmanningsforehead says:
    Oct 14, 2016 12:30 PM
    How are people talking about slugs like (Cry Me A) Rivers being worthy of the HOF when PROVEN winners like Jim Plunkett and Tom Flores still aren’t in?
    plunkett and flores have HALF the skill of Rivers. give me a break!

  20. pastabelly says:
    Oct 14, 2016 9:20 AM
    He’s had a very good career, but the HOF should be reserved for truly elite quarterbacks. Of his contemporaries, Rivers has to rank behind Brady, Manning, Roethlisberger, Brees, and Rodgers. He’s not in the top six in the league at his position for most of his career. How is that a HOF career? It’s not.

    really? check the stats. Rivers and Ben are nearly identical, the only exception is rushing yards. Pretty sure QB’s should not be judged by their rushing stats.. lol
    and for those of you who only count rings, this is not mordor – this is football. teams earn rings, not just qb’s.

  21. It’s a tough call. He’s accumulated great statistics and is the biggest single reason his team is competitive, and at the same time, hasn’t always played well in the biggest games.

  22. No and Fouts is marginal. Compared to his contemporaries Fouts was among the top 5 QBs in the league on multiple occasions (basedon being a 1st Team All Pro and/or QB rating). Rivers has neither.

    My HOF criteria is based on a player being considered at a minimum a top 5 player at his position for an extended period of time; like 5 or more years. That’s the MINIMUM criteria. And that is why,IMHO, Aikman should not be in the HOF. Aikman only had one year in his entire career where he was considered a top 5 QB. And he had a ridiculous collection of talent around him.

  23. Yes. Absolutely. If people consider Rodgers a HOF, then Rivers is too. The Chargers are ONLY competitive because of Rivers and he has 10,000 more yards than him. Rivers sat out two years, Rodgers three. Obviously more picks from throwing more.

    But outside of that the only difference is superbowls and that’s a team ordeal.

  24. How can you say he is not? Most who say that are biased against him. He is 9th ALL TIME in TD passes and his career is still going strong. Anyone who says he isn’t just doesn’t like Rivers.

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