Joe DeCamillis “sick to my stomach” after Broncos’ loss

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The Broncos came up short last night against the Chargers, and afterward interim head coach Joe DeCamillis was in a foul mood.

“I just wish we could have got a win for the city, got a win for the organization,” said DeCamillis, who is serving as head coach while Gary Kubiak recovers from an illness. “I’m sick to my stomach. It’s sickening. I hate to lose, man. That’s all.”

DeCamillis is the Broncos’ special teams coach, and he was particularly disappointed in an inability to take advantage of a muffed punt recovery, a fumbled kickoff recovery and an onside kick recovery.

“It’s just frustrating when you get three turnovers on special teams and you don’t win the game,” DeCamillis said. “That’s not the way you want be.”

A two-game losing streak is not what the Broncos want to have, but that’s where they are after their second straight disappointing game.

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  1. Sick to you stomach Joe? How do you think the viewing audience felt? This concept of Thursday night football is weak and really brings out some of the great stinkers from so many teams.

  2. Seems like this team’s stumbling began, oh, about the same time as the “experts” starting babbling about the Denver D being the best of all time. With heads that big I’m surprised they can get their helmets on.

  3. Get used to it joe. The defense is still one of the best in the NFL but you can’t fix the kind of bad we saw on offense last night by the offense.

    Broncos are going to the playoffs (probably) but they aren’t going very far this year. Raiders are going to have a great year but the conference battle is between the steelers and pats this year

  4. .
    Luckily for the Broncos, their schedule includes the AFC and NFC South, plus I’m not sold on any of their AFC West opponents (sorry Raiders).

    PS – Denver did not pay anyone off for a light schedule. Their schedule was etched in concrete a decade ago.

  5. Well, the defense isn’t quite the same, and Trevor Siemian is not exactly Peyton Manning. Even with the latter in his dilapidated state last year, Trevor couldn’t hold his jock.

  6. Home team on Thursday night has a big advantage. These games are getting hard to watch. And the NFL can’t figure out why viewership is down?

  7. but.. i could have sworn donkey fans were saying that “it didnt matter who we had at quarterback, our defense is bla bla lba bla bla”…..

    so.. where was ped miller last night? I see shoot myself talib gave us 15 free yards, but i didnt hear much else from him….

    donkeys got a dose of reality.
    Chargers tried to give it away too..

    Great Game!

  8. The Quarterback for Denver didn’t have a short week. Plus it’s divisional, so the two teams know each other inside and out. They don’t need a full week to prepare. Atlanta rolled over them too. Quit making excuses.

  9. Memo to Denver fan: that D is still nasty, but you cannot hide the QB position in pro football, and skill positions are seriously lacking. That is going to be a problem.

  10. The Broncos pathetic showing on offense was almost entirely due to their play calling and the fact that they don’t have quality inside receivers. When your opponent brings pressure, you hurt them with quick throws to the slot receivers/RBs and your TE; unless you’re the Broncos. If you’re the Broncos you force throws under pressure to wideouts, one of whom is simply not very good anymore. Does Thomas ever go an entire game without a dropped pass? He never had great hands but he’s worse than Jordan Matthews now.

  11. Road teams seem to be at a significant disadvantage on Thursday nights. It would be interesting to see the data regarding injuries on Thurs. nights as opposed to Sundays.

    San Diego played a good defensive game and held their own against the Denver D. If it weren’t for the special teams turnovers I think it would have been a blowout.

    It sure does seem as though Denver has lost their edge.

  12. He showed that he is years from a head coach consideration. Way too visibly emotional on the side line over mundane stuff. If he is going to fill in again, he might want to look into how to be the general, not the drill sergeant.

  13. Donkey’s are not going to make the playoffs. Third in the AFC West this year. You need to score points with your offense if you are going to win in this league. Your defense is really good but not good enough to carry that pathetic offense.

  14. Absolute worst offensive effort and plan by Bronco’s that I can remember seeing.

    Now… I have to go apologize to Stafford. He looks like Joe Montana compared to what we saw last night.

    Then to hear Phil Simms say… Seimian has no place to throw the ball… WHAT? He had open receivers… but was late with reads, late with throws, late late late.

    Then the Bronoc running… no STOPPING attack. Ridiculous.

    They should rename this offensive scheme ‘Three and Out’.

  15. I love defensive football… but you still need some offense to come from behind…. Last year, with Osweiler the team won games like this….

  16. The Chiefs-Raiders game is huge.

    It’s either gonna be Raiders 5-1 & Chiefs 2-3, or Raiders 4-2 and the Chiefs 3-2.

  17. Simian had a 50 yard throw to the end zone for a hail mary..came up 10 yards short…I’m fairly confident “2 yard” Brady could of got it there..right mama?

  18. Thursday night football is horrible. I’ll watch it because the college game got canceled, but oh my was that a washed up product. border line painful.

  19. Not living on the West Coast and going strictly by their record, I was shocked by how good the Chargers looked. They have some nice next-gen stars in Gordon and Hunter Henry, and their D is legit.

    As for deCamillas, in what universe is he qualified to be an NFL HC even as an interim? He’s barely average with special teams.

  20. Outside of thanksgiving do we really need Thursday night football?

    I don’t think much of Goodell (like he really cares what I or anyone who is not an owner of an NFL team thinks of him) on top of his sham/coverup player discipline he has over-saturated the product. Not only do the players, coaches and teams need a break between Monday and the following Sunday I think the fans do as well.

  21. Broncos offense looked awful last night. Kubiak is supposed to be the offensive wizard but I am not seeing it. Even last year’s SB team was about last in offense.

  22. ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    Oct 14, 2016 7:47 AM
    Thursday Night Football is an awful product. Teams don’t have the time needed to prepare, and the players are still recovering from Sunday.

    It’s a level playing surface for both teams. One was up to it, the other wasn’t. Same as every week unless one team came off a short week/bye/back to back cross country games etc.

    Penalties killed Denver last night. The kind of calls they weren’t getting flagged for last year. No phantom DPI calls, the bread and butter of the Peyton Manning era.

  23. tylawspick6 says:
    Oct 14, 2016 10:14 AM
    Denver D not on par with Pats D. They’ll likely start to fade as the season goes.

    Very overrated.

    SD left 10 points off the board.

    at least 10

  24. I’ve been saying it all along, the Patriots are the team to beat in the AFC. The Broncos defense took a step back and can’t threaten any good teams.

  25. I was looking at Denver’s schedule and seeing how easy it is, and then I laughed when they lost at home to Atlanta and then on the road to reeling SD with a bozo head coach who fists pumps down the sidelines, waiting to choke the game down due to horrendous STs play.

  26. troy43mvp says:
    Oct 14, 2016 8:42 AM
    The Quarterback for Denver didn’t have a short week.

    NFC guy, there were a lot of reasons Denver lost but I saw that as the biggest single difference. A 1st year starter coming off injury in a short week vs the very experienced and accomplished Rivers playing in his own house.

  27. Can I just say… I hate the Broncos, but their clock discipline with a fill-in coach and a stopgap QB was outstanding. They had a realistic shot at a comeback because of it. Most teams can’t do that with their full time coach and franchise QB. See Super Bowl 39 for an example. They should be proud.

  28. Lemmy Aksyadis says:
    Oct 14, 2016 10:47 AM

    Penalties killed Denver last night. The kind of calls they weren’t getting flagged for last year. No phantom DPI calls, the bread and butter of the Peyton Manning era.


    THIS is SOOO true!
    last year the donkeys were bailed out on a regular basis by phantom calls, getting away with mugging (much like the first game this year) and overall just being dirty.
    this year… its uneven. they are still getting away with far more than the average team, but its been tempered ever so slightly.
    last night the league had a vested interest in the Bolts winning – and they called the penalties that the donks usually get away with.
    I dont expect the same fair play when we go back to denver in two weeks.
    WWNFL is alive and well!

  29. what happened guys? Just got dropped by the last team in the division and the excuses start to rise???’
    c’mon man!

  30. 6ball says:
    Oct 14, 2016 7:26 AM

    Luckily for the Broncos, their schedule includes the AFC and NFC South
    I wouldn’t be penciling those in as Ws just yet. With Trevor Siemian at QB, the Broncos better play from in front, ‘cuz he ain’t bringing them back.

  31. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    Oct 14, 2016 10:55 AM
    I’ve been saying it all along, the Patriots are the team to beat in the AFC. The Broncos defense took a step back and can’t threaten any good teams.

    The Broncos looked bad but they will recover. Your Jets looked bad and are getting worse.

  32. Can we finally put an end to all of the nonsense about the Broncos having the best defense ever?

    They’re okay, and had a couple of good games in the post-season last year, but they were, and are not dominating like great defenses are.

  33. Good luck with your nausea…First place Oakland Raiders !!
    You Raider homers really make me laugh. First place after 5 games? So, when is the parade? May I kindly remind you that Denver has dominated Oakland for 14 years if not longer. We have won the last 5 AFC West Crowns and are the sitting SB champs while Oak has had to worst record in the NFL for 14 years (how many years with 11 loses? It’s a record). Congrats on winning the West after week 5. When is the parade? LOL!

  34. Love the doom and gloom surrounding the Broncos. The haters are BEGGING. Last time I checked, the Broncos are 4-2, and with 11 days to prepare for Houston, and will soon be 5-2. It was about this time last year the Broncos played their worst game of the season in a home loss to KC, but the rest of the season worked out OK, didn’t it? The problem now is the Broncos O-line might be the worst in the NFL. It’s the reason Siemian got injured in the first place and the reason the Broncos can’t run the ball. I look for changes to be coming soon. Tough couple of games, but then, no one goes undefeated anyway. Oak or KC will get tagged with another loss this weekend, so it’s not like anyone is running away with the Division. It’s the typical ebb and flow of a loooonng NFL season. Short week on a road trip to a Division rival, after losing to a 4-1 team with the No. 1 offense in football with our Head Coach ailing. Not like losing (in a shut out) at home to Buffalo or anything, like a certain team from the NE I can think of…

  35. black59razorblog says:
    Oct 14, 2016 2:12 PM
    Love the doom and gloom surrounding the Broncos.

    LOL you just lost to the Chargers – the most injured team in the nfl with one of the weakest HC’s.
    Would have been a complete blowout if we had a better coach.
    your defense is suspect, at best – and this isnt last year. no manning to get those phantom bail out calls, and no qb to run the game.
    looking forward to the continued slide

    signed – a Hater!

  36. Predictions are useless. After we lost in a weak effort to Indy in 2014 it was supposed to be over. Peyton should retire. Kubiak would need years to rebuild. Last year we looked great against Green Bay but awful against KC. Then we had a playoff run for the ages and won it all. We were then predicted to flop right out of the gate with no qb and these huge losses of defensive players. Then we started 4-0 and it was predicted we could win with any qb and our defense. Now after a couple flat performances the predictors are out again.

    It’s October. Our starting qb has 3 1/2 games experience. Just because he looked poised and effective early doesn’t mean he’s not going to have growing pains. He has the skill set and the temperament. He will continue to get better. We have talented players all over the roster. Every offense we’ve played has underperformed their average, even in our losses. Our biggest problem is O-line health and execution. Those are correctable. The penalties last night were an aberration.

    So the formula for a title run remains the same. Have talent, good coaching, health, and a little luck. Any realistic Broncos fan knows that if we had lost our finale last year to SD and fallen to 5th seed, we would not be champs. We benefitted from a week of rest to heal and playing at home. So if we continue to grow at qb, stabilize our O-line to establish a run game, and stay strong on defense and special teams, we’ll be in good shape. No one can predict in October whether teams will be healthy or hit their strides in December and go on a run. We have all the pieces but we can’t give games away. Write us off if you like but you made that mistake before.

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