Leading defensive end in sacks isn’t on Pro Bowl ballot


The NFL’s Pro Bowl ballot lists 54 defensive ends, of whom fans can vote for six. But it doesn’t list the player who leads all defensive ends in sacks.

That player, Detroit’s Kerry Hyder, has burst onto the scene this season and recorded five sacks, an NFL high for defensive ends so far this year. But he said he’s OK with not being listed on the Pro Bowl ballot because he doesn’t think fans would vote for him.

“I’m sure people don’t know who I am, anyway,” Hyder said, via the Detroit Free Press.

The defensive ends on the ballot include plenty who are obviously much less deserving than Hyder. That list starts with his injured teammate, Ezekiel Ansah, who has played in just two games and recorded just one tackle this season. Others on the ballot include Texans defensive end Antonio Smith, a backup who also has just one tackle in two games. And there’s Packers rookie Dean Lowry, a backup who has played just 32 snaps so far this season.

To include those players on the ballot but not include Hyder is a foolish oversight by the NFL. Hyder is right that fans probably wouldn’t vote for him anyway, but smart fans who know how good Hyder is should at least have the opportunity.

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  1. Who cares? All the decent players drop out of the game and it ends up with half the league technically as “pro-bowlers” because they get down to the 14th alternate at just about every position.

    Just name the team and display them at the superbowl (at most).

  2. The Pro Bowl has always been a popularity contest first and foremost. This should surprise no one.

    I just wish the NFL named an All-Pro team just like the AP does and be done with it. We don’t actually need to see these guys play a meaningless game and risk injury. If you need to fill TV time, just have a skills contest or something.

  3. No one is ever on the Pro Bowl ballot the first year they deserve it, and they’re always on the ballot one year too long.

  4. So you mean to tell me the NFL shows favoritism to big name players…..this just cant be

  5. The Pro Bowl selection is nothing more than a beauty/popularity contest.

    The Pro Bowl game is unwatchable.

    If I was one of the best football players in the NFL I would not want to risk my livelihood over an exhibition game.

    Remove the game from the Pro Bowl and turn it into something enjoyable for fans.

  6. Guy is bashing a DE for not registering more than a single solo tackle? Tackles is the most overrated stat for any player besides MLB/ILB. I remeber when Donte Whitner was here in Buffalo and everybody sang his praises for being a great tackler… The only reason was because every single play, run or pass, made it his way, that’s how bad our defense was, nothing in the front 7.

  7. Just one more reason the Pro Bowl is total garbage. You’d have to pay me to watch that glorified game of two-hand touch.

  8. This is reason #1256 why the pro bowl doesn’t matter or no one cares about it.

    As a previous poster said just name an All Pro team and just be done with it.

  9. The irrelevance of the Pro Bowl.
    The collapsing ratings.
    The unwatchable product.
    100+ commercials per game.
    The farcical draft carnival.
    The “Hate America” weekly demonstrations.

    All brought to you by the Full 32’s choice to be their face of the NFL….Roger Goodell

  10. Who cares, rather watch the 4th preseason game with a bunch of no-name scrubs trying to win a roster spot than this farce.

  11. I like the idea of drafting teams but totally agree it’s idiotic for a player to risk his career in a meaningless exhibition.

    What I think would be entertaining would be to play it as a flag football game and let the players pick their positions.

  12. We’ve had *5 weeks* of football so far. Some teams have only played 25% of their schedule. Why do we even have a Pro Bowl ballot right now?

  13. This is another example of how the majority of League employees have no idea which way a helmet goes on…
    Affirmative action and nepotism are the reasons the NFL is heading downhill.

  14. The Pro Bowl is famous for the “1 year later” deal…you get noticed 1 year after you become good; you get left off 1 year after you’re no good any more.

  15. This feels like it was a poorly concealed cheap shot against is own team. It feels like the quote should really say, “I’m sure people don’t know who I am anyway…because I play for the Lions.” I mean, I bet he added that last part in his head anyway…

  16. Stiller43 has it right on. Love when someone is introduced as ‘4 time All Pro’ for instance. Hate when someone is introduced as ‘5 time Pro Bowler’. That makes it sound like you were one of the 2 or 3 best players in the NFL at your position that year but that is rarely the case.

  17. They shouldn’t have a game and go back to the days when they had a skills competition. I want to see how far these QBs can throw a ball and see them hit moving targets. Have the winner at each position get $1,000,000 with a matching $1,000,000 donation to the charity of their choice.

  18. Some teams have only played 4 games. How is there even a pro bowl ballot yet?

    Wanna know how big a joke the pro bowl is – we are 1/4 through the season and there is already a ballot.

  19. I stopped paying attention to this kind of stuff a long time ago. All Star voting. Pro Bowl voting. Especially Hall of Fame voting. Most of the voters have no idea. All people look at is stats, and they don’t always look at the right stats. If I lined up next to someone like Reggie White, I’d get a lot of sacks. If I had a HOF QB, I’d have a lot of TD receptions. If I had a beast offensive line and HOF QB, I’d have great rushing stats. So If a D-Lineman was on the field for 1,000 plays during a season and had 15 sacks, he’d be a pro bowler. What did he do those other 985 plays, and who was lined up next to him? Who were his CBs? You have to watch the tape to see who the dominant players are, and they’re easy to see. Stats are too often misleading.

  20. It’ll all work out in the end. After those 54 guys decline Hyder will get his shot at declining and the guy around #70 will realize his dream of playing in the Pro Bowl.

  21. Fans shouldn’t vote for things like this.

    If you want fan involvement, make the game actually GOOD.

  22. Love his response – don’t know much about him beyond his play this year but seems like he has a good mentality.

  23. superpatriotsfan says:
    Oct 14, 2016 9:36 AM
    Only Pats homers flood the voting and will vote for Tammy Brady for DE.

    Well at least NE has fans, who can read and write.

  24. Only Pats homers flood the voting and will vote for Tammy Brady for DE.

    Interesting comment coming from a person who purposely created a fake patriots username and was the first to comment on a story totally unrelated to the Pats. Yet, we are the homers? Obsessed much?

  25. The Pro Bowl got a lot worse when they moved it to after the superbowl.

    Back in the day the players used it as an excuse to spend a week in Hawaii and get enough of a check to cover their expenses. It was also a way to say goodbye to football.

    No its held at a point where no player from either superbowl team can go, players from the losing conference title games are usually either too depressed or too banged up to go. And you also have a bunch of players that are still healing from injury and won’t go (but may if the game was held two weeks later as it used to be). Add to that the fact that the game isn’t even in Hawaii and you get the C squad of players each year.

    Back in the day the pro bowl used to have the best players in the league playing at half speed. Now its a collation of the willing.

  26. I suppose they can’t include everyone on the ballot, but Danielle Hunter has four sacks, a forced fumble, a safety, and a touchdown. He was second in sacks by a rookie last year.

    I guess most of these deserving guys will eventually get in anyway, since most of the players voted in won’t show up.

  27. Most people drop out and those that don’t run the risk of getting hurt. Tyler Eifert hasn’t played this season and NE running back Robert Edwards career ended in 1999 at the Pro Bowl.

    The should just make a voting system of fans, players, media and coaches to decide the Pro Bowl team and get rid of the game.

  28. Just another example as to why I don’t understand many players take the Pro Bowl as such an accomplishment. Being named All-Pro is not only a better individual accolade but is more likely to help in future contract talks.

  29. superpatriotsfan says:
    Oct 14, 2016 9:36 AM
    Only Pats homers flood the voting and will vote for Tammy Brady for DE


    When it comes to pro football, the only thing the rest of the country is good is make a complete & utter horse’s ass out itself. This bozo is exhibit A

  30. Just another example as to why I don’t understand many players take the Pro Bowl as such an accomplishment. Being named All-Pro is not only a better individual accolade but is more likely to help in future contract talks.
    A lot of players have making the pro bowl as a contract bonus. It could mean anywhere from $50-300k to make the team. So I understand why players care. I can’t understand why fans take the time to vote.

  31. If I were an owner, I would make all the players on my team who made the Pro-Bowl skip it. I will pay whatever fines they may be given for skipping the Pro-Bowl as well as give them a bonus for being named.

    Tyler Eifert has yet to play this year because of an injury in the Pro-Bowl. I know there are other players who have been hurt in the past as well. Ask any Patriot fan about Robert Edwards.

    It’s a useless game as everyone else stated that proves absolutely nothing. I’m a Bengal fan and even I thought it was a joke when Dalton made the Pro-Bowl a few years ago. Of course, he was like the 8th choice but c’mon; nobody wanted to watch him play in it even Bengal fans.

  32. I get that fans will vote for their players but what the heck is the criteria for the NFL to put someone on the ballot? He deserves to be there right now. He may have some of the same contract incentives as the guys he is ahead of

  33. Brady played one game and he is on the list, If he was suspended till week 8, he would still be on the list.

    Media bias in sports and politics has reached a all time high and there are no signs of it getting any better.

  34. .
    he only has 7 tackles in 5 games,
    JJ Watt on IR has 8.

    nobody knows who any DE’s are anyway.

    What about Offensive Linemen?
    I’m sure that is even worse, but how would anyone know?
    Defensive Linemen and Offensive linemen shouldn’t be up to fans cuz no one knows who any of them are.

  35. .

    This guy is a nobody is why…
    here is a quick list of DE’s doing better than this nobody… and I can keep going.

    Leonard Williams 12 tackles 7 assists 5 sacks 2 FF
    Trent Murphy 11 tackles 7 assists 4.5 sacks 2 FF
    Derek Wolfe 17 tackles 5assists 4.5 sacks
    Danielle Hunter 11 7 assists tackles 4 sacks 1 safety 1 FF
    Carlos Dunlap 15 tackles 7 assists 4 sacks 5 PD 1 FF

  36. The Pro Bowl is a joke, but not as much of a joke as starting voting when you’re barely 25% through the season. No reason not to set nominees at Thanksgiving, after injuries are played out and perfromers stand out.

  37. Danielle Hunter is going to be one of the best DE’s in this league soon. He had 6 sacks last year as a part time player. He’s already at 4 this year with the aforementioned FF and safety, again as a part time player. He’s only 21 years old.

  38. Coaches should be the only people voting on the pro-bowl. They know who the best players are because if they are any good, the coordinators and positional coaches will be game planning for them.

  39. Re: Robert Edwards

    It was even worse that many remember — he didn’t get hurt during the Pro Bowl, he got hurt during the rookie flag football game on the beach.

  40. Danielle Hunter is a good one to bring up. I voted for both Robison and Griffen who also have 4 sacks each, but the fact that a reserve for the vikings also has 4 is pretty amazing. I don’t know if it is possible to get more players from one team than that team has starting positions at that position though.

  41. This happens in every sport where the fans have a vote as promo for a sponsor.
    In order to get maximum exposure for the sponsor, the ballots are published way too early. People vote, things change ( or they vote based on past performance) and then when the team is named after the season sportswriters who are then looking at the complete season are critical of fans choices from early in the season. This happens more in baseball but occurs to some degree in all sports. Why not wait until the season is over to vote on All Stars ?

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