Nevada Assembly musters just enough votes to pass stadium bill

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They needed 28 votes, and 28 votes they got.

Via multiple reports, the Nevada Assembly passed a stadium bill by a vote of 28-13.

The bill as passed by the Assembly now goes back to the Senate for the purposes of ironing out any differences between the two versions of the bill.

The proposal calls for $750 million in taxpayer money to be used to construct a stadium in Las Vegas for the Raiders. The funds would come from the application of a hotel tax.

None of this happens unless the Raiders get the approval to move to Las Vegas, which may or may not happen. Which may or may not deter the Raiders from trying to move without approval.

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  1. Did I miss something and the Raiders didn’t win a court case allowing them to move before without league approval?

  2. It’s going to actually happen. The Nevada Governor already supports the bill and there is no way the NFL owners are going to turn down $1.4 billion in free money ($650 from Sheldon Adelson and $750 million from hotel taxes).

  3. Years from now we’ll all look back and realize that today is a historical moment for the Raiders.

  4. “Which may or may not deter the Raiders from trying to move without approval.”

    If past history is any indicator…

  5. League couldn’t stop Al, and they won’t stop Mark. My guess is though, that they get approval anyway. The Raiders are a more valuable franchise in Vegas and the owners know it.

  6. I have been a Raider fan since 1971, and have gone to many games in Oakland, but that place is a dump and is in a VERY sketchy part of town. I wish Oakland could get a stadium built……but if they cant its on to Las Vegas.

  7. rcali says:
    Oct 14, 2016 3:35 PM
    Let the NFL or owner pay for it.
    Los Angeles Tax Payers.

    I don’t think they will listen to someone who doesn’t know “taxpayer” is one word. Or someone who won’t live in the area that tax affects.

  8. Casino in the stadium?
    Slot machines in the restrooms?
    Chicken Ranch limos lined up outside?
    Should be fun and defiantly interesting!
    Somewhere Al Davis smiling.

  9. Las Vegas and Mr. Mark Davis do not want a plan B with the NFL. Plan A will get them the Super Bowl rotation, maybe the NFL Honors, Draft and other percs… Plan B gets them nothing but consternation of the owners and maybe not even a team.

    I don’t think they turn a shovel of dirt without the NFL’s support. Balls in their court now.

  10. Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of teams bailing on their fans and relocating elsewhere, unless their situation is truly untenable. However, I am even less a fan of the NFL’s billionaire owners ganging up on certain teams/owners (Mark Davis) and blocking their efforts to move out of terrible stadium situations even as they move heaven and earth to ensure a guy like Stan Kroenke can do whatever he wants.

  11. Sad if the Raiders leave Oakland again, but when it comes down to it the bottom line is seeing success on-the-field (which has been a long time coming).

    So it’s my hope that the hookers and roulette tables are much more of a distraction to the players on the visiting teams than for those on the Silver & Black.

  12. You don’t really think the politicians in Nevada would go through this dog and pony show, approve a giant tax increase, and put their names/faces on this without either:

    1. Having a guarantee from Roger that if this gets approved, the owners will approve the move.


    2. Having a guarantee from Mark that if this gets approved, he’s moving regardless if the other owners approve or not.

    The next election cycle, do you really think these people are going to through the “that guy approved a tax increase and couldn’t even deliver the promise of getting the team here”?

    My guess is that when Mark was there the last time and said “If you build it, I will move” meant “I’m here whether the other owners approve it or not”.

    The NFL owners can piss and moan all they want about wanting the Raiders to stay in Oakland, but it’s not feasible without cash, which is what the Davis family doesn’t really have. And he ain’t sellin’ so he’s movin’.

  13. It’s really not smart for the league. The Raiders are very popular in the region and have the potential to dilute the Rams’, Chargers’, and Cardinals fan bases. Those are three teams that have unstable fan bases to begin with.

    As far as the Raiders they will go from a storied glorified franchise steeped in tradition to a glorified sideshow to attract gamblers to Las Vegas. It’s like the Cowboys, Steelers, or Packers moving to Vegas.

    This is a desperate slow witted owner making a desperate move. If you can’t survive in the 4th largest media market you won’t survive in Vegas in the long run. The short money would be good though, but you won’t win in long run.

  14. I’m sure the tax will end once the $750,000,000 is paid right? I mean, it’s not like they would keep taking tax money after that. So the tax ends and the rates go back down?

  15. Not a Raiders fan at all. But you have to admit they play in the biggest dump in the league. They need a stadium more than any recent team that has gotten one. Oakland has dragged their feet for to long. Vegas will be a gold mine for Davis.

  16. Of course they got 28 votes. Why bribe 29 Assembly members when only 28 votes are needed? Isn’t America great?

  17. With the Rams in LA and the Raiders headed for Vegas the owners will have to come up with a new city to use to leverage existing NFL suckers…um…cities to cough up extortion…um…taxpayer funds for their new cash generating palaces. Having failed twice St Louis isn’t much of a threat, obviously Oakland isn’t either and the concept of any owner wanting to be 2nd fiddle in Kroenke’s house of glam is laughable. Portland? San Antonio? London? The possibilities are less than endless

  18. I would be all for Raiders to stay, then you see that baseball diamond and it just illustrates how irreconcilable the difference is.

  19. As cool as this would/could be, it aint gonna happen while a Davis owns the Raiders. The NFL is fining guys for wearing breast cancer cleats during Breast Cancer Awareness month. Rodger & most of the owners are just gonna laugh. Gonna take a lengthy court battle.

  20. The Raiders motif should hold up pretty well in Las Vegas. Pirates, in their day, were basically degenerates, and even though Las Vegas is the gold standard for world class, a few degenerates can be found if you look for them. Nothing like Oakland, though, which also sets a bar of sorts . . . and by the looks of things, purple drank is all you can get at that bar.

  21. Owners would be stupid to not vote for a move. Why? because when it comes time for an NFL owner to either renovate or build a new stadium, they will point to the Raiders without saying a word. That is all the leverage they would need.

  22. Nothing says Raiders more than “Oakland”, however, they cannot continue playing on a baseball field that is also an open toilet.
    Good luck Mark I hope Las Vegas becomes your new home.
    Oh ya, the First Place Raiders!

  23. newjerseygiants says:
    Oct 14, 2016 3:35 PM
    The new stadium will be named Draft Kings Palace.


    This doesn’t even make sense. Nevada was the first state to ban daily fantasy.

  24. Nothing says Raider more than Oakland, however, they cannot continue playing on a baseball field that is also an open toilet.
    Good luck in Vegas Mark
    First place Raiders

  25. Not a Raiders fan, but just another former NFL fan who is once again appalled by ANOTHER money grab by the NFL that only worsens the product on the field even more than it already has.

    While school funding shrinks, medical costs rise, the middle class is squeezed and every time some poor sap robs a 7/11 for a hundred bucks it’s treated like the crime of the century.
    Yet the thieves down at 354 Park Ave can take a quarter of Billion dollars from the people of Nevada and the masses cheer.

    The WWEing of the NFL has arrived. Having a team in Las Vegas isn’t going to make people question the validity of the results of NFL games is it (sarcasm)

  26. All this talk about “4th largest media market” is nonsense. The Raiders media market is the US (and parts of Mexico). The only downsides I see to this I see are (1) losing those crazy black hole fans will diminish the home field advantage, and (2) I wish the stadium was a little larger (not sure it will be viewed as big enough to host a superbowl)

  27. rcali says:
    Oct 14, 2016 3:35 PM
    Let the NFL or owner pay for it.
    Los Angeles Tax Payers.

    Keep voting Democrats … their solution is keep raising taxes.

  28. benh999 says:
    Oct 14, 2016 3:32 PM
    Did I miss something and the Raiders didn’t win a court case allowing them to move before without league approval?
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – –
    The NFL dragged it on for 11 years only to lose after appeal, and appeal, etc…. The only victory the NFL got is instead of paying the Raiders 34 million, they had to pay them only 18 million….

    At the end of the day for every NFL owner will there be a better venue for a super bowl than a multi billion dollar venue in Las Vegas. Bottom line, Sheldon is #12 on the list for the wealthiest people on the planet……he has pretty much more money than all 30 other nfl owners combined (minus paul allen who has less than half of sheldon)

  29. @jbraider

    those blackhole fans will come to vegas and eventually be blackout drunk. i would even venture to say that those fans would prefer going to vegas to see the raiders play as its a short flight as opposed to driving in that cluster to and from the stadium. a vegas superbowl would be like mardi gra on crack. the weather and the conveinence of hotels location within walking distance of the stadium. few cities offer that.

  30. raideralex99 says:
    Oct 14, 2016 5:06 PM
    rcali says:
    Oct 14, 2016 3:35 PM
    Let the NFL or owner pay for it.
    Los Angeles Tax Payers.

    Keep voting Democrats … their solution is keep raising taxes.
    I’ll take a Democrat’s billion dollar football stadium over a Republican’s seven trillion dollar war, every time.

  31. Can’t wait for Mark Davis and mayor Carolyn Goodman to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for the new stadium. Las Vegas is an amazing place. They can do things many other cities cannot. Mark Davis has committed $500 million dollars to the Las Vegas stadium.

    Hopefully 2017 is the Raidets last season in Oakland, The southern Nevada area is very deserving of an NFL team.

  32. The NFL isn’t saying no to a mega palace with $750 million in public funding. Super Bowls in as Las Vegas will be well beyond amazing!! The UNLV college football team will use the stadium, too

  33. Oakland had at least 15 years to address the stadium issue. They did nothing. Libby Schaaf is a liberal idiot opposed to stadium funding. I hope Mark Davis tells her “thanks for nothing” when he moves the Raiders out of Oakland for good.

  34. Why does the NFL even perpetuate this charade that there has to be a vote by the other owners to “approve” a franchise move? Al Davis has already beaten this “rule” in court, so case law exists, and there’s NFW the NFL can stop them or any other franchise from relocating. Perhaps Goodell could scratch a massive check to the Clinton Foundation and get some new law passed that negates the old ruling or something. But as things stand now, the “vote” is meaningless.

  35. Oakland should sue for the team colors, name and history just like Cleveland did with the Browns.

  36. the nfl will without a doubt approve it. the players will break so many rules the nfl will get billions in fines especially from traveling teams

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