Roger Staubach on Dak or Romo: You’re winning, don’t change

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Roger Staubach knows exactly what Tony Romo is going through right now, but his view of the quarterback situation in Dallas may not be what Romo wants to hear.

Staubach, the Hall of Fame former Cowboys quarterback, says that the Cowboys ought to stick with Dak Prescott as long as they’re winning, even when Romo gets healthy enough to play. Staubach pointed out that he was in the same position as Romo once and understood why he was benched.

“Tony is a fantastic football player,” Staubach said, via the Dallas Morning News. “We won the Super Bowl in 1971 and I separated my shoulder in the exhibition season of ’72, and Craig Morton was the quarterback and took over and when I came back healthy probably eight or nine games later – that was a 14-game schedule – Craig was winning. We were winning as a team. I understood it. The momentum was there and you don’t want to mess around with the quarterback position and Craig was playing very well. I didn’t really play very much until the playoff game against the 49ers that year and I understood it.”

Staubach said keeping Prescott on the field wouldn’t be an indication that the team lacks faith in Romo.

“Tony is going to heal. He’s going to be ready to play if they need him if something happens to Dak. I think Tony wants to win and he’ll do what it takes to win and if they keep Dak in there to keep the momentum going I think he’ll understand that,” Staubach said. “They don’t want to change that if it’s really good and I’m sure it’s really good now because they’re 4-1. You just don’t mess around with that. You try to keep it really good and keep the momentum going.”

In that 1972 season Staubach referenced, he came off the bench to replace Morton with the Cowboys trailing 28-13 and led Dallas to three fourth-quarter scores and a come-from-behind victory. When the Cowboys needed Staubach, he was ready to go. Staubach thinks the Cowboys shouldn’t turn to Romo until they need him.

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  1. Considering the source, I’m with him. Why would anyone question the wisdom and experience of Roger Staubach? Oh, yeah, PFT commenters. I’ll be counting how many armchair quarterbacks tell him to “shut up and go home.”

  2. Jerry should listen to Roger, but he won’t. Tony needs to retire. There’s no shame in retiring after having significant injuries.

  3. I don’t understand all the calls for Dak to start over a healthy Romo. I love what Dak has been doing and I think he is definitely the QB of the future.

    But, let’s say that they decide to go with Dak over a healthy Romo. They won’t be able to unload Romo with his current contract. And, if they release him they’re going incur a lot of dead money.

    So, if Romo is healthy, he becomes your number 2 QB. Then, if Dak is injured, you have Romo come in who is one hit away from missing significant time. Then you’re down to your third QB, Sanchez. Is that what you want? (We’re suddenly back to 2015 again.)

    If you start Romo when he’s healthy, you have extra insurance in Dak if Romo gets hurt. Plus, Romo has more ability to stretch the field than Dak, which I think they’re going to need later in the season.

    That’s why it makes sense to start a healthy Romo over Dak.

  4. Why is anyone talking about this?

    But Jerrah is an absolute bozo and he brought it up in his weekly “love me some me” show.

    Unless Prescottt gets hurt or starts playing poorly, Romo’s last game playing for the cowboys was his last game, UNLESS bozo jerrah still does have any influence on team decisions.

    Cowboy fans better hope and pray that some type of internal compromise has been reached where Jerrah gets to blather whatever senile blather comes out of his mouth in front of the cameras but someone else that still has a brain cell is actually making the football decisions.

    If Jerrah is allowed to have ANY actual type of say, the cowboys are doomed as they have been the last 20 years and counting.

  5. It’s pretty clear to most people that Dallas isn’t going to win with Romo.

    I remember not too long ago when Drew Bledsoe was out for a few games and this guy named Tom Brady filled in for him. Even when Bledsoe was cleared to play, Belichick stayed with Brady. That worked out pretty well.

    The big difference is the Bob Kraft doesn’t interfere. He learned his lesson when Parcells was in NE. Jerry Jones drove Jimmy Johnson out of town because he was jealous that Jimmy was getting all the credit. Garrett will play whomever Jerry tells him to.

    For the Cowboys’ sake, you must be anxious for the day when Stephen Jones takes over.

  6. Rog is right, but the AH owner will want the guy who is making the most $$ to play.
    Look what happened when Drew Bledsoe was replaced due to injury,
    The best QB in the history of the game was born.

  7. The most successful franchise of the last 15 years is the Patriots. Only a fool would argue otherwise. They were in a similar situation with Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady. What did they do? Ya, I would do that.

  8. Dak Prescott hasn’t thrown an INT thru his first 45 games of his career….. Romo has NEVER gone 5 games without throwing one! I don’t care if Romo is 100% healthy…. This should be Dak’s team for the remainder of the year….

  9. Romo doesn’t need to retire but you stick with Dak. You’re winning!! Dak does not turn the ball over and that is HUGE and if a play breaks down he has the wheels to make something out of nothing. If Dak falters then you move in Romo but for now let Romo rest and get healthier.

  10. I remember 1972 very well. Staubach was a lot better than Morton – who was decent – and Staubach should’ve been the starter as soon as he was healthy. The playoffs proved it.

    Unless the more talented player has bad chemistry, or your coach is Mike McCarthy and he doesn’t know who is better, you play the best player.

  11. looks like Roger Staubach had been there and done that.
    now, the matter is if the cowboys and their coaching staff can wrap their head around that winning concept.

  12. Troy Aikman = Roger Staubach

    Tony Romo = Danny White

    Good player but just missing something to get over the hump.

    Time to move on.

  13. Prescott is doing well, but let’s be honest – he’s played 5 games and they haven’t been against the best teams.

    Which doesn’t mean he’s not good, it just means he hasn’t been sorely tested yet. It’s ridiculous to say he’s better than Romo.

    Remember how easy Siemian and Brissett made it look, at first? Prescott’s probably better than both, but it’s magical thinking to pretend there isn’t a downside that we haven’t seen yet.

    The Cowboys are winning because of strong overall team play. Something’s going to go wrong with Prescott at some point. Is it better for him to replace him when something goes wrong? Or to take him out for non-performance-related reasons?

  14. As for Jerrah/Jerry/Mr Jones’s QB choices Two words Cleavland Browns.

    Troy Aikeman ate a lot of truf at first (correct me if I’m wrong but he didn’t start out with a great O line), my point the Cowboys were losing games after acquiring a #1 draft 1 draft pic and heisman trophy winner. So if Dak doesn’t shoot par a couple of games cut him some slack.

  15. Prescott keeps winning but what happens if he has a tough game against Green Bay and/or Philly? If that happens, then you got a good reason to bring in Romo (if healthy) for week 9 against the Browns (when either guy should light them up. You want Romo though for week 10 against Pittsburgh which should be a shootout and Prescott hasn’t proven he can win a game like that).

  16. Romo has dodged a lot of bullets. But Roger The Dodger is right; stay with Dak, for “The Dak Dynasty” has begun. He and Zeke are going to be a dynamic duo for years to come.

    If Romo returns, it’s likely just a matter of time before he is hurt~AGAIN! Dude, quit while you’re ahead~and healthy enough to enjoy life after football with your wife and children. Plus, you’ve already made more money than most people will ever have.

    One of the saddest scenes I’ve ever seen is a young Earl Campbell riding in a wheel chair and/or pushing a walker. Many players looked to their futures and said it was more valuable to be healthy and than stick around and get one more hit and be paralyzed or have chronic pain for life.

    Ego, thee behind Romo. It’s time to think about your OWN future~and let the Cowboys future continue…

  17. Isn’t this where the fantasy players tell Roger to stop yelling “get off my lawn”? Being a Giants fan I hate the Cowboys, but he is one of the best, why listen to him Jerry.

  18. I have a funny feeling about this year’s version of the Cowboys. Who are a lot of fun to watch again, even for us outsiders. Finally! My funny feeling is that Jerry Jones and Steve have zero interest in messing up the strong chemistry on this exciting team. Romo will return just like Roger said. And will fully understand and accept the situation. He will fully support Dak. And Dak will fully support Romo if he falls to injury or rookie inconsistency (highly unlikely). It’s obvious that Dak is a special kid. Just like Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, Carson Wentz and Carr (Raiders) are. I think Jerrah is just gonna sit back and enjoy the ride that Dak, Zeke, Dez, Witten and the rest are giving him. It just may finally end up in a very special and magic place.

  19. whyamiacowboysfanagain says:
    Oct 14, 2016 12:02 PM
    Dak Prescott hasn’t thrown an INT thru his first 45 games of his career….. Romo has NEVER gone 5 games without throwing one! I don’t care if Romo is 100% healthy…. This should be Dak’s team for the remainder of the year….

    I must have gone out for a while because I missed the first 40 NFL games Dak played. Going 5 games without and INT is impressive. 45 games must be an NFL record for any QB on any team in any year.

  20. Here’s what not said in these stories but should be:

    When would it be time to pull Prescott if Romo were healthy assuming Dallas follows this advice?
    A loss to Green Bay? A loss to GB then Philadelphia after the bye to go 4-3? How many then? Do you advocate waiting until an unfortunate injury forces them to do it even if the losses pile up? Dallas’ schedule is full of teams winning this year and divisional matchups in the weeks ahead save Cleveland.

    You don’t mess with winning huh? Fine. But unless there’s a rock solid plan of when the trigger is pulled otherwise it makes no sense. You play your best players when they can play. Citing Brady vs. Bledsoe is only 1 incident over a decade ago. Hardly a blueprint on how to do things.

    One thing is absolutely certain: Dallas will be maligned and ridiculed no matter what happens unless they win all the rest of their games including the Super Bowl. I wouldn’t be at all surprised given the cultural climate if racism isn’t alleged if Prescott is pulled for Romo. Stephen A. Smith anyone?

  21. Not a Dallas fan but I like and respect Romo.

    That being said, I hope Tony has the humility to stand aside if Dak continues to play this way. That doesn’t mean that Tony can’t be the starter next year if healthy.

    And besides, you could do a lot worse for a backup than Tony Romo, especially if Dallas makes the playoffs.

  22. ctiggs says:
    Oct 14, 2016 11:31 AM

    who cares about the cowboys, the Refs gave one of their wins vs the Niners. They are overrated and will be exposed.

    Who cares? Apparently ctiggs does. Enough to be trolling Cowboys sites and commenting. People who don’t care usually don’t take the time.

  23. thisonesforpat says:
    Oct 14, 2016 3:08 PM
    1st: Jerry Jones won’t listen to Roger Staubach because Jerry doesn’t listen.
    2nd: Two words: Elvis Grbac.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Why does Elvis Grbac seem like 10 words with lots of missing vowels?

  24. “who cares about the cowboys, the Refs gave one of their wins vs the Niners. They are overrated and will be exposed.”


    The niners were outscored 24-3 in the 2nd half.

  25. One thing people forget is that with Bledsoe at the helm, the Pats were losing games. I think they were 7-19 or something like that. When Brady started, they started winning games.

    In this case, Romo is 15-3 in his last 18 starts. It’s not like they were losing with Romo at the helm.

  26. The question is not how well they are doing right now, the question is if they think the team can go all the way with Prescott, or if Romo would give them a better chance. If the answer is Romo, then the sooner they switch back the better.

    Teams will adjust to Prescott; with his level of experience, will he be able to make the counter-adjustments?

  27. This will be a tough call, leave in Dak and any bad performance or even a loss the fans will be like, if Romo was in it would be better! Put Romo in and he would have to play at a high level, otherwise the fans will be upset for them benching Dak.

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