Sheldon Richardson: Jets defense should be better

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With Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing nine interceptions over two games earlier this season, it has been easy to point to his performance as a big reason why the Jets have stumbled to a 1-4 start.

It’s not the only reason, however. There’s also the drop in play for a defense that ranked in the top nine in both points and yards allowed last season. They’re 24th in points allowed and 23rd in yards allowed, much of which has been a result of their inability to stop the pass or force turnovers in the first five weeks.

“We should be better than what we’re doing,” defensive end Sheldon Richardson said, via “I know it’s new to some guys, but some guys are making plays and some guys aren’t. Some guys are trying to do too much and hurting the defense.”

Richardson included himself and the rest of a talented defensive line in the group of players trying to do too much, saying they have to “do something to stop” quarterbacks from getting rid of the ball quickly to avoid a pass rush that has five sacks in the last four games after recording seven in the opener.

The Cardinals like to throw the ball deep and the time it takes for those plays to develop may offer more opportunities for Richardson and company to get to Carson Palmer. If they don’t, it could be a long night for a Jets team that will be staring at a long season if they drop to 1-5.

9 responses to “Sheldon Richardson: Jets defense should be better

  1. LMAO

    It’s because their D is littered with big ego overrated players, as per usual.

    The media in NY also overrates them based on where they were drafted.

    And, not that low IQ Shelly would know, but in the cap era, if you blow that many draft picks, it catches up to you.

    You suck because your LBs are old and can’t cover, along with your god awful secondary.

    Leave it to the Jets to draft an in-the-box Safety at #15 overall in a passing league.


  2. After the first game of the season it looked like this D-Line was going to be dominant. Sacks-a-plenty… but I guess they showed their hand and teams have adjusted. I don’t think its a case of “doing too much”. I think its more of providing new looks and regaining confidence for a team that seems to have lost their drive. The secondary is another story.

  3. When are you Jets dumbos (and other fanbases) going to learn the sport is more about stats?

    “Sacks” never tell the whole story of a defense.

    It’s comical to me see the Millennial Generation equate fantasy stats to how good a football player is.

    I would be incensed that my #13 overall pick in 2013, while a good player, is not that good.

    And, then there is Leonard Williams. #6 overall in 2015 and doesn’t make many meaningful plays while being single-blocked.

  4. TyLaw = proof that you don’t need to know anything about football to comment on a football site.

  5. bubbybrister/shovelpass says:
    Oct 14, 2016 4:16 PM
    TyLaw = proof that you don’t need to know anything about football to comment on a football site.

    As much as it pains me to agree with a well known Pats troll, tylawspick is an embarrassment to all Pats fans.

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