Kroenke attributes Rams’ recent struggles to youth

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The Rams, for now, remain on the right side of .500, with a 3-2 record that could eventually result in a postseason berth. If, however, that becomes another 7-9 finish, owner Stan Kroenke apparently will understand.

“We’re young,” Kroenke told the Associated Press while walking his dog at the Pepsi Center in Denver. “I think it’s the fifth year in a row we’re the youngest team in the NFL.  We’ve been building this team.”

At some point, the building process needs to be completed. In the NFL, champions often are built far faster than in five years.

“We’re competitive,” Kroenke said. So far this year, he’s right. But it sounds like he won’t be making any major changes if the first year in L.A. results in yet another year without a playoff berth.

Especially since many within league circles continue to believe that Kroenke already has silently extended the contract of coach Jeff Fisher, who as far as the public knows is signed through 2016.

18 responses to “Kroenke attributes Rams’ recent struggles to youth

  1. “If, however, that becomes another 7-9 finish, owner Stan Kroenke apparently will understand.”

    So will all of us, except we won’t attribute it to being forever young. Unlike Stan we all know the answer will be the same as always, 7-9 is what they are because 7-9 is what Jeff Fisher is.

  2. I attribute it to poor ownership and the owner’s willingness to accept the mediocrity that Jeff Fisher coaches every single year. As well as a poor GM.

  3. One has to wonder how some of these owners ever made 25 cents using their intellect. To be so naive, (rapidly closing in on woefully ignorant) in all things football, how’d he ever get beyond the Walmart greeter?

    It would be even more sad to think he actually believes what he is trying to sell.

  4. “In the NFL, champions often are built far faster than in five years.”

    On Feb 10 at 7:01AM, there was a PFT article stating that nearly half the league still hasn’t won a Super Bowl. Most of those teams have had more than 5 years to build…

  5. Rams stay young with a constant infusion of new blood. Like Count Stanislaus Kroenke himself, when he returns to visit the underground labs of his ancestral homeland in Transylvania. “Bluudd..”.

  6. What good is going young when you allow that young developed talent (Janoris Jenkins/Rodney McLeod) to walk out the door. There has to come a time where winning comes into play. Fisher and Snead have 7 first round picks, a number 1 overall pick, and a number two overall pick, and their team still stinks.

  7. If you draft a young QB who’s destined to be the next Joe Montana, you’re not going to really start dominating until that QB gets on the field. The 49ers drafted Joe Montana in 1979, but he wasn’t the starter until 1981. The 49ers went 8-24 the two years while Montana was the backup, but won their first super bowl the next season, Montana’s first season as starter. Be patient Rams fans. Be patient.

  8. Kroenke accepts losing because he is business results first, field results a distant second.
    There may be some buzz when his new palace is built, but LA fan is easily bored with also rans, much preferring a front runner. Failing on the field for any length of time will render LA football like it was when it wrapped up in the 90’s. half empty stadium witnessing half assed football.

  9. Correction: his photo caption should read, “Cloak and Dagger D-bag Billionaire Stan Kroenke”

  10. Yes Stan, funny how that works….it’s nice to have a Toy and not really pay much attention to it, just sit there in the corner of the play room.

  11. The ignorance here (from the writer and the responders) is amazing. Kroenke is a businessman. The Rams, like EVERY NFL TEAM, are making vast sums of money.
    So, as long as that’s occurring, Stan will be fine with Jeff. Winning be damned.

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