Cam Newton concussion protocol investigation result coming as soon as Monday

Getty Images

It’s been five weeks and three days since Panthers quarterback Cam Newton absorbed a big hit during a first game of the regular season and wasn’t removed for a concussion evaluation. The NFL and NFL Players Association launched separate investigations, and a decision is coming soon.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, an announcement could be made as soon as Monday. As another source explained it, the NFL wants the NFLPA to agree to the terms of a joint press release. The union is resisting for now; ultimately, there may be a more generic agreement regarding the facts of the case.

Ultimately, it’s believed that there will be no finding of a violation of the protocol. But the outcome will likely entail further changes to the process for determining whether an evaluation is required, with the goal of ironing out some lingering loopholes and exceptions that may have contributed to Newton not receiving a concussion evaluation.

The delayed resolution of the situation has arisen from disagreements regarding certain facts and regarding how those facts should be interpreted. The NFL and NFLPA apparently have agreed to enough to permit a resolution of the case without a disagreement on whether a violation occurred.