Cam Newton has another short press conference

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The Panthers rallied from 21 points down to tie the game in the fourth quarter before ultimately falling to the Saints 41-38 on Sunday afternoon and the loss didn’t leave quarterback Cam Newton with much of a taste for answering questions.

As seen in video posted by the Charlotte Observer, Newton answered a question about running the ball twice by saying he’s just doing what he’s asked to do and then gave brief responses to a couple of other questions. He sprinkled in a couple of “next question” responses before walking off the podium. Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer timed the press conference at 90 seconds in total.

Per Fowler, that’s 59 seconds shorter than Newton’s post-Super Bowl press conference. Newton was criticized for how he handled that press conference and will likely hear some of the same in light of this one.

Newton, who missed last week’s loss with a concussion, was 27-of-47 for 322 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. He also ran for a one-yard score as the Panthers fell to 1-5 after going 15-1 in the regular season last year.

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  1. Don’t worry Panthers fans. Titanic Ron will straighten everything out in the bye week…
    Josh Norman must be very happy they rescinded his franchise tag..

  2. Don’t worry – when the Panthers are 2-12, down by 3 TD’s with 3 minutes left to go in the game, he’ll come up big on a 2nd and 2 and do all “Superman” for getting the first down.

    Can’t wait to see that celebration.

  3. So much for acting up like a grown up answering tough questions after a loss in a regular season game. I can understand his bad behavior after the loss to the Broncos in Super Bowl 50 since he was sad losing The Big Game but a regular season game to the New Orleans Saints? No mas city eh?

  4. At least he dresses well. As an objective observer and not really a fan of the team, it’s difficult to like this guy when he chooses to act like a pouty child. I know a lot of us like our sports figures to take losses hard, but there’s something about the way he handles losses that seems distasteful.

  5. He’s great… as long as things are going well.

    Years ago, it was dismissed as him being young (his pouting on the sidelines).

    He’s been in the league years now, he’s learned many things. He’s said that his body language and demeanor is important, to his team etc.

    Yet, he still can’t handle adversity properly.

    No, losing isn’t fun and I’m not saying he should like it. That’s not the point.

    I’m NOT a Seahawks fan or a Russ Wilson fan but go and look at his press conference after losing the Super Bowl when they didn’t run the ball with Marshawn Lynch and he threw a pick that lost the Super Bowl.

    He wasn’t happy but he was accountable. He was there, answered questions, was a man, didn’t pout, throw a tantrum and run off.

    Then in the very next Super Bowl, we have Cam and the Panthers losing to the Broncos and Cam was childlike in his actions, demeanor in the press conference.

    He still hasn’t learned. Look, life is tough, there are both ups and downs. To be successful you have to be able to navigate both the ups and the downs.

    Cam, so far can’t handle the downs, can’t navigate the adversity.

    He’s talented. I’m happy he helps others, kids etc. But when his team needs him to lead the most, he crumbles and will literally run off to get away because he can’t handle the heat.

  6. Rivera takes the heat for this brat with his job at some point soon.
    Can’t handle even the smallest amount of adversity.

  7. Cam is a very talented football player. And I believe that he is more than one dimensional. For now, the other teams have learned his current strengths and have figured out how to minimize them. If coached and mentored well, he will turn those tables around and reinvent himself. If that happens though, it won’t come easy. Because he has a lot of growing up to do first and in this business, it’s done in public. That’s not easy to ask of anyone.
    Problem is compounded by all the credentialed but unprofessional bloggers who write blogs like this. Their only skill is to shoot off their mouths as if they possessed any type of capability of their own. They don’t of course. But that would come as a complete shock to them.
    For that, I feel a little sorry for Cam. I hope he can grow up quickly and prove he was more than a one year wonder.

  8. Hey, winners hate to lose; it’s that easy. But Newton is just a sore loser. And sore losers never win in the end. That’s why he’ll never get the highest prize.

  9. Thanks Cam, I keep the YouTube vids of your cry baby press conferences to show my kids how not to act when things are not going your way. Real leaders don’t mope around, they lead by example and grow stronger from learning how to handle the ups and downs in life.

  10. He’s the absolute epitome of a front runner, and always has been. This guy is no leader. When the going gets tough, the Cam gets quiet.

  11. Adults whining “cry baby” are the biggest cry babies!

    Cam shouldn’t have even been playing given his injury status. Any fool knows Cam took one for the team and suited up before he was ready….instead you tools want to judge someone you’ve never met. Very immature of you!

  12. I have never seen such a talented star player act like a gesticulating braggart when he wins

    And a whining, petulant immature child when he loses!

    Great example you’re setting for the little fans, Cam!

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