Chip Kelly on whether Kaepernick starts next week: “We’ll see”

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Five days ago, 49ers coach Chip Kelly was happy to announce to the world that Colin Kaepernick would start at quarterback against the Bills. After Sunday’s 45-16 loss to the Bills, Kelly wasn’t so quick to anoint Kaepernick as the starter for next week’s game against the Buccaneers.

“Yeah, we’ll see,” Kelly told reporters on the question of whether Kaepernick will get a second straight start.

Kelly otherwise didn’t knock Kaepernick — at least not anymore than he knocked the rest of the offense.

“I thought he was OK,” Kelly said. “There are some positives that you can really build on with him that he did. I thought he extended some drives, keeping plays alive with his legs. He did a good job so it was a pretty good situation in terms of him running the football. But, overall offensively, I think we need to run the ball as a group better and we need to be better at our passing game.”

“Again, for his first time back, I thought he did an OK job. We have to be better overall on offense, not just the quarterback. It’s everyone on the offensive side of the ball. But I thought he really made some plays with his legs today. We have to do a better job with everyone on the offensive side.”

It a change were to be made, it’s unclear whether Kelly would go with Blaine Gabbert (again) or Christian Ponder. Regardless, the problems with the 49ers extend far beyond the quarterback position, and they’ve now lost five in a row since beating the Rams to start the year, 28-0.

30 responses to “Chip Kelly on whether Kaepernick starts next week: “We’ll see”

  1. Kap, Gabbert, Ponder? Does not matter with this roster devoid of talent that Lord Baalke put together. This guy should be fired tonight. The roster is horrible. And we had $50 million LEFT to spend on the cap. That’s what you get when you have a GM that does not see the importance of QB’s or WR’s… I kid you not. He literally does not put a premium on either position… Great.

  2. The defense in this team is alarming bad. DC needs to be stripped from his duties… so bad that Mangini’s crappy D looks better than this garbage they are putting in the field this year.

  3. This team deserves what they get!!!!!
    Losers everywhere!!! Not one bright spot. Lol
    When a player makes it more about him than the game
    And the team chooses to do nothing they deserved boos
    This team is bad from the top down. Abandoned ship now!!!!!

  4. Now we can all remember why Kap was benched in the first place. He seems to have no idea what’s going on out there and either tucks and runs or chucks and prays. Very Tebow-esque.

    Paging Christian Ponder, paging Christian Ponder…

  5. Three mediocre qbacks and a bad defense – sounds like what every coach dreams about.

    Time to work on the golf game, Chip

  6. Lots of holes on this roster. But with the most cap room in the NFL this upcoming offseason and a top 3 pick, things should look better in 2017 for the 49ers.

  7. I am a 49er fan and it was painful to watch Alex Smith dominate today. Kap was just awful ,hard to believe we traded Alex for this kind of performance at quarterback. I would start Ponder at some point but give Kap a couple more starts to shut up all the Kap lovers up as to why ?

  8. They need to fire the DC, switch to a 4-3 before the bye week, practice it during the bye week, switch Brooks to inside or Harold(smallest OLB), bring in D. Johnson for Brock or Reaser….ah man forget it. Play all the players, let everyone get some run the season is over. FIRE BAALKE!!!

  9. What the 49ers need to to do, and this pretty important. They need to fire Baalke, trade as many players as they can for draft picks, and rebuild the team through the draft with players who only knows Chip Kelly’s way of doing things in the NFL.

    Chip Is a new fresh mind who can shift the paradigm in the NFL. The Yorks need to properly empower him to do so. It’s a 5 year plan, with the potential to start winning in the 3rd year.

    Baalke and Chip Kelly will not work.

  10. Chip Kelly isnt going to win in the NFL with a 48 year plan…

    System does NOT work with a 53 man roster of 25-30year olds…

    He can’t dress 90 19-20 year olds during home games and play Washington State in the NFL

  11. thegreatgabbert says:
    Oct 16, 2016 7:42 PM
    49ers were averaging 3 offensive touchdowns per game with Gabbert. They got 1 from Kaepernick, and the Bills were the lowest rated defense they’ve faced.
    But Gabbert didn’t “average” anything against the Bills tough defense. It’s an oranges and apples comparison.

  12. His stats were so inflated. That td pass was awful. Great play by Smith to reach for it. It’s like every once in a while a qb will drop a shotgun snap and pick it up real quick. The D reacts leaving a wr open spa busted play works out.
    Talk about his running but where was it when he needed it the most. He’s just not an NFL qb and it appears he doesn’t care. He’s to busy fighting a fight he’s never actually been part of.

  13. If Chip didn’t have to deal with the problems of a poor, overpaid, goofy quarterback that has bought very bad feelings to the team to go with everything else wrong with this team he might win 3-4 games with lucky breaks

  14. The greatgabbert is full of it. Kaps’ TD pass was the SECOND one from the Niners this season. Despite our anemic offense Kap looked better than Gabbert ever has.

    Our defense has more holes in it than it Swiss cheese and is beyond pathetic, truly ashamed but glad York and Baalke have to sleep in the bed they made.

  15. Plain and simple, the better team won. All the excuses mean crap. SF is a top to bottom bad team. Kap can run all day long but he get’s nowhere.

  16. Well, if you want to stop a losing streak, one of the best ways is to face my TB Bucs!! They have saved many coaches jobs over the years!!

  17. I just wonder if all that hair squeezed into his helmet depletes blood flow to his brain?, just watched some of the game and he looked a little dazed & confused at times –
    Just wondering?

  18. Suddenly remembered why Mr Kaepernick could not make any of the right headlines with this football abilities and was sitting on the bench with a subpar career backup starting.

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