Dwayne Allen won’t return, Texans offense hasn’t arrived


The Texans spent a lot of money this offseason trying to fix the offense which was holding them back.

It’s worth wondering if they kept their receipt.

With Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler off to a tough start, the Colts have a 10-0 lead on Sunday Night Football.

Osweiler completed exactly one (1) of his first five (5) passes for 4 (four) yards, and frankly is kind of all over the place. When you factor in the yards lost on a sack, they have a total of 5 (#$%!) yards in the first quarter.

The Colts got a field goal out of Adam Vinatieri in the first quarter, extending his streak to 39 straight made. They’ve lost tight end Dwayne Allen to an ankle injury, but backup Jack Doyle caught a touchdown from Andrew Luck to start the second quarter.