Jerry Jones: I dream of QB decision, but we are not there yet

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The Cowboys won again on Sunday and they won in convincing fashion at Lambeau Field behind another strong game from rookie quarterback Dak Prescott.

Prescott’s three touchdowns and consistent ability to move the team made two turnovers fairly insignificant in the final reckoning, but did they end the questions about whether he’ll keep the job when Tony Romo is healthy? Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is less emphatic about a Romo return than he has been in the past but isn’t saying anything definitive either way.

It’s pretty clear he’s happy about the overall situation at quarterback, though.

“There’s nothing I’d rather do than go into [the] last half of the season with a ready-to-go Tony Romo and a winning Dak Prescott,” Jones said, via Ed Werder of ESPN. “I dream of being able to make that decision. We are not there yet by the way. We are not there.”

The Cowboys are 5-1 and it’s not easy to mount a convincing argument for changing what’s working so well, especially when you’d have Romo as another option if Prescott gets hurt or sees his play decline. The Cowboys may feel differently, although a bye in Week Seven means nothing’s changing for a while.

26 responses to “Jerry Jones: I dream of QB decision, but we are not there yet

  1. Jerry this is your one chance to prove your not an idiot ,,,you ready ,,,, Romo has a broken back and your draft pick rookie is lighting it up !

  2. lol, this guy always cracks me up.

    we know what Romo is capable of doing and we know his ceiling. He is a good regular season QB(until week 17). Theres about 10 years worth of tape to back this up. He isnt going to become Tom Brady at this point in his career. Its not happening.

  3. .
    Is there anyone who doesn’t believe that the Cowboys are headed for disaster of titanic proportions.

  4. Alfred Morris said in interview that Dak and Zeke are like best friends off the field. Garrett sees it, Jerry sees it. No QB change for the foreseeable future.
    Zeke 150+ against number one rush defense? LOL cheese balls!!

    Oh and shout out to the Cowboy defense and Beasley!!

  5. When’s the last time Dallas was 5-1? It’s also the oline that’s allowing this Brutha to get going. You don’t see many rookies come in and win like this. They are in a challenging situation. (I’m a 9er fan)…keep DP in the game until you see him fail 3 games in a row. But what if it happened towards the end of the season, and they, let’s say already won 11 games, do you bring in Romo then? Right now keep DP in the game. This would look like a different team if Romo was playing right now.

  6. I will always restate this, having two starters that can come in and win a game is never a bad thing–either way you want this to play out(Dak or Romo at qb), Dallas’s sum will always be greater than its individual parts ,thus, fans should rejoice, we got one heck of a team and are rolling right now–How bout them Cowboys!

  7. The hate for Romo has never made sense: his late-game mistakes have come largely in games the Cowboys would have had no chance in without him, and they overshadow in the media his excellent accuracy as a long-range passer with impressive TD-interception ratios. That said, don’t fix what ain’t broken. Dak has won five straight. Let him keep the job unless he does something to lose it. The rest of the team believes in both QBs. Dak rolling ahead with the veteran Romo as his backup is a QB situation a lot of teams wish they had.
    (Note to PFTers who crowed after Week 1 and 2 that Zeke was an average RB and a wasted first-rounder: Don’t you feel stupid?)

  8. JJ will go back to Romo. This will explode the locker room and their season. If there is one thing you can count on, JJ will mess it up badly!

  9. Don’t screw this up Jerry,

    We need Romo well rested and ready to roll in week 1 next season.


    Tortured Miami Dolphins fans

  10. Jeez Jerry, this has got to be the simplest decision in your tenure as your own GM. You leave Prescott in there, period/exclamation point. If it were 10 years ago and Romo was healthy, that would be a different story. But he’s old, seriously injured MANY times, including as soon as he got back out there this year. Tony should make this easy on you and just retire, but he’s probably too competitive to do that, so you need to make the decision for him. AND, on top of all that, you’re rolling with Dak. Even the drunkest, least-knowledgable PFT commenter could make the right call here. Which is why you’ll probably screw it up.

  11. Didn’t the media and other make fun of Jerry Jones for starting a rookie QB at the beginning of the season? There was alot of how stupid he was for not having a better option since Romo is so brittle. Now, that the rookie QB is doing well and the band wagon is full, those same people are DAK experts. What phonies.

  12. This is Tony Romo coming back, not some All Time great QB thought so highly of by every fan base, he hasn’t done squat in this league but put up numbers in an offensive era. Romo hasn’t sniffed a SB as the Cowboys QB. The Cowboys have seen everything he can do as a player, their future is with Dak.

  13. Everyone one knows that I’m no fan of the Cowboys but I give them their props when due. I HIGHLY doubt Jerry Jones will mess with a winning formula. In the past, he has loved to meddle in coaching/players decisions. But his meddling has always been in the interest of WINNING; which he is doing now. In the past, he felt the need to rush players back because they were NOT winning.

    Everyone lauds JJ for his loyalty to his players but that loyalty has NEVER come at the expense of winning. He had no problem with moving on from Troy Aikman or Emmitt Smith, when he believed he could no longer WIN with them. As long as the Cowboys are WINNING, I don’t see JJ rushing to get Tony Romo back on the field.

  14. Hey Jerry, how about stepping aside and let your head coach make this decision. You know, the guy who actually works with the players on a daily basis?

    Not only does Jerry overstep his role as owner more than anyone else in the league, he oversteps his role as G.M. more than anyone in the league.

    Otherwise, big congrats to the Cowboys today. This should quiet down the packer fans around here for at least 24 hours while they’re all off calling for the entire packer front office and coaching staff to be fired.

  15. Good game Cowboys.
    You showed that you can get it done without your starting QB and we showed that we continue to suck with ours.
    Gee, I wish we were so lucky to have this QB controversy even before there really is one.

  16. The only possible way this is an actual “decision” is if Romo is a proven playoff winner/SuperBowl contending quarterback.

    He isn’t.

  17. I find it interesting that, every time I see something in the press talking about their QB situation, it’s Jerry Jones who everyone runs to with their mikes and their pads for the latest on a decision. Does Dallas still have a head coach? What is his name …….. uh …….. I had it on the tip of my finger (tongue) ……. he’s that sandy haired kid ……. I know they have one ……. everybody has to have one …. uh ……. OH YEAH….. Jason Garrett!!!!

    Jerry must pay him a butt load of money for him to put up with this crap!! Could you imagine Bill Belechik standing silently by while Bob Kraft would tell the press who is the starting QB this week??

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