NFLPA not interested in renegotiation that includes expanded stadium credits

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The NFL reportedly wants to begin the process of renegotiating a labor deal that runs through 2020. The NFL Players Association isn’t interested in any talks that would require the players to make concessions regarding the terms secured five years ago.

“Our current deal with the owners has seen the fastest and largest cap growth, cash spending and benefits to players in NFL history,” NFLPA spokesman George Atallah told PFT via email. “We see no reason to consider a renegotiation with the owners that begins with a request for any concessions from players for stadium credits — or anything else — that was agreed to in 2011.”

It’s believed that this week’s ownership meeting will address the issue of labor-deal renegotiation, and it’s expected that the league will want to expand the procedure for applying stadium credits to the gross revenues, before they are shared by the owners and the players.

Earlier this year, an arbitrator ruled that the league improperly took stadium credits under the current formula, creating a strong sense of mistrust between the players and the league — and a sense from some in the union that the NFL had essentially tried to steal money from the players.

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    Why negotiate with a proven liar and thief? The NFLPA should refuse to have any contact with Goodell, period Once the owners realize that the chances of reaching a labor agreement on any issue is absolute zero, then maybe they’ll see the wisdom of jettisoning such an obvious liability.

  2. Ophillyjeff says:
    Oct 16, 2016 5:22 PM
    One word-Lockout


    Completely agree! Players make too much as it is.

  3. Wait, can someone explain what this stadium credit is?

    How can NFL owners ask for stadium credits for stadiums they don’t own? The TAXPAYERS are paying for these stadiums.

  4. Never going to happen without neutral arbitration for everything, especially suspensions. This is especially true since every independent individual to review Goodell’s decisions has overturned them, including his predecessor Tagliabue.

  5. The NFLPA agreement with the NFL was bargained for and the owners and Goodell have not been shy about using it to put the players in their place. Guess what? Now, the NFLPA has the hammer and they should use it.

  6. NFL stole 120 million from players, the owners and Goodell cannot be trusted. NFL caused the acrimony between the groups and no way will players agree to anything without owners giving con sessions.

  7. Let me put my corporate accountant hat on for a minute…

    Stadium credits are offsets to the revenue the NFL generates, lowering the amount of money they have to split with the players. Think of them as adjustments to income, like the ones you get to lower the amount of income you have to pay taxes on every year. The idea was to not penalize owners for making stadium improvements, so both players and owners would share the revenue AFTER that money was taken out of the pool. They have already maxed out those credits, so any money involved with a new Las Vegas stadium will cost the owners, not the players… as it should.

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