Odell Beckham saves the day


Odell Beckham is having fun again and the Ravens won’t be on their way back to Baltimore as a result.

On fourth-and-one with the game on the line late in the fourth quarter, Beckham caught a short pass from Eli Manning and ran by the Ravens for a 66-yard touchdown that vaulted the Giants back in the lead with 1:24 left to play in the game. Beckham picked up an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty as he celebrated his second long scoring play of the game, forcing the Giants to kick off from their 20 and leaving the Ravens with a chance to pull out a win.

That effort got another assist from the Giants when Owa Odighizuwa was flagged for roughing the passer, giving the Ravens a first down on the Giants’ 24-yard-line with 15 seconds left to play. Joe Flacco, who finished 26-of-48 for 307 yards, threw three straight incomplete passes, however, and the Giants held on for a 27-23 win that snapped their three-game losing streak.

Beckham finished the day with eight catches for 222 yards against a secondary that lost Jimmy Smith to a concussion and Jerraud Powers to a groin injury to thin out the cornerback corps. Tavon Young went down while trying to cover Beckham on the fateful fourth quarter play to add to the pain on Baltimore’s side.

Beckham’s touchdown will shift some attention away from a pass interference call on Giants cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie that drastically altered the complexion of the game. Rodgers-Cromartie was covering Breshad Perriman deep down the field and got flagged, drawing howls from a Giants Stadium crowd and plenty of people watching at home that have seen plenty of plays with more contact go unpenalized on a weekly basis. That call would have been a major storyline had the Ravens held onto the lead they took a couple of plays later, but Beckham was able to provide a new story.

In addition to the injuries at cornerback, the Ravens didn’t have linebacker Terrell Suggs on the final drive of the game so the loss may wind up being an even more painful one if those injuries leave them shorthanded as they try to stop a three-game losing streak of their own. They’ll be back in the Meadowlands next Sunday to face the Jets.

The Giants will be off to London for a game against the Rams that will be followed by a bye week. Heading into that trip without the prospect of a five-game losing streak and with a red-hot Beckham should make for a happier week around the Giants than they’ve had in a while.

33 responses to “Odell Beckham saves the day

  1. Harbaugh already blaming his headset and the field level air moisture “controlled by the Giants.”

  2. C’mon Beckham haters. Tell me how you would never want him on your team. He may be a sick puppy in a lot of ways but he sure can play football.

  3. No, Joe… that was another bad call. He took his helmet off after he was out of bounds. That’s a no call. His “celebration” was far less than his previous two so that was a no call. Some of the worst calls ever if you add in the “interference” and the “roughing the qb”.

  4. 8 catches for 222 yards and two TD’s, the last one being the game winner.

    Tell me again how he’s overrated and only famous for 1 catch 2 years ago.

  5. Odell still doesn’t get it. Takes his his helmet off after the TD catch costing his team 15 yards, so Balt started at the 32 instead of the 25 or worse. Right now he’s not a team player. It’s still all about him.

  6. The pass interference was called correctly if you read the literature. I can’t say I agree with it, but by the way it’s written, the call was correct. The roughing the passer was also correct.

    The reason the Ravens lost was simple. Breshad Perriman couldnt catch a cold in a desert, and Odell Beckham is just that good. Oh, and no pressure on Eli 95% of the game wasn’t exactly beneficial either.

  7. Another in the long line of look at me athletes. If Harbaugh went for the FG near the goal line instead of going for it OBJ stupid celebration penalty would of cost them the game. It almost did anyway..

  8. Okay whoever is hating on obj is just a plain hater. The man single handedly won the game. He was hype af and took his helmet off shouldnt have done that but jesus cust the man a break! hes 23 he will mature.

  9. Not pass interference in any situation.

    Not roughing, either. Two steps. Just because Trent Green kept repeating that he thought it was more than two doesn’t mean it was the right call. Triplette was way too excited to call both.

  10. Some of the worst called and non called PI calls in this game.
    CB’s take note, if you run up the back side of the receiver’s legs and cause him to fall. You are good to go for an interception. And not be called for PI.

    And if DRC was called for PI, how was the receiver not called for Off PI at the end of the play.

  11. bocadiver1 says: No, Joe… that was another bad call.

    Hah! You’re kidding right?


    But by all means – encourage Beckham to do that after EVERY play if you’re so convinced it’s not a penalty

    Geeze – Giants fans used to be knowledgeable about football back in the day. What happened?

  12. pftcancer says:
    Oct 16, 2016 4:59 PM
    The pass interference was called correctly if you read the literature. I can’t say I agree with it, but by the way it’s written, the call was correct.
    Nobody agrees with it. Not the crowd, not the analysts, nobody. I’m sure the Giants will get a memo saying the league/official screwed up. “Whoops, sorry.”

    “The reason the Ravens lost was simple. Breshad Perriman couldnt catch a cold in a desert”

    Worst. Analogy. Ever.

  13. realfootballfan says: We’ll see if anybody’s talking about his antics this week.

    They absolutely will be.

    You’ve got one talented and stupid player on your team there guys.

    Stupid is NOT a good thing.

    People will be talking about his antics more than ever as they very nearly cost you a win.

  14. “Odell Beckham is having fun again and the Ravens won’t be on their way back to Baltimore as a result.”
    Ironically, Jets host Ravens next week. They literally don’t need to go home this week.

  15. From the NFL rulebook:

    (h) Removal of his helmet by a player in the field of play during a celebration or during a confrontation
    with a game official or any other player.

    The Field includes the Field of Play and the End Zones.

    OBJ had run out the back of the endzone and was not in the field of play when he removed his helmet. Check the replay.

    By the rules as written, that is not a penalty.

  16. Again. joe… he was NOT in the field of play. Check the replay. Used to be that people who post knew what they were talking about. Then they let guys like joesixpack join the fun.

  17. bocadiver1 says: Again. joe… he was NOT in the field of play

    Like I said – if you think players can engage in “excessive celebration” til their heart’s desire as long as they step out of bounds to do so – by all means, continue to encourage this kid

    I mean the NFL is going out of its way to tell teams they are cracking down on excessive celebrations and here you have Giants fans defending him for ripping off his helmet after a play and proposing to a friggen net

    I expect more out of Giants fans than to encourage him and put more games in jeopardy – but please, carry on – encourage him to do so again – after all you and Beckham think there’s no rule against it!


  18. No one is encouraging anything. It’s not like any of us are on the phone with him telling him to engage in more shenanigans.

    However, if you are going to throw a flag for something, like taking off your helmet on the field, and the player wasn’t on the field, then the flag was invalid. Regardless of your personal stance, that is not against the RULE AS WRITTEN.

  19. drawing howls from a Giants Stadium crowd

    Josh, Giants Stadium is now Parking Lots E, F, and J for MetLife Stadium. Or were you watching tape of a game before 2010?

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