Odell Beckham thankful penalty didn’t hurt team

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After Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham streaked 66 yards for a go-ahead touchdown with 1:24 to play against the Ravens, he was penalized for taking off his helmet while celebrating the score.

That left the Giants kicking off from their own 20 and the Ravens started their final drive from the 32-yard-line. There were some tense moments, especially after defensive end Owa Odighizuwa was flagged for roughing Joe Flacco on a fourth down stop. The Giants defense held on for a 27-23 win, leaving Beckham able to enjoy his 222 yards and two touchdowns.

“I’m very thankful that the penalty on that didn’t cost us in the end,” Beckham said, via ESPN.com.

Beckham left the game briefly in the first half after landing hard on his hip and said it was an issue throughout the game, although you’d be forgiven for missing a sign of that while Beckham left trails through the Ravens secondary on a 75-yard touchdown before doing it again on the game-winner. Beckham also extended his relationship with the sideline kicking net by dropping to a knee and proposing to it after the second touchdown.

“That’d be nice. Blond nettish,” Beckham said of the possibility of having children with the net, via Bob Glauber of Newsday.

Had the Giants lost, we might be hearing about limiting distractions from the team as we did a couple of weeks ago. A win and a career-best day for Beckham will likely keep such discussions at a minimum as the Giants prepare to meet the Rams in London.

23 responses to “Odell Beckham thankful penalty didn’t hurt team

  1. that should NEVER have been a penalty;

    he was standing flat footed completely off the field of play;

    Dez Bryant-childish and immature, for true, but not a violation;

  2. Someone on the Giants needs to knock the crap out of ODB. You think of the great teams with their defensive players would allow a receiver to penalize the team or any other offensive player? The Giants need to start applying a fine to each bone headed play ODB does. Evidently they didn’t do a good job of vetting this spoiled brat.

  3. The refs should be thankful their phantom PI didn’t cost the Giants the game. What a couple of crap calls.

  4. At least today he put up the numbers to help offset the self indulgence but that man child really needs somef locker room justice.

  5. Feel free to jump into the crowd of spectators after scoring a TD but don’t take off your helmet on the sidelines. The NFL is so screwed up with its celebration rules.

  6. Uh call me crazy, but as a Giants fan the LEAST of our problems is Odell. Since he’s been on the team the Giants have won 16 games (not good I know); without him they’d be lucky if they had won 8. Cant believe Giants fans who rag on this guy. We havent been good since he’s been a Giant, but without him we would have been worse than the browns these past 2+ seasons.

    You dont fine odell is you are the Giants….you get on your knees and thank God that you have him. The only way he could hurt the Giants is if he didnt play. I think some of my fellow Giants fans are nuts.

  7. Just looking for clarification, OBJ was out of the end zone and was penalized for taking his helmet off while off the playing field. And while the penalty was for 15 yards, it was only a net penalty of about 7 yards. The Raven’s returner reached something like the 32 yard line. If the kick was sent out of the end zone, the ball would have been at the 35 yard line. So while it was not best to get a penalty at that point of the game, it was only a 7 yard effective penalty.

    I’m sure he will get some type of fine for the celebration. But what type of fine should the refs get for such a poor game they played this afternoon?

  8. So at what point should he take his helmet off, when he is on the bench or by the stands. He was out of the play area and was overcome with excitement these refs are just flag happy that is all.

  9. Horrible call. Watch the replay. Odell is clearly in the green past the endzone when he takes off his helmet. Not in the field of play, not a penalty.

  10. He got away with taunting on his first TD and had a longer celebration than most super bowl halftime shows.

    So please spare me the team first guy routine in hindsight.

    He’s a talent for sure but he makes T.O. look like a team first guy

  11. The reality is–the refs simply HAVE To stop calling players for unsportsmanlike conduct for these endzone celebrations.

    There is no consistency from official to official–the league has been scrambling to respond to teams bout it. But it is a vague “you know it when you see it” kind of situation.

    Except they don’t. As long as the player who scores doesn’t physically assault an official, a member of the opposing team or has a celebration that exceeds, oh 45 seconds, just let them do it.

    The league spends far too much time trying to figure out what is an excessive celebration, when they blow an obvious pass interference call that seals the win for the Seahawks.

    Try to make the game safer, make the calls more consistent, worry a bit less if Antonio Brown is twerking.

    Oh, just make it a 2 pump maximum like from key and peele. Done.

  12. Yeah, by the rulebook, taking your helmet off on the field of play is a penalty. But he was also not on the field of play as defined by that same rulebook.

    Enforce the actual rules as written, not whatever interpretation of them you happen to have.

  13. gotta be smarter then this. if im a player out there im keeping my helmet on at all times. u cant put your team in the situation where a ref can make a call like this, even if its the wrong call. suck it up and keep the lid on. if guys are so worried about concusions, why dont they try to be safe all the time anyway

  14. Can’t stand Beckham. He wants to make everything about himself even when he has to force it. The garbage with the kicking net…..embarrassing. So glad my Vikings completely shut him down when they played.

  15. What a scumbag. I don’t care if it is penalty or not, his behaviour and attitude is so out of line just in general. Have look at Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson or Julio Jones on how a star behaves.

  16. The real injustice here was the PI call on DRC. The referees were clearly out smoking PCP prior to the game, seeing things that weren’t there, etc. Shout out to OBJ for stepping up with an injury and gutting the Ravens Defense on the last giants possession of the day to win the game.

    Yes OBJ is an attention seeking diva, but he’s also a the hardest working guy in practice and impossible to cover.

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