T-shirts sold outside Bills game include rifle sight on Kaepernick


Quarterback Colin Kaepernick made his first start on Sunday in nearly a year, against the Bills. Outside the team’s stadium, T-shirts for sale allowed fans to make a strong (and alarming) statement about the anthem protest.

Via Robert Klemko of TheMMQB.com, one of the T-shirts has an image of Kaepernick with a rifle sight on him. The text says “Wanted” above the photo and “Notorious Disgrace to America” below it.

Elsewhere outside the stadium, one group of fans were hitting a dummy wearing a Kaepernick jersey and an afro wig. Per Klemko, one fan yelled, “Tackle the Muslim.”

None of this behavior traces to the Bills organization, and it won’t be a surprise if similar incidents occur at other 49ers road games, if Kaepernick continues to start.

34 responses to “T-shirts sold outside Bills game include rifle sight on Kaepernick

  1. I’m sorry, Kaep is the problem? Good grief. I swear ‘Murica is getting dumber by the day.

  2. No matter if one agrees with kap or not, the tees are tasteless. That said, I listened several times to that video Klemko posted and I didn’t hear anything about tackle that muslim.

  3. Really? This is why the silent vote will speak volumes this November because people are sick of PC America. This isn’t news, the guy is not like so he’s” wanted” Nobody is bringing a sniper rifle into the stadium. This site is getting bad

  4. That’s the Buffalo I know and love and grew up in.
    Open minded, tolerant, and accepting of differing ideas and opinions.

  5. “udub says:
    Oct 16, 2016 2:00 PM
    Don’t see how this is actually news”

    PFT is still a blog.

  6. barrywhererufrom says:
    Oct 16, 2016 2:06 PM
    He.started it by depicting cops as pigs..


    Nice name. :^)

  7. Nothing angers liberals like someone disagreeing with them. Because they are basically fascists with nice teeth.

  8. Pretty crazy and classless, but what did anyone expect?

    When Kapernick takes a idiotic stand by calling all the problems RACISM by WHITEY, instead of POLICY enacted by EVERYONE… what did he expect?

    …and his stance was to

    The dude is clueless. Barrack Obama militarized the police. Barrack Obama has continued the lie of the War OF Terror necessitating the so called ‘last line of defense against terrorists’ and the justification for all of the b.s. that is killing ALL RACES.

    But Kaepernick doesn’t want to talk about reality, he wants to kneel and brood and blame whitey for everything.

    In other words he’s a moron.

    You don’t get insane policy changed by distracting everyone with calls of racism and doing this idiotic crap by pissing people off about the anthem.

    So yeah, while the shirts are classless, what else would anyone expect to happen? The moron created this needless situation himself. This is what is called blowback.

    The term should be familiar, our idiotic clandestine activities have been giving us wave after wave of blowback for decades now.

  9. I’m so tired of the gun culture in our country & the gun owning idiots that like to use their weapons as a threat to the rest of us.

  10. Who would actually pay money for one of those t-shirts? The people who bought them are idiots. In a year when no one cares about Kaepernick they’ll be in thrift shops or some third world country.

  11. You can defend the shirt under the premise of the 1st amendment, the same amendment that allows Kaepernick to protest. But what should be horrific is one protest is kneeling to make a point and bring awareness, another protest is encouraging murder. That’s why these expressions of 1st amendment rights should be considered very different.

  12. @barrywhererufrom The cops and America started it by being having zero compassion for the issue of police brutality. All I’ve heard is dismissiveness of the issue. Maybe the cops should hold each other more accountable instead of protecting each other? Just a thought

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