Walt Anderson on late Saints score: Josh Hill completed the catch before ball was stripped


Sunday’s win by the Saints over the Panthers included a late touchdown by the Saints that extended the home team’s lead from 31-30 to 38-30. The pass from Drew Brees to tight end Josh Hill initially was ruled incomplete. Via replay review, the ruling on the field was overturned.

“What the receiver did is he ended up getting two feet down inbounds,” referee Walt Anderson told a pool reporter after the game. “He had full control of the ball. He was brought to the ground. So he went to the ground out of bounds, but he maintained control of the football while out of bounds and then subsequent to his getting control and completing the catch process, then the defender ended up stripping the ball out. So he had actually completed the process of the catch, which is why it was reversed to a touchdown.”

A player who goes to the ground while making a catch isn’t required to keep the ball indefinitely. He merely has to hold the ball through the process of landing. Hill had the ball long enough to justify a finding that the touchdown had been scored before the ball was knocked free.

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  1. Not to change the subject, but an even BETTER discussion about these NFL officials is “what constitutes pass interference?” Right now those calls are so inconsistent as to be laughable. And those calls or sometimes non-calls cost teams games. There were examples of that today.

  2. Having Anderson discuss this after the game is pointless. He seems to have issues remembering things.

  3. Unfortunately it seems EVERY incomplete pass over 10 yards gets a P.I. call just as EVERY punt or kick return has a holding or illegal block called. The Refs have been a JOKE for years now. Its a shame when the Zebras decide the outcome of the games instead of the players.

  4. dreemeagle says:
    Oct 16, 2016 9:01 PM
    Dez Bryant, pay attention…this is a catch;

    you did exactly NONE of this;


    Imo, if Dez had just secured the catch, instead of being selfish, trying to score the TD, it would NOT have been an issue. Cowboys fans seem to be forgetting that BOTH QBs were going up and down the field for TDs. There was PLENTY of time for Aaron Rodgers to milk the clock and possibly get that go ahead TD.

    The Cowboys could POSSIBLY be 5-0 if Williams hadn’t been selfish and stayed in bounds, instead of running out of bounds. It would have been a LONG FG but the kicker should have been given a chance to try. Most of the times, TEAMS (any sport) suffer when players put themselves first, instead of the team.

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