Which fringe contender is for real?

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Five teams that have shown both good and bad this year showed up in a big way on Sunday, winning their games and improving their chances.

So of the five fringe contenders identified in the poll question below, which one is for real?

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Guests include Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi, who had 204 rushing yards on Sunday, and Darin Gantt of PFT, who had zero rushing yards on Sunday.

35 responses to “Which fringe contender is for real?

  1. I think the Washington Huskies make the college playoff because I can’t see anyone on their schedule beating them. But, I think one of the other teams will beat them handily once they get there.

  2. What the **** makes a team a “fringe contender?”

    Is it a team that PFT didn’t have in their top 20 in the PFT power Rankings to begin the season?

    Or just teams that Florio hates because of their nickname (skins), head coach (bills), qb (lions) etc

  3. Lions have ZERO chance and their inclusion is laughable… have you SEEN that defense?! ouch. They also fight an impossible battle with their division… anyone heard of the Vikes? how about the cheeseheads? Good luck with that.

  4. None of those teams in any way have a real chance to contend unless you are only talking about possible be able to get into the playoffs.

    The “fringe” contenders are teams like the steelers, eagles, raiders, KC and Green Bay

  5. How have the Jags “shown up in a big way”? Their only two wins this year have been of the skin of the teeth variety. I think Gus Bradley sent Dave Caldwell to Lourdes when they were overseas, and he’s still there praying at the shrine.

  6. Who the hell is voting for buffalo?!?! What’s wrong with you people. They beat patriots who had a 3rd string qb, rams..congrats….and san fran. ReLAX

  7. @dansardo Bills have won 4 in a row, and have a 124-53 point differential over that streak. Their D is scary good, and McCoy is on a revenge tour.

    They are currently 6th in the entire AFC, and should they beat the Fins/Pats, they’ll be on top of the division.

  8. Why wasn’t the packers included as fringe contenders? I think they have a real good shot at going 8-8 this season. Maybe even 9-7.

  9. Jags definitely for real. Crushing top teams like the Bears and Colts by a combined 4 points definitely puts them in the Super Bowl conversation…???

  10. Bills have beaten an over rated Cardinals team, a patriots team playing a 3rd string QB with torn ligaments in his throwing thumb, and a bottom of the barrel 49ers team. Fringe contender? I don’t think so.

  11. jasons81 says:
    Oct 16, 2016 11:42 PM


    4 out of the 5 “contenders” you listed lost today.
    Yes, because we all know the contenders all go 16-0 every year, so any team with a loss must not be a contender.

  12. fringe contender based off what? Last year?

    Last year was last year and have absolutely nothing to do with this year. The spirit of competition doesn’t get it’s due respect.

    Competition is unpredictable and why we love to watch sports. Hail to competition and it’s unpredictability. May the best man/men win.

  13. Honestly I think the Skins aren’t fringe. They are very much in it to win the division.

    But I voted for the Bills, since I’m a Bills fan. It’s highly doubtful they beat the Pats for the division but have a soft enough schedule to make it interesting. And when you can run for over 300 yards a game, things can happen.

  14. The Bills have just 4 games left against teams with winning records. And one of those 4, the Steelers, Just lost their starting QB. Arguably, the hardest game they have left is the second battle with the Patriots which they play at home.

    Aside that they have the Browns, Miami Twice, the Jets whose only win came against the Bills, the shockingly vulnerable Bengals and the Jaguars. Even their tougher games are winnable with Rothlisberger out for the Steelers and a tilt with the possibly overperforming Raiders.

    As many problems as the Bills have, if they keep winning the games they should win (IE. losing teams like they have been beating) this is could easily be a 10 win team.

  15. The Lions are my biggest disappointment because I can’t root for them to lose because the first pick is out of reach, and I can’t root for them to win because they aren’t good enough defensively to win anything….

    So here I am, in limbo, every Sunday, indifferent.

    I like the Bills best out of this list of teams. They have the best running game and best defense of the bunch. I see comments about QB, but what can Tyrod do with only one receiver that can run more than one route? Goodwin and Hunter are streakers only, Woods is the only average NFL WR on the team. Clay has regressed the past few years. Their offenses hinges on McCoy. Tyrod just needs to game manage, and run for some yardage himself, and they can compete by controlling the ball, much like Dallas has done this far into the season.

    I think the whole lot of them are pretenders, honestly, but I think the Bills have the best shot of this group.

  16. booboo31 says:
    Oct 17, 2016 12:17 AM
    Who the hell is voting for buffalo?!?! What’s wrong with you people. They beat patriots who had a 3rd string qb, rams..congrats….and san fran. ReLAX
    They lost to the Ravens by 6 points… 1 or 2 plays away from beating them.
    They lost to the Jets by 6 points… again 1 or 2 plays from beating them…
    They shut out the Patriots starting team minus 1 guy… and they did this a week after the Patriots shut out the Texans. They did this against the same QB(Brissett) that everybody was saying was great and is good enough to back Brady & trade Garappolo for some high draft picks.
    They pounded on the high-powered passing Cardinal offense and walked all over their 5th overall ranked defense… putting up 33 points…
    They easily put it to the Rams, putting up 30 points…
    They put up 45 points on SF…
    Most of this without their best Offensive(Watkins) and best Defensive(Dareus) player… without their 1st(Lawson) 2nd(Ragland) and 4th(Listenbee) round draft picks…
    Don’t forget the firing of the Offensive Coordinator…
    Point differential over the past 4 weeks of 124 to 53…

    Like It or not they are contenders.

  17. I say Titans…They are 3-3 and the next games they have till the bye: Home Vs Colts Home Vs Jaguars @Chargers Home Vs Packers @Colts and @Bears. They can win at least 4 of those games if not 5,

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