Browns, Eagles find perfect way to sidestep in-game social-media highlight ban

The NFL has restricted the extent to which teams may use highlights during games on social media. Two teams have found a great way to work around the rules.

Via Deadspin, both the Browns and Eagles have employed old-school electric football figures to simulate the action on the field.

Hopefully, more will follow suit — both to demonstrate the fallacy of the prohibition and because I’m a member of the generation that wasted hundreds of hours aligning the 11-man defense, the 10-man offense, and the oversized freak of a “triple-threat” quarterback that could run, throw, and kick before flipping the switch and watching a third of the figures spin in circles, another third move the wrong way, and another third do what they were supposed to do before the play ended in a matter of seconds.

And then we’d line them up again, hopeful that eventually the action on the thin green sheet of vibrating metal would look something like the real thing. That fact that it never did was never a deterrent.

Maybe it eventually should have been.

15 responses to “Browns, Eagles find perfect way to sidestep in-game social-media highlight ban

  1. This new media policy is a microcosm of what Goodell has turned the league into: the teams are now like the players and fans–necessary evils that are bullied by the league office at every turn. How far gone do you have to be to not see that teams promoting themselves is the same as the league promoting itself?

  2. That was in the good old days when the goal posts were located on the goal line, so in the game, many of the players arms would grab onto the goal post and dance in a circle around the post. It was the silliest game ever invented, but not quite as fun as rod hockey.

  3. I may be wrong, but I think Goodell has 32 Owners. It’s fine for the fans to whine and complain, but we need a few Owners to intervene to make a difference.

    I can maybe, kinda see what the NFL wanted to do – push the fans to the NFL official twitter feed. That gets fans exposed to 31 other teams and makes the League office look good. But, the way to do that isn’t by shutting down the team feeds and competition. It’s by making what the NFL offers better. Sadly, it seems like the League office can’t handle making a better product, so they just insist everyone else’s be worse.

  4. It is hysterical that deadspin thought what the Browns & Eagles did was lame. That it was two teams whose owners are well known Goodell rump swab rubber stamps carries a message all it’s own. Unfortunately it will go over Roger’s head just as it went over deadspin’s.

  5. You guys have to understand, it’s really really hard for young girls to be disconnected from social media.

    You expect that just because they’re being paid ridiculous $ to play a game that they should be forced to abandon their BFFs and focus? Think how much more fun games would be if we could get more duck lip selfies out there during the game!

    Haters gonna hate I guess.

  6. More interesting than many of the actual games. And no breaks for six minutes of Peyton Manning “aw shucks” routine commercials.

  7. electric football…timeless…played it as a boy in the late fifties, early sixties (plastic men could push the metal men around)…bought one for my nephews in the nineties and they loved it…but, I have to agree: rod hockey was better…

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