Chiefs can’t get enough of Hungry Pig Right


It’s one thing to call a play for a fat guy. When you give it an epic name, it almost has to work.

Via Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star, the touchdown scored by 346-pound Chiefs defensive tackle Dontari Poe yesterday came on a play with possibly the perfect name for a football play.

Hungry Pig Right.

Poe motioned out into a bunch formation, lining up behind three teammates to take a quick lateral into the end zone, making him a hero of a 26-10 win over their division-rival Raiders.

“He’s got phenomenal hands,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. “I know that’s tough to say about a nose guard, but he’s got phenomenal hands.”

Poe has scored before, on a touchdown plunge at the goal line last year, making him the largest man to score a touchdown in league history. But he said this play was practically automatic, since he’s never dropped a pass in practice.

“It ain’t risky,” Poe said. “We practice it all the time. Practice makes perfect.”

A certain amount of credit goes to Poe’s blockers, as he had an easy path behind fullback Anthony Sherman (242 pounds), tight end Demetrius Harris (230) and offensive lineman Zach Fulton (316).

But the credit for putting 1,134 pounds of Chiefs into that small area — and to giving it that name — belongs to Reid, for calling the footballest football play ever.