Colin Kaepernick remains 49ers’ starting quarterback

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Colin Kaepernick will get at least one more game as the 49ers’ starting quarterback.

Coach Chip Kelly said today that Kaepernick will start on Sunday against the Buccaneers.

Kelly benched Blaine Gabbert for Kaepernick last week, and Kaepernick got his first start of the season yesterday against the Bills. Immediately after the game, all Kelly would say about whether Kaepernick remained the starter was, “We’ll see.”

Kaepernick completed 13 of 29 passes for 187 yards with one touchdown and no interceptions, plus 66 rushing yards in a 45-16 loss to the Bills. The 49ers are a bad team whether Kaepernick or Gabbert starts, but Kelly will give Kaepernick at least another week to see if he can change anything.

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  1. 13 of 29 in a 45-16 loss. Laughably inaccurate and at times he looked mentally incapable of processing what was going on in the field of play. I hope he starts the rest of the season. His attempt to be a professional QB amuses me.

  2. Nice to see the Jed York-Trent Baalke Trainwreck Express is still right on schedule.

    From nationally respected, championship-worthy contender to JV squad in the twinkling of an eye.
    Well done, boys!

  3. Kaep’s march towards off the field immortality and on the field mediocrity continues.

    The 49rs have been like watching a train wreck the last few years. You know its going to end very badly, but you just can’t turn away

  4. I know people love to hate kaepernick but he isn’t the biggest problem the 49ers have your defense gave up 40 points to the bills. It’s one thing to give up that many points to a passing team like the patriots saints or Falcons but buffalo ran the ball down your throats and usually that means they chewed up clock but in this case you gave up huge chunks of yardage all day long. Is kaepernick the long term answer? No. but he could still be a solid back up and maybe even a starter in the right system. I can guarantee steelers fans would much rather have him age qb than Landry jones.

  5. This guy is a loser!! As a 49er fan I can’t even bare to watch these games!!! By all means he should start!!! It’s so funny he was booed off the field in New York and the same free speech that he has used to kneel he’s bashing New York for using their free speech to let him know what they think about him kneeling!!!! He should be booed every game! And what clown would go to these games? Unless ur there to boooooo.
    Lol sighn ex 49er fan.

  6. I was at the game Sunday. The Bills blew coverage on a play that resulted in a high school looking TD for Kaepernick. Other than that, I can tell you first hand that the guy can run (not nearly as well at Tyrod Taylor) but is really inaccurate and overall as an NFL QB – stinks. They might as well try Ponder but until their D can stop the run I don’t think it will matter who the QB is…

  7. Kaepernick as an NFL quarterback is still a thing? I thought he went pro in the SJW league.
    I drafted him #1 in my fantasy virtue signaling league.
    I’m in a PPK (point per kneel) league so guys like him go early in the draft.
    He got me 20 points for kneeling first, way more than a fist hold would get.

  8. It’s been said that he’s not their only problem.
    That’s true, but he sure didn’t look like any kind of a solution yesterday, either.
    Let him play. He makes me chuckle.

  9. It wouldn’t matter if they had Joe Montana back at QB. They have no one to throw to and the defense couldn’t find it’s way out of a wet paper bag. Thanks Baalke.

  10. Really glad my team continues to be a trainwreck and diversion on and off the field for football fans everywhere to have a punching bag when you are frustrated.

    – A Niner Fan

  11. As long as the man from Oz Chippy Kelly is head coach the 49ers will be horrible no matter who they put at QB. You can’t run a HS system in the NFL and expect to win.

  12. I hate to say it but this is an ownership issue. They need to get good football people who can bring in talent on both sides of the ball and in the coaches office. No QB looks good with a bad team. I don’t know if Kap has it or not. I know the 49’ers don’t. It seems like there are enough average football players out there that we can get an average team and at least an 8 and 8 record just by being average. that’s a pretty low bar but what the heck. start there.

  13. I’ll say this again, you don’t think Kaps the problem? Torrey Smith was running WIDE OPEN on a busted coverage, and he had to stop, bend over, and literally pull the ball away from the dirt. Without that play, they do not score a single TD all day. But hey, listen to NE fans, they know how 3rd stringers get shut out and stuff, and then make excuses. ‘Cause, you know, it’s not a team game or anything…

  14. Dr. Martin Luther King said, ” All men should be judged on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.”
    I believe calling an entire race of people oppressors, disrespecting the national anthem, and wear socks depicting police as pigs, are major character flaws. There you have it, folks.

  15. Weird yet liberating feeling rooting for first the Bills and now the Bucs. Kaep may turn out to be a unifying force after all, just not in the way he intended.

  16. It’s weird when a player’s bicept is getting smaller while his head getting bigger. Usually, champions use their elite status to protest on social or political issues. It’s odd for the losers to protest and got blown out in a game. Eric Reid was one of the worst defenders yesterday.

  17. 57 dropped a pick six, or it would have been party-time for Americans. He was going to get to run over 7 as he ran it back too.

    Overall he stunk, like he stinks, as he has stank in the past. It’s a wonderful thing that that are starting him. Can’t wait to see him use the abridged playbook to thrill us all with his reads, accuracy and touch. Maybe he could tattoo the plays on his arm, if there is room.

  18. Let’s give Colin Kaepernick the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he’s not kneeling to protest the National Anthem maybe he just wants to know what it feels like to be Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger and get to do a victory formation kneel since he isn’t winning any games any time soon.

  19. He was never a good QB. He was just lucky that he happened to get drafted right when the read option college offense made its way to the NFL. Once NFL defense adapted, Kap was toast. He was never a good passer.

    I find it funny that when Gabbert was losing, the media was demanding Kap get a shot. Now Kap goes in and looks terrible and we are hearing how bad the 49ers whole team is. Blame Gabbert, but not Kap. Typical media.

  20. Whether you agree with his stance or not, if he stinks it up every week and his team is getting clobbered, it will diminish the impact of his message.

    The irony of all this was that he would’ve ended up being more important to his “cause” if he was still sitting on the bench.

    Probably appropriate for someone who doesn’t want to stand anyway…

  21. “Kaep may turn out to be a unifying force after all, just not in the way he intended.”

    This is the most astute point I’ve read in a long time!

  22. The Niners were probably hope Colon would play reasonably well enough that someone might take him off their hands for a bag of potato chips. The problem is, he’s terrible and it’s highly unlikely anyone would take him for anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if his NFL career is over after this contract. Then he can have the rest of his life to champion his cause.

  23. And to be fair, the 1td pass he had and half of those yards came on 1 (very poorly thrown) pass to Smith on a play where the Bills had broken coverage. Without that fluke play, those garbage numbers look even worse.

    It’s hard to imagine anyone being worse than Gabbert’s been, but Kaepernick managed to do it. And you can’t blame it all on the defense. If the offense can’t stay on the field and sustain drives, your defense will get tired pretty quick.

  24. If progress means the 49ers scoring the fewest points in a game yet this season, then this is progress!

  25. randomcommenter says:
    Oct 17, 2016 5:02 PM

    I find it funny that when Gabbert was losing, the media was demanding Kap get a shot. Now Kap goes in and looks terrible and we are hearing how bad the 49ers whole team is. Blame Gabbert, but not Kap. Typical media.

    The whole team is a disaster, regardless of who the quarterback is, but since the goal of playing football in the NFL is to win games, and Gabbert clearly wasn’t helping with that, Kelly thought he would try Kaepernick, whom at one time was playing in multiple conference championship games, as well as the Super Bowl.

    I get that Kaepernick is an easy target, but why the fans of one of the greatest NFL franchises haven’t lit their torches, grabbed their pitchforks, and stormed the offices of Jed York, and Trent Baalke, is beyond me.

  26. So much anger and hate on this thread. You all must have wonderful home lives!

    Kap is no more the problem than he is the answer. As several posts have said, the real problem with this team is the ownership and the GM – both of them woefully overwhelmed in their positions and obvious buffoons to anyone “in the know”.

    Fire Baalke. Jed, give the team back to “Uncle Eddie”, he had more class under his pinkie fingernail than you ever will .

  27. I don’t care because I won’t be watching, but it’s obvious that Ponder gives this team the best chance to win.

    I do like seeing everybody on this board get their panties in a knot over the anthem though. Go Kaep!

  28. As a niner fan ,I have watched 80% OF Kaep’s games. At this point , I could say to change Q.B.’s is like rearranging the deck furniture on the Titanic but that is now impossible because we are under water. C.K. is not the answer but serves as a brief diversion as the band plays on. I’m sure the team would trade him for a fifth round pick. I hope to see Ponder in action A.S.A.P. and wish Colin well with his new team.

  29. KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: We got an new 49er identity. Do not get distracted with post game talk. So 49er faithful focus on the Train-wreck mess that is GM Baalke’s idea of a “re-load” or better described as his dismantling of what was annual SuperBowl contender to now Contender with the Cleveland Browns for the worst win/lost record! Please there is NO silver lining! And this is not Coach Kelly’s doing or this staff! He accepted to come here and just shut-up and coach the players the genius GM Baalke gave him! So the hits (losses) will just keep coming just as the football pundits predicted in pre-season. Unfortunately we are dealing the consequences of these Baalke self inflected destructive incompetence! I am so frustrated and disgusted that I will continue to say each week, Fire him ASAP

  30. They should have cut him or traded him for nothing to Cleveland and said: We stink with you so let’s see if we are better without an unpatriotic airhead who is under the spell of a racist group.

  31. I remember watching tebow just to see how bad he is. Now I want to watch Kap for the same reason.

    GoNiners! (maybe in a few years or 10)

  32. Colin Kaepernick played good. He was the best QB on the field, yet the Bills killed them. Kap hadn’t played in a while and was a bit rusty, but the 49ers’ problems were not at QB. The Bills completely dominated both lines of scrimmage. This is the same Bills team that just shut out New England.

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