Ezekiel Elliott on record-setting pace through six games

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There’s been plenty of focus on the quarterback position through the first six games of the Cowboys season thanks to the way Dak Prescott has stepped up into the job with Tony Romo injured and that focus will continue as Romo nears clearance from his back injury in the coming weeks.

Whether Prescott, Romo or Roger Staubach is under center the rest of the way, the Cowboys can rest pretty easy with the support they’ll get from running back Ezekiel Elliott. The fourth overall pick in April went for 157 yards on 28 carries against the Packers on Sunday and ended the day as the NFL’s leading rusher with 703 yards on 137 carries.

Those 703 yards are the second-most by a rookie in their first six games. Eric Dickerson is the only back to hit the league with more success and Elliott’s 117.2 yards per game average puts him on pace to finish with 1,875 yards, which would leave him with more yards than Dickerson had in 1983.

Obviously Dickerson’s pace slowed over his rookie year, but Elliott has actually been picking up steam. Sunday was his season high and he’s now gained at least 134 yards in each of the last four games, which makes him the first rookie to run for at least 130 yards over a four-game stretch in NFL history.

Elliott drowned his offensive linemen in praise after the game and that unit is a big part of Elliott’s success. Elliott’s doing plenty of work on his own as well, which has the arrow pointing up for both him and the Cowboys now and in the future.

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  1. That guy is one scary dude. If the Cowboys can figure out their quarterback situation without messing up team chemistry they are going to be a difficult team to beat.

  2. I was a little nervous about Zeke after the first two games as he was not seeing the cutback lanes nor was he patient in reading his blocks properly. He has clearly improved. If Dallas is smart, they would monitor his carries so they don’t run him into the ground by age 27.

  3. He is the real deal and is justifying the high draft selection. The offensive line is just blowing people off the line of scrimmage, too, so that’s helping matters.

    Wait until next year’s running back class hits the draft (Fournette, Cook, McCaffery, etc). RB’s will be back as important pieces.

  4. As a Vikings fan, it was quite entertaining watching Elliot and Prescott run rampant over Green Bay. It’s always fun watching Rodgers and company falter.

    Pretty soon though, you will be running into the best defense in the league in the Vikings. That should be a great game. But for right now, thanks for increasing our lead in the division without us even playing.

  5. One thing for sure, the “Don’t draft a RB with a Top 10 pick” argument is now over.

  6. I’m more impressed every week with my cowboys. If we came out in the 2nd half and continued playing like we did for most of the 1st have we would have lost. They were able to overcome mistakes and never lost focus. Impressed

  7. Looking forward to the Vikings/Cowboys game on Dec 1. Those are the two best teams in the NFL right now.

  8. This kid is a beast ….he gets the tough dirty yards as well as the glory yards….credit the Oline

  9. Cowboys pulled a San Antonio Spurs and lucked into a Stud because their star player got hurt and the team sucked the year b4…

    Not like the Colts though, who intentionally mailed it in during their Suck for Luck campaign…in despicable fashion of course… anyone who doesn’t believe it….you can Google Irsay talking about Luck and even going to Lucks college games before the NFL season was even a month old!

  10. cowboys are trying to run the rook into the record books so jerry can poke out his chest but I have a feeling zeke is gonna be ran into the ground before the year is over…

  11. The prevailing theory will be to somehow discount what Elliott has done because he’s got a great offensive line in front of him. That’s generally what people do when a Cowboys runningback is having success.

    Sit down and watch the guy play, though. He’s special. Against Green Bay in particular, you’d see him dart through a pile of defenders and come out the other end for a 5-yard gain in what looked like it should be a 1-yard gain. The blocking isn’t impeccable on every play and, further, the Cowboys run a zone scheme which means the linemen don’t just simply “open up a hole” for the runningback. They create multiple lanes and the runningback has to use his vision and agility to make the correct cut and then turn on the jets to get into the secondary. Zeke does these things very well.

    If you’re waiting for the kid to fail or to hit a wall, I don’t see it happening. two games this year the Cowboys were without two of their starting offensive linemen, he hit North of 130 yards in both.

  12. Not sold on Dak yet. He had 2 fumbles (I don’t care if only one was lost.) and a pick. Zeke on the other hand is the real deal. Add one of, if not the best o-line in the league and you could play anyone at qb and be successful.

  13. starfan79 says:
    Oct 17, 2016 6:55 AM
    Entire offense is beast… soon they get Dez back.


    I actually think getting Dez back might hurt them. The offense is gelling REALLY well right now.

    When Dez gets back and is no longer the “star” of the offense I think he’ll pout and damage the morale of that offense.

    He doesn’t strike me as the type of player that will accept anyone else getting the accolades, but I guess we’ll see in a few weeks.

  14. Maybe the Cowboys will remind people that football is still football and if you have a dominating O line with an effective RB and a QB that doesn’t make boneheaded mistakes and you can win a lot of football games by controlling the clock and sitting the tone.

  15. superpatsfan4 says:
    Oct 17, 2016 7:07 AM
    That guy is one scary dude. If the Cowboys can figure out their quarterback situation without messing up team chemistry they are going to be a difficult team to beat.


    The Cowboys have figured out their QB situation…..Prescott is the man. Only a fool would change things now….

  16. gorilladunk says:
    Oct 17, 2016 7:53 AM

    Everybody still think they needed to draft Jalen Ramsey or Joey Bosa with the 4th pick? That’s what I thought you said!

    I still say take ramsey…. morris has shown he could’ve carried the load and lets not lose sight of the fact that aaron Rodgers was clearly off as he missed multiple wide open wr’s including some for TD’s

  17. I don’t buy the “any RB could run behind that line” argument. They had the same line last year, in fact they were more in tact, and they had a decent run game, but nothing like this. It’s a great combo. Stud line and talented back.

  18. dalfanforever says:
    Oct 17, 2016 8:14 AM
    One thing for sure, the “Don’t draft a RB with a Top 10 pick” argument is now over.

    I’m not sure we can say that Elliot looks to be good, but that O-line is elite. He is really only seeing arm tackles until he is 5-7 yards up field, I think a lot of backs would have success in that situation.

  19. Wait. His biggest day was yesterday? How? He was up against the “#1 Run Defense”? Maybe they were, statistically, but who’s running game was THAT challenging until yesterday?

  20. .

    Giants slammed him shut and their defense stinks.

    wait till they start playing good defenses

  21. Howard and Henry look very good too and the Cowboys could’ve had one of them PLUS Ramsey, a shutdown corner that is even harder to come by than a stud RB. Look at Gurley, a stud RB running behind a terrible line and so puts up horrible numbers just as Zeke would if he was a Ram.
    It was a mistake but one I appreciate since I was able to steal Zeke in the top of the 2nd in my fantasy draft. It kinda endears me to Jerrah that he thinks like a fantasy football player as do his fanboy/ eyeglass polishers.

  22. Ezekiels record pace is going to have a setback at U.S. Bank stadium on December 1st vs the Vikings.
    The reason Breen Bay had the “so-called” number one rush defense is because of what everyone saw yesterday, they have no pass defense, so no reason to run against then.

    Secondly, Zimmer is going to make Dak head spin trying to figue out the defensive scheme in a matter of seconds.

    Ezekiel won’t have 60 yards that day.

    Vikes-31 Cowboys-14

  23. All week I heard from Packer fans that this vanuted run defense was going to shut down Zeke. I tried to explain that the run defense is only so effective because the pass defense is god awful.

    Yesterday we all proved to be wrong. The entire defense is trash.

    Rodgers looks like a shell of himself right now. And McCarthey is finally getting exposed for the hack that he has always been. Speaking of which, nice to see Garrett finally getting the credit he deserves.

  24. bspurloc says:
    Oct 17, 2016 10:00 AM

    Giants slammed him shut and their defense stinks.

    wait till they start playing good defenses

    1 12

    first game in the NFL for both him and Dak, they wll crush the G strings next time they play, that Dline for the Giants is over hyped and over payed

  25. Where are ALL the posters who were making fun of Jerry Jones & the ‘Boys, for drafting Zeke in the 1st?????
    I can honestly say (only to the Vike fans who aren’t talking trash”) that the only team I am scared of is the Vikings. I sure wish we had not lost Zim years ago, but he sure is an awesome coach & person, on and off the field!! I know, “On any given Sunday”, but they scared me weeks ago! I, personally, cannot wait to see Tony under center, but Dak is awesome, also, and it is nice to have 2 franchise q/bs 🙂

  26. Why are people comparing him to Shady and AP. Let him be Zeke. He’s having a good start to his career. If he wasn’t doing well then he would be a bust. Sheesh.

  27. Vikings trolls polluting yet another thread. Their new stadium must reek already.

    I guess that’s what years and years of mediocrity and 0 championships will get you. One good start and they are basically the greatest team in the history of ever.

    We shall see.

  28. I wanted to wait and see if Elliott was the real deal. Well I waited. He’s the real deal. He and Dak make one strong opponent for my team, the Eagles. Damn!

  29. superpatsfan4 says:
    Oct 17, 2016 7:07 AM
    That guy is one scary dude.

    His ex-girlfriend thinks the same thing.

  30. We have an incredible 1 -2 punch and will be the franchise to beat over the next 10 years. I predict 4 SB’s in the next 10 years starting with 1 this. We cant be stopped…..



  31. Just stop the run like the Giants and the Redskins did and disrupt Cole Beasleys timing… And they are done. Pressure on Dak really effects his accuracy in a major way.

  32. The thing to remember about Dickerson is he had two games in a row with over 190 yards in the first six games. He only twice crossed the 140 mark the rest of the year.

  33. Im a diehard eagles fan and ill even admit barring injury or some mental thing that makes them regress or jerry screwing things up the boys are set for years. No team should really wanna be playing them right now. Zeke hes exceptional. If they dont run him into the ground this kiddo could break many records.

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