Jay Ajayi thinks Adam Gase has found his workhorse back

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First-year Dolphins coach Adam Gase has been looking for a workhorse tailback. Jay Ajayi thinks Gase has found one.

Appearing on Monday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio and NBCSN, Ajayi agreed that Gase has found his go-to back and that, obviously, the go-to back is Ajayi. He feels that way for very good reason; Ajayi had 204 rushing yards and two touchdowns, giving him a day like so many he had at Boise State.

It’s been a compelling ride for Ajayi, who was left home in Week One because he was miffed that he wasn’t starting. If Sunday’s performance wasn’t an aberration, Ajayi will be starting plenty more games for the Dolphins, who parlayed Ajayi’s efforts and quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s strong play behind a stabilized offensive line to take down the previously 4-1 Steelers.

Everything Ajayi had to say can be heard in the video accompanying this blurb. Or you can download the podcasts at iTunes and audioBoom.

20 responses to “Jay Ajayi thinks Adam Gase has found his workhorse back

  1. He certainly played very well yesterday. It does help when Tannerhill has his proper offensive line for the first time this
    season. Much improved yesterday everyone, thank you!!

  2. You don’t run for 200 by accident, but, to say the Dolphins were playing against a stellar front-7 for Pittsburgh, well, that would be an exaggeration. Let’s see what he does this week, you’re no longer an unknown commodity, can you continue take the pressure off Tannehill?

  3. The Fins offense has suffered for years from a revolving door Oline.

    The games the Oline plays well the Fins have a good offense and can win games against almost anyone.

    The problem has been they’ll have 4 terrible games for the Oline and then one good one and it does not balance out.

  4. .
    A totally schizophrenic team on both sides of the ball. At times Tannehill and the offense look very efficient. At times the defense is stout. All the other times it’s a trainwreck.

  5. While nobody expected Miami to win the game the way they did, it was promising to see a competent offensive line and the effects it has on the whole offense. However, they still did enough to lose the game, dropped TD pass that led to a FG, penalty that negated a TD pass that led to a FG. They can’t expect to keep winning with errors like that.

    The Bills are balling right now and I’m not sure Miami can beat them, but they have some light at the end of the tunnel. IF Miami can pull out the win against the Bills, that leads them into a Bye week at 3-4 to rest up injured players plus they get Earl Mitchell back from IR and more rest for Xavien Howard. We will also be able to see if Chris Culliver can contribute in the secondary. The hardest part of the schedule has passed and there are winnable games ahead for them to make a run. Let’s just see if they can actually do it and build off the success of week 6.

  6. Steelers are a really weird team. Slaughter people one week, get slaughtered the next.

    When they’re off…………..they are really off!

  7. The old adage ‘say little when you lose and even less when you win’ comes to mind. One admittedly great game against a weak and depleted Steelers team that was obviously looking past Miami hardly warrants crowing on Ajayi’s part, particularly in light of his past behavior. Ajayi may have been the primary beneficiary of the results of Gase’s cuts but he doesn’t seemed to have learned from them. Self aggrandisement in the face of a solid team win probably isn’t going to win him any points with a coach that preaches the Fox mantra of team and accountability.

  8. czello says:
    Oct 17, 2016 1:10 PM

    I’m sure it was all you Jay – we’ll need to call you All-Jay

    Obviously did not listen to the interview. Thank you for reinforcing the perception of ignorance of the fanbase in which you represent.

  9. After yesterday he has a right to feel good. The All- Jay tag would be great if he backs it up. All -Jay… All-Day certainly was All that yesterday.

  10. Jay Ajayi had a breakout game. He needed to see he can stay on his feet and not crumble 2 yards from scrimmage. Now that he knows what real success tastes like in the NFL, he should continue to crave it and get it relentlessly.

  11. 6ball says:
    Oct 17, 2016 1:10 PM
    A totally schizophrenic team on both sides of the ball. At times Tannehill and the offense look very efficient. At times the defense is stout. All the other times it’s a trainwreck.
    100% correct. Only one thing can change it and that’s doing for more than a couple of games. Go fins.

  12. Battles are won and lost at the trenches and clearly the superior team yesterday was Miami. Keep in mind that the Steelers destroyed a powerful run offense team (the Chiefs), so yesterday was a big moral victory for them. I am not sure the Dolphins can catch the Patriots for the AFC East title, but they could still compete for a Wild Card spot and rebuild for next year.

  13. The Washington Post sports page had Pittsburg chance of winning at 87%, the highest % of all the games, some people loss a lot of money on Sunday. Some people say they were looking ahead to playing the Pats, if so, it also could say so was Miami when they played the Browns, its bad to look ahead, best to worry about the team you are facing. Go Dolphins. Bill…On any giving day in the NFL…

  14. Easy does it Ajayi, enjoy those yards – you definitely earned
    them, but lets see what that OL does against Buffalo before you go give yourself that workhorse label – because without
    them having another good showing your gonna have rough day against that D.

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