Jeff Fisher: Call to rush kneeldown didn’t come from sideline

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Lions coach Jim Caldwell opted not to offer any criticism of the Rams defense rushing the Lions offensive line on a pair of kneeldowns at the end of Sunday’s game between the two teams, which may have had something to do with a conversation Caldwell had with Rams coach Jeff Fisher after the game.

Fisher said Monday that the team’s coaches didn’t instruct the defensive line to fire off the ball into the Lions and that he thought it came from players frustrated by something involving Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald during the game.

“There’s been some criticism with respect to that,” Fisher said, via Alden Gonzalez of “This approach did not come from the sideline. It was not a call. It was not something that we practiced, or that we preach. I think it was a byproduct of frustration, some things that Aaron endured during the game, and the players took it on themselves to do it. We’ll address it. I talked to coach Caldwell after the game and apologized and said I’d get to the bottom of it. The game’s over, the game’s over. Pay respect to your opponent. But you guys don’t realize all the stuff that goes on inside, up front, between the offensive linemen and the defensive linemen. We’ll address it, and it’s unlikely it’ll happen again.”

Donald said after the game, via, that the Lions offensive linemen “did a lot of things” without pointing to anything specific that would have set him or his teammates off.

25 responses to “Jeff Fisher: Call to rush kneeldown didn’t come from sideline

  1. If this is true, and where Fisher and Williams are concerned it is highly unlikely, then Fisher should be fired immediately for lack of leadership. He’s either a bad leader or a bad liar.

  2. On another topic not completely unrelated to a HC that has no idea why his players would be doing something on the field, why is Jeff Fisher still a HC in the NFL?

    Does the owner of the rams really think having a HC that whose speciality is coming up with a 5 year plan to build an 8-8 team is really the best thing for the franchise or its fans or,

    does the owner even give a damn as long as he thinks his profits aren’t being seriously compromised?

  3. I knew it. There was a tie for most the most QB hits bounty and they had to break the tie before the game ended.

  4. Donald was just mad the Lions that they’d value Ebron over him and this was the only way he could take it out on them. You have to admire the rest of the D for sticking to him for this small bit of vengeance.

  5. Way to go, coach. Throw the whole team under the bus, and pretend that their alleged insubordination doesn’t reflect badly on you. You need to meet Rodney Harrison in the Oklahoma Drill.

  6. As a football player I can’t stand by that quote, “the game’s over, the game’s over. Pay respect to your opponent.”

    The game is over when the the clock is 00:00 and the whistle is blown. Until then, there’s no respect.

  7. When he was with the Titans the Fisher/Williams combination led the league in cheap shots. His remarks are once again self serving.

    Here’s a one finger salute to the NFL HC LEAST deserving to have that title. Never has someone done less with more.

  8. Does anyone really believe it is just a coincidence and surprise that a Jeff Fisher and Gregg Williams’ coached team pulled this kind of cheap shot?

  9. So, he talked to Caldwell after the game and told him it wasn’t a call from the sideline, huh? Then why did Caldwell say, “Guys coach how they want to coach, it’s their business.” Doesn’t sound like something you would say if the other coach had apologized for it and said he didn’t make the call.

  10. This team is a house of cards and clearly, all of those whining about Jeff Fisher are blaming the wrong guy. This team has zero depth at most positions, so when a starter goes out, the next man up was likely on the practice squad. With starters out, this team simply can’t compete. So instead of Fisher, maybe it’s time Snead got the ax? He has brought little depth to this team and gone after zero quality free agents (Sensabaugh, seriously?) and made questionable trade deal as of late.

  11. Donald has been held back two weeks in a row. Against Buffalo he had a total of two tackles. Good player but I think Greg Williams is getting in the plAyers head to seek revenge on opponents. Not good for a young outstanding player like Donald. Greg Williams is not the right person to tutor a player of this caliber

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