Jim Caldwell on Rams rushing kneeldown: That’s their business

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At the end of Sunday’s 31-28 victory over the Rams, the Lions lined up to have quarterback Matthew Stafford take a knee and run out what was left on the clock.

Such plays usually pass without much response from the defense, but the Rams took a page from Greg Schiano’s book and handled things differently. They charged the line, forcing a couple of Lions linemen back into Stafford on one snap and leading to pushing and shoving between the teams.

That behavior didn’t sit well with other coaches when Schiano’s Buccaneers teams did it. On Monday, however, Lions coach Jim Caldwell declined to take issue with the way Rams coach Jeff Fisher and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams handled the end of the game.

“Guys coach how they want to coach, it’s their business,” Caldwell said, via the Detroit Free Press. “We do what we do, everybody else does what they do. We don’t try to copy anybody. We don’t worry about what anybody things or anything of that nature. We just try to do our job.”

Caldwell also declined to offer an update on the condition of center Travis Swanson, who injured his hand in the scrum and went for x-rays after the game.

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  1. And the guy that coaches his team to behave like buffoons is the head of the competition committee… no wonder why there are so many terrible and convoluted rules.

  2. I hope someone goes Buddy Ryan on Fisher and fakes a knee on the final play for him to taste his own medicine.

    “We liked the look…”

  3. When teams take the “kneel down” formation, they pack their linemen in tight and position tight ends or extra linemen around the QB. They do this to protect the QB. If there’s penetration, then the players aren’t doing their job. I think it’s silly to expect the other team to lay down just because you kneel down. Especially if they’re within one sore of tying or winning the game.

  4. It’s not likely, but what if the quarterback became rattled while trying to take a knee and fumbled, or the center flubbed up. In baseball, there are some guys that will try to hit the ball when they are being intentionally walked, sometimes with success.

  5. If Fisher had been smart enough to take the FG on 4th and goal instead of going for it and getting stuffed to end the first half then he would not have had to be dumb enough to send his players after the qb on a kneel down.

  6. Mackcarrington , the pushing and shoving by the Rams was after the whistle . It was frustration on being coached by dumb and dumber Fisher and Williams .The NFL has a problem about celebrations after TDs but let a convicted offender like Williams get away with his fake tough guy act again and again .

  7. Given the dirty play that Fisher and Williams have encouraged for many years, one should hardly be surprised.

  8. Amazing how quality teams in quality organizations that win never do this garbage.

    I used to like Fisher, had respect for him. Not any more, not for years.

  9. It still mystifies me how Jeff Fisher remains employed. He hasn’t had a winning record in YEARS and his teams are consistently the biggest cheap shot artists in the league. And don’t even get me started on Gregg Williams.

  10. Last year a Rams player took a shot at Bridgewaters head while he was sliding. Zimmer almost ran across the field and decked Williams. After the Rams got beat down Zim didn’t shake Fishers hand and called out Greg Williams at the press conference. That’s when I and many other fans and the players fell in love with Zim. Caldwell is a giant chump!

  11. Jeff Fisher Head coaching record
    Regular season: 165–150–1 (.524)
    Postseason: 5–6 (.455)
    Career: 170–156–1 (.521)

    You have to admit, it’s quite a trick to be a head coach for 22 straight years like this. He’s got to have some dirt on someone….

  12. dispozblcopy says:
    Oct 17, 2016 3:47 PM
    Amazing how quality teams in quality organizations that win never do this garbage.

    I used to like Fisher, had respect for him. Not any more, not for years.

    AMEN – Dirty play by a dirty team. I’m surprised someone didn’t ask for his “money” (makes money sign) on the field

  13. Shows the maturity of the team. Looks like the Rams D handles a loss like a toddler told he can’t have candy.

  14. But were they “emotional”? If they were “emotional” everything is forgiven. Because how could you help that?

  15. Gregg “Affect The Head” Williams, folks. Giving lessons in classy all season long.

    Also this season, smart money says that Jeff “7-9” Fisher ties or breaks Landry’s record for most career losses by an NFL head coach.

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