Las Vegas relocation decision expected in 6-9 months

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NFL owners will meet this week in Houston. When they do, they won’t be voting on a possible move of the Raiders from Oakland to Las Vegas.

The issue will land on the agenda sooner than later, however. As one source with knowledge of the inner workings of the process told PFT on Sunday, a decision is expected within the next six to nine months.

Time will be of the essence because the folks in Las Vegas will have to break ground and start building the stadium into which the Raiders will move.

Resistance to the move is expected, due to the prevalence of gambling in Las Vegas and the relative size of the market. For now, the prediction is that the move has a 75-percent chance of happening.

Not many owners have spoken out against the move. They surely will be asked about it by the reporters who will be covering the meetings this week. Some may be looking to simply drive up the relocation fee that the Raiders will pay for the privilege of abandoning Oakland and landing in Las Vegas.

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  1. I expect resistance because some of the Owners remember the old man suing the league to move to LA. The old man could manage that, I am not confident that Mark could figure out how to get out of his Pandora subscription.

  2. They have to say yes because they know it’s going to happen no matter what, even if they don’t want to.

  3. NFL should treat Vegas like London. Don’t move a team there, just have teams play there. You could have the chargers, rams and raiders each play 2 games per year there. That’s 6. Then have 2 other random games. I’m sure there would be teams interested in playing a home game there for money.

    That would give Vegas 8 games per year, same as any NFL city. It doesn’t matter that they have their own team. These games would likely be attended by fans that travel just for the game and also make it a Vegas weekend. The rest would be people who couldn’t get tickets to Blue Man Group so they go to a football game instead.

  4. The owners make billions from normal league operations.

    They make billions more from their shadow ownership of the daily fantasy gambling sites.

    Yet they still want to extort their buildings from taxpayers while they are laughing all the way to the bank at the sheep who will give them money.

    Disgusting. I have not bought any NFL merch for years. I have not gone to games for years. I now watch only the Pats games after years of watching every possible game that comes on.

    Between Goodell’s corruption and the greed of the owners I doubt I’ll be watching any games within the next couple years. There are too many other ways to entertain yourself to support these scumbag owners in any way.

  5. If the Raiders stay in Oakland, they must have a new stadium. It is unacceptable to play in a dump like the Oakland Coliseum in the current day NFL.

    Same thing for San Diego. Just build the damn new stadiums!!! It’s not like the NFL is losing $$.

  6. Relocation Decision being made 6-9 months
    ( Ago ) Done deal, Just have to find as temporary home, get Mark Davis’ Barber to relocate ( He’ll never find someone to do that haircut in Vegas )and check with Allied Van Lines to see when the trucks are available.
    Viva Las Vegas !

  7. 6 to 9 months? thats quite a bit of time that could be spent on building the stadium. furthermore, owners would be wise to approve this so when their team needs a stadium, they can use vegas as an example

  8. Texans owner Bob McNair already went public with information that everyone in Raider Nation already knew: the owners collude to make things difficult for the Raiders.

    “Oakland gets nothing” was the quote from McNair.

    We’ll see how it goes.

    Go Raiders

  9. I thought Adelson was building the stadium regardless of the Raiders. When did this project become a stadium for the Raiders?

    On the plus side, Tony Romo should be able to hold his fantasy convention in Vegas.

  10. The case being made by the city of Oakland is definite. One we can not complete with vegas money, nor should they. what is the value of having football as part of your brand, ????. There is a value and oakland is willing to spend 250M in the infastructure.
    i do not like the fleecing, raiders got free entrance back into the marke in 1995 oakland has 30 year bonds team wants to move in 20. i know we do not know the whole story but we do know we love the team and as part of the 54k that go to games: we are bummed

  11. The Raiders have been an Oakland icon for decades. Why can’t the city/County come up with a creative tax to help support a new stadium in Oakland??? Geesh, do they not see the value of having an NFL franchise? They don’t grow on trees you know. The Raiders are the very essence of Oakland’s identity. Tread carefully Mr. Mayor. You may lose something and this time it’s not coming back!

  12. There must be a nod and a wink agreement in place already. Mark Davis has already more or less burned the Oakland bridge. The current Oakland mayor, Schaaf, has also made it fairly clear that she’s more interested in keeping the A’s than the Raiders.
    I think her view is that the A’s have more home games and the Raiders don’t really fit with the new (false) image she’s trying to put forward for the city. This move is as good as done.

  13. If the Raiders are kicking in 250 mil for the stadium, where’s the 500 mil relocation money coming from? I doubt that Mark Davis has that kind of money.

  14. I would be shocked if the owners block the move. The Raiders are dead in the water in OaklaND with no local government support. On paper they appear to be a far more $lucrative money maker in Vegas and their honeymoon period will be long and sweet.

    The “Las Vegas Raiders.” It does have a certain irresistible charm to it! Now, you need the wrap up the rights to “Just Sin Baby!” I’m sure Roger will love it!

  15. Thing jig,, my understanding is that Davis is kicking in 500M. I think the relocation fee is another 500 which is paid by the NFL, but I am not sure. The rest will come from hotel tax. If the move is not approved by the owners, one would assume there would be no NFL relocation fee, but that won’t stop Davis from moving. His Daddy already blazed that trail. All he has to do is follow.

  16. My guess is this – the League will fight the move because that’s what Goodell likes to do; fight against things that make sense. If Goodell and the league are successful in voting the move down, the team will move anyway. When the move happens – Oakland will sue (as Cleveland did) to keep the history, name and logo. Resulting in the Vegas team having a new team name a logo to go with it. Silver and black would remain the team colors, though silver becoming the more dominate uniform color, being that Nevada is “the Silver State”. The new Team Name? Hard to say but so many possibilities.

  17. Goodell is merely a tool of the owners. With limited exceptions, he doesn’t make policy, he enforces it. The hate Fan Boy Army has for Goodell is crazy. Your real loathing is the owners and I’ll bet yours is one who backs Goodell’s every move.

  18. thingamajig says:
    Oct 17, 2016 2:46 PM

    If the Raiders are kicking in 250 mil for the stadium, where’s the 500 mil relocation money coming from? I doubt that Mark Davis has that kind of money.

    $500M was for LA and the NFL lets teams finance that over 10 years.

  19. theangrytammy says:
    Oct 17, 2016 2:33 PM

    The Raiders have been an Oakland icon for decades. Why can’t the city/County come up with a creative tax to help support a new stadium in Oakland???

    Because Oakland doesn’t have 25+ million visitors pouring in every year. If they tried the hotel tax route, it would probably take 500 years to raise the money.

  20. Niner fans. Your team is getting outclassed by this DOLT. Mark Davis and Reggie MacKenzie are running laps around Jed York and Trent Baalke.

    Let that sink in for a minute

  21. thereisfootballwestofjersey says:
    Oct 17, 2016 4:40 PM
    Niner fans. Your team is getting outclassed by this DOLT. Mark Davis and Reggie MacKenzie are running laps around Jed York and Trent Baalke.

    Let that sink in for a minute


    What on earth are you talking about? Your franchise is in bad shape too. You just got completely dominated by what is nothing more than an above average team in the Chiefs. Your team had no business on the same field. And while SF is currently a nightmare, the fade aren’t much better, and likely to win as much as the 9ers. Meaning, no playoffs, again.

    You off-season oakland fans are always hilarious to watch make fools of yourselves.

  22. To me, there is no decision to be made. Nevada lawmakers approved a bill to build a modernized football stadium w/ $750 million in public money. The only smart thing is to approve the move and make this a reality. Oakland has had 15 years or more to come up with a stadium solution.

    With this new stadium, the economic potential is off the charts. It will be used for more than just the Raiders. UNLV will use the stadium, too. Super Bowls in Las Vegas will be awesome!!!

    Two things should happen ASAP

    1)Groundbreaking for new stadium
    2) Leaguer approval to move to Las Vegas

    GET IT DONE!!!!

  23. I believe Oakland (North Bay) is a better market than Las Vegas. Due to both size and earning power of the residents. The NFL is going to have to decide what is more important. Playing in a nicer stadium or being in a bigger market.

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