Mike Wallace says penalties are killing the Ravens

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The Ravens jumped out to a 10-0 lead in the first quarter against the Giants on Sunday and they looked like they were on their way to more points when Joe Flacco hit fullback Kyle Juszczyk for a 19-yard gain that brought the Ravens inside the Giants’ 30-yard line.

Wide receiver Mike Wallace was flagged for lining up in an illegal formation, however, and the Ravens had to punt after failing to convert a longer third down try. The story was similar in the second quarter when tight end Crockett Gillmore’s holding penalty and a delay of game call conspired to push the Ravens out of field goal range.

The Giants offense eventually found its footing, mostly by finding Odell Beckham, and won 27-23, but the Ravens might have put things out of reach if they could have stopped drawing flags. There were 15 for 111 yards by the time the game was out, which helped pave the way to a third straight loss.

“Those are drive killers, they’re morale killers,” Wallace said, via the team’s website. “We can’t do that, I can’t do that. Whoever is getting penalties, none of us can do that. There’s no more to say than penalties, that’s what’s killing us.”

John Harbaugh’s decision to pass on a field goal on fourth down from the one-yard-line on the first play of the fourth quarter became a key moment when the Giants stuffed Terrence West for a loss and there were other missed opportunities over the course of the afternoon, but there’s little doubt that fewer penalties would have greatly improved the Ravens’ chances of leaving their first of two straight trips to MetLife Stadium with a win.

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  1. Ravens would have won if Mike Wallace, who was wide open, would have had the ball thrown anywhere near him on the last drive. He had a clear path to the endzone. Flacco missed him. A game never comes down to one play, but that play would have given Baltimore the lead with seconds to play.

  2. The other thing killing the Ravens is a lack of talent at the receiver position. The Ravens WRs have had key drops in every single game.

  3. These penalties along with other miscues led to a 3rd down conversion rate of only 5/18 for the Ravens. On top of that, the defense gave up 222 yards and 2 TDs to OBJ on just 8 receptions!!! That is 26 plays that cost the game. I haven’t done the math but the failed 18 3rd down plays is probably a quarter of our offensive plays. We actually had more time of possession too, by almost 10 minutes!!! If we get even half of those failed 3rd downs converted, we probably win. But man, those OBJ plays just killed us. Now Suggs is hurt again…we have no pass rush as it is. Not looking good folks, not looking good.

  4. Ravens fan here… the penalties are stupid, but the game was over except for a bad penalty call on the Giants (a pass interference) and an iffy call on the Giants (roughing the passer with about :15 left).

  5. This team is always in a close game every game. Normally as a fan you couldn’t ask for more. But the problem is there are some games that they need to just step on the other teams’ throat and this team is incapable of that. IDK if that’s on the coaching or what. But it’s a problem.

  6. Jump Ball Joe should change his name to Overthrow Joe. How are you enjoying that big arm throwing you uncatchable pass after uncatchable pass? I’m sure you’re enjoying it just as much as Overthrow Joe is enjoying your inability and unwillingness to compete for the ball or catch anything that isn’t wide open and right in the bread basket.

  7. Harbaugh passing on the FG this week, Harbaugh faking a FG last week up 10-6 ultimately forcing the Ravens to need a TD on their final drive, Harbaugh going for 2 in the 3rd quarter 2 weeks ago against Oakland ultimately losing by a point. Common theme?

  8. The Ravens just aren’t that good. Nothing is killing them and it’s not going to get much better next year considering their biggest weapon is a 37 year old wide receiver.

  9. Harbaugh’s teams have been very undisciplined the last few years…can’t tell if he’s getting soft, or the result of too many young players and not enough vocal veterans to keep it in check.

    Nonetheless, he needs to get these penalties under control. Can count 5+ games in the last 16 that were lost in part due to penalties.

  10. The Ravens should have been up 20-0 in the first quarter and put this one out reach. But for the past 2 years this team consistently shoots themselves in the foot and allows their opponents to hang around and get back into. Once the final five minutes hits, it’s always a one score game and the Ravens have consistently been unable to finish strong. There is a serious leadership void since Reed and Lewis left the team.

  11. Which play was the one that Joe apparently missed Wallace wide open in? The one where Wallace was jogging toward the sideline and stopped on the route?

  12. Penalties are a killer, but so is the inability to score TD’s. I’ve defended Joe for a long time and this line is abysmal. However, when the windows tighten up in the red zone, Joe is not getting it done. 5 TD’s on the year????? Less then one a game????

  13. The Baltimore Murdering Black Birds are a very bad team with a QB who is so highly overrated that the team is getting a serious dose of karma payback.

    And they are harvesting the payback on the criminal elements like Suggs and the Retired Murderer (whatever his name was). Having a farm team from a prison is not a good thing.

  14. Should have could have? what’s your record Ravens? WHAT IS IT?????????

    Again, I know it tuff to accept your team isn’t that good, BUT! your records doesn’t LIE….lol

  15. Can we stop with the ridiculous stupid KARMA comments every time somebody loses something. Maybe it has more to do with poor drafting, no depth and coaches who make terrible decisions.
    Karma, nope. Karma wouldn’t react to someone being overpaid. If that was the case no superstar in any sport would ever be allowed to make an impact.

  16. Diegosteel their record is 3-3. One game back from your guys at 4-2. After this weekend when your guys have to play the Patriots and Ravens have the Jets they will both be 4-3. Keep up the trolling

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