Seahawks downplay Richard Sherman’s meltdown


Seattle shouldn’t have needed an uncalled pass interference penalty on Richard Sherman to win Sunday’s game against the Falcons. Indeed, the game never should have been so close.

The Seahawks led 17-3 in the second half when Falcons receiver Julio Jones blew past Sherman for a touchdown. It appeared that a miscommunication occurred, with the defense in a “Cover 3” defense but Sherman not handling his third of the deep portion of the field.

Sherman wasn’t happy. To say the least. He confronted teammates and had to be calmed down by several others. When it didn’t work, a group of teammates gathered around him and began jumping and chanting in an effort to get him to calm down.

After the game, which the Seahawks won after officials didn’t flag Sherman for interfering with Jones, the home team downplayed the meltdown.

I was just chillin’, hanging out,” Sherman said, via Larry Stone of the Seattle Times. “It’s frustrating to give up two bogus touchdowns.”

Coach Pete Carroll was asked whether the team can put Sherman’s outburst behind them.

“There is no doubt,” Carroll said, via Stone. “These guys have been through too much together, they care too much about one another. I’m not worried about it one bit. This is a bunch of guys that are here to do the right thing, and they’ll figure it out.”

Receiver Doug Baldwin was more pragmatic about his Seattle and Stanford teammate: “I’ve known him for 10 years. That was mild.”

Linebacker Bobby Wagner, who was in the middle of trying to calm Sherman down, understood the reaction.

“Emotions run high, and that’s like my brother, man,” Wagner said. “I just told him, I was mad on Monday and he calmed me down. I’m trying to return the favor. He’ll be good. He’ll be all good. He’ll forget about it tomorrow. We’re all good.”

They’re better because they won. If Sherman had been flagged for interference and the Seahawks had lost, it would have been a lot harder to put the incident behind them. Instead, they’re 4-1 and piling up victories, even if they haven’t been nearly as dominant this season as they’ve been in past years.

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  1. Top CBs in the NFC West:
    1) Patrick Peterson
    2) Trumaine Johnson
    3) Richard Sherman

  2. Just to set the record, Julio grabbed his face mask at the start of the play. Any penalty against Sherman would’ve/should’ve been offset and it would’ve been 4th and 10. The Falcons lost that game way before that play. Move on.

  3. Yup. He was livid. Shows what the defense is like without Kam in.
    Oh well, Sherman got over it after the non call at the end

  4. What’s new? The “Legion of Boom” have gotten away with holding and pass interference for years.

  5. Sherman was hot because Julio proved to be faster and stronger, and when Sherman cost his team with a mental error, that was his pride in a frenzy like a wounded animal.

    It might have been real interesting if the refs actually did their job on the final play.

  6. Bogus touchdown? Why is it bogus, because you got burned? Then you act like a child. What a putz. Maybe he forgot to take his adderall.

  7. Sherman will be just fine. That non PI call on him was a travesty, that affected the winner of the entire game. I hate it when the refs calls/non-calls, affect the outcome of a game!!!!!!! Do not tell me that game should not have come down to one call. Every NFL game is usually a dog fight, and many times the refs do affect the outcome! To clarify, I am not a fan of either team…..

  8. a group of teammates gathered around him and began jumping and chanting in an effort to get him to calm down.

    I know I find nothing more calming than being surrounded by a bunch of people jumping and chanting at me.

  9. Jumping and chanting…we’ve been doing that in my office for years. It’s starting to go the way of the 5-minute stand-up meeting though.

  10. Like many Stanfurd players and coaches, Dick Sherman has proven to be an immature and classless hothead. Then there’s the Stanfurd swimmer rapist and the Stanfurd judge who gave him a slap on the wrist.

  11. I’m a Seahawk’s fan but the ego’s of some of the players in the NFL need to be put in check. I have had old college team mates tell me such as Henry Ellard(Rams/Skins) that some NFL players truly believe they are beyond reality and have no accountability to anyone else. i.e. Sherman, Odell Beckham, etc., they actually start believing all the garbage printed up about them in the newspapers. So often these guys forget that they are role models for so many kids and need to behave accordingly. If you get toasted covering someone or if a wide receiver gets shut down by a cornerback, “live with it”, don’t make excuses………childish.

  12. Julio’s stat line while being covered man-to-man by Sherm: 4 catches for a WHOPPING 30 yards! Did any of you people even watch the actual game, or do you just regurgitate the hater’s nonsense without even knowing facts? Atlanta got DOMINATED for 3 quarters. 2 TDs were due to busted coverage blown by a last minute replacement safety. Props to the Falcons for putting up a fight though!

  13. I get a kick out of these guys who celebrate and bring attention to themselves when they make one or two plays a game. Imagine a left tackle who blocks his man on most every play jumping up and doing “golf swings” or twerking every time they, you know, did what they are paid to do.

  14. jacqvoncc says:
    Oct 17, 2016 11:37 AM

    Julio’s stat line while being covered man-to-man by Sherm: 4 catches for a WHOPPING 30 yards! Did any of you people even watch the actual game, or do you just regurgitate the hater’s nonsense without even knowing facts? Atlanta got DOMINATED for 3 quarters. 2 TDs were due to busted coverage blown by a last minute replacement safety. Props to the Falcons for putting up a fight though!
    Some people never learn. Football is a 4 quarter, 60 minute game. I remember this one time when Seattle had the lead, lost it, then drove to the one yard line only to be intercepted and losing. What happens for 3 quarters is nice, yes, but the game doesn’t end at the end of the third quarter or with one second left in the fourth. Just look at last nights game. Colt’s dominated too. Until they didn’t, and lost.

  15. Apparently, most people who comment here have never watched a close football game in their lives. I’ve seen this a thousand times. When the cornerback gets beat on the route, he will draw the penalty to prevent the touchdown. It happens in practically every close game. It’s on the refs to call it. Every defensive back does it. So, quit with your holier than thou take on this because your team is NOT above doing the same thing.

  16. imodan said:
    Oct 17, 2016 10:47 AM
    If only Sherman was as tough as the faces he makes. Got to admit, that look after Butler’s INT will forever make me smile.


    That pic was my FB avatar for a week. And I’m not even a Pats fan…

  17. RegisHawk says:
    Oct 17, 2016 12:02 PM

    They hate us ’cause they aint us.

    “They hate us cuz they aint us”??? Real original. Next we are gonna see “do your job” all over the stadium… Or maybe “we’re on to ______”.

  18. Hahahaha! This is pathetic. There was barely any contact on that desperation “obvious PI” play at the end of the game, and the officials had been (properly) letting the guys play all game. JJ is a whiner who couldn’t come up with the big catch when his team needed it.

    4-1. 2 games clear in the NFC West. The race will be all but over by Thanksgiving.

    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

  19. You don’t get a bail out on a 40 yard hope and a prayer pass at the end of game like that. Same way you wouldn’t normally get a foul called on a 40 ft shot at buzzer at the end of basketball game. Referees in just about any sport will not blow their whistles in situations like that. You’ve got to earn it to win it.

  20. Elite players play with an edge and I find it completely moronic for someone to utter any comparisons of Sherman to Odell. No Seahawks fan would ever seriously make that comparison unless they are totally disconnected with reality. What Sherman did was more similar to what tom Brady does when he goes to the sideline pissed off bc one of his teammates ran the wrong route or didn’t give max effort on their rep or an oline didn’t listen to the call and left an unblocked blitzer to crush Brady.

    This is a direct comparison since Sherman was pissed that the backup safety who is familiar with the system just randomly decided to do his own thing and gave up a cheap touchdown which gave ATL momentum when they has been hot garbage all day. The backup safety instead of listening to the call decided to read and react and it cost the hawks points. You may not agree with how he did it but i guarantee his teammates understood the standard he was upholding even if it was a mistake in your eyes this is actually something that bonds winning teams like Seattle. Understanding that just bc an All Pro isnt out their doesnt mean the standard isnt set and to be upheld.

  21. Live by the sword die by the sword.

    Refs didn’t call PI vs Kearse which would have resulted in Hawks being up 9 during that last drive so Hawks win by at least 2 regardless.

    And the Kearse call was in the end zone and didn’t even include the DB looking back for the ball.

    Much worse miss.

  22. Half of you people commenting need to realize that Sherman was not the one who got burned. SS Kelcie McCray was. McCray (playing for injured Kam Chancellor) mistakenly let Julio go past him, thinking he had help over the top, but he didn’t. Sherman was P/O’d because his assignment was NOT to cover Julio on that play, and he believed that was an egregious mistake by the coaches to put anyone else on Julio, much less a 2nd string backup. But don’t let facts get in the way of bashing one of the greatest CBs to ever play the game just because he’s not on your team.

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