Sunday Night wrap-up: Redemption for Brock Osweiler and Texans


Somebody from the AFC South is going to the playoffs.

It’s a rule.

And even though he was the personification of his division for much of the night, Brock Osweiler gave the Texans an opportunity to claim that spot.

Osweiler was dreadful in the first half, but put the Texans in position for a 26-23 overtime win against the Colts, helping his team to a 4-2 record.

It wasn’t an artistic success, but he did help them overcome a 23-9 deficit in the final five minutes to force overtime by hitting some big plays downfield.

He finished 25-of-39 for 269 yards and two touchdowns, but it was a boost he and the team needed. The early reviews weren’t good on the hasty $72 million investment, but he was cool at the time it mattered most. He’s now 3-0 all-time in overtime, and at some point it stops being an accident.

They still have plenty of problems, but having Osweiler prove he can win a game instead of being a passenger was a huge step for Houston in a bad division.

Here are five more things we learned during Sunday Night Football:

1. He may not be J.J. Watt, but Texans outside linebacker Jadeveon Clowney is showing that he can be the kind of impact player they need.

Of course, you sort of expect that when you pick someone first overall, but Clowney has turned into a much different player since the knee injury which required microfracture surgery.

He’s not simply a physical mismatch as he was in college (though he is still talented), but has become a more well-rounded defender. The Texans use him all over the defense, lining him up inside and out, with his hand down and on his feet. And he’s making plenty of plays, leading the league in tackles for loss.

Coupled with former first-rounder Whitney Mercilus, the Texans still have plenty of talent on defense, even without the former defensive player of the year.

2. The Colts still have the best quarterback in the AFC South, which is why they have a good chance in the AFC South.

Luck still threw a bad interception, and still holds the ball far too long, but it was hard to watch Sunday’s game and not wonder how he’d be with a better supporting cast.

Of course, that’s the Colts’ reality, as they sit 2-4 and last in the worst division in the league.

3. Football coaches make things far more complicated than they have to be, and Colts coach Chuck Pagano was merely the most recent example.

Leading 13-9 in the fourth quarter, the Colts had three good options: 1) Kick an automatic field goal, 2) Let the Luck run a sneak or 3) hand it to running back Frank Gore.

Instead, they put Luck in the shotgun, and he took a sack.

Colts cornerback Vontae Davis bailed Pagano out with an interception on the ensuing Texans possession, but it shouldn’t have come to that. Luck’s strong enough and athletic enough to force his way to a yard or jump over a pile, and not letting him do either also sends the signal they don’t completely trust their line. Maybe that’s justified, but it’s still disappointing.

It’s football. It doesn’t have to be that hard.

4. Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri may get an AARP card before he misses another field goal.

The 43-year-old hit three more field goals, giving him a streak of 41 consecutive three-pointers.

He passed Gary Anderson (40) and needs just one more to tie Mike Vanderjagt’s record of 42 (set in 2004, when Vinatieri was merely middle-aged).

5. Texans running back Lamar Miller’s 149 rushing-yard night was impressive on its face, even if it was against the Colts.

Considering how little support he got from a passing game most of the night, it’s even more stunning that he’s productive at all. Of course, he’s never been the bell-cow back the Texans need, and the risk of overuse is real.

39 responses to “Sunday Night wrap-up: Redemption for Brock Osweiler and Texans

  1. The Colts are not going anywhere with that defense and/or that coach. Cut your losses and start the search for a new GM and coach today. You don’t want to look back and realize you wasted a franchise QBs career with poor coaching and management like they’re currently realizing over in Green Bay.

  2. Not sure why anyone respects the colts anymore. Division favorites?
    Going to beat the patriots in the AFCC?
    Colts will not sniff the AFCC for another 8 years.

  3. 17-26

    That’s the combined record of the Colts and Ravens since Deflategate.

    Makes you go hmm doesn’t it. Now that the NFL is checking PSI in footballs it’s clear who the good teams are and who the cheaters are.



  4. Hope the nearest liquor store nearest to the Texans stadium is ready for Irsay and his garbage bag full of cash after this debacle.

  5. It’s the Texan’s division to lose. Tennessee is on the way up, but they’re still a couple years away (I believe) before they are a serious contender.

  6. Yeah, imagine Luck in Seattle. Or KC. Or the Jets. Or even the Texans. The GM is horrible at his job, which is to surround a young QB with good up and coming players? The coach is from a defensive backround, which tells you how good he is by giving up a lead game after game. Best case scenario right now for Luck’s career is Marino? Maybe?

  7. .
    The Houston comeback versus indy capped off a beautiful weekend for the Patriots. Besides beating Cincinnati, their foes from Pittsburgh, Denver and Baltimore also lost.

    Colts fans should never underestimate the contempt that the Pats fans hold them in for their role in framegate. Watching them spit the bit last night was like winning a Sunday doubleheader.

  8. You sucked for Luck…now you have one of the more overrated players in the league… Never mind a clueless G.M….a clueless coach…and an out of his mind owner….now would be a good time to release the PSI data from last year..

  9. Notice to Patriot fan:
    1. Brady has served his suspension.
    2. Your team doesn’t seem any worse for it.
    3. You don’t need to reference it every time you post. No one south of Providence cares.
    4. The world doesn’t revolve around your cheating team.
    5. Get over it.

  10. Sorry jack wagon-we New England fans will NEVER forget the 2 teams ( Ravens & Colts) that started framegate, NEVER!!!
    Meanwhile the GOAT TB 12, since his return, in 2 games , has passed for 782 yards with 6 TD’s and no picks. In fact no New England QB has thrown a pick yet.
    Deny science much??

  11. Will Patriot fans EVER shut up? Seriously, you ruin just about every single thread whining incessantly like my 3 year old who doesn’t get his way all the time. There’s a reason why Patriot fans are considered the worst fans in all of sports, bar none.

  12. And remember there weren’t any Patriots fans until January 2002 either. Fair-weather frontrunners. And now that Ortiz has retired, football is all they will ever have.

  13. Does the NFL really want games like last night? The Texans couldn’t do anything for 55 minutes and then suddenly they win the game. So basically 92% of the game was absolutely irrelevant and a waste of time for those who watched.

    If this continues the sport will be morphing into the NBA where no one tunes in until the 4th quarter because they know what happens before the 4th is pointless. And that the refs will ensure the game is close at the end.

    Also, Vamderjagt’s record has a big asterisk because he missed a FG against TB during the streak and the refs called that fake leaping penalty to give him another try to complete the luckback.

  14. All of you believed Goodell, Harbaugh, Irsay and espn…Patriot fans have had to put up with the bogus cheating thing over and over from the uninformed and the loser mentality of most fan bases who have been schooled by the Patriots for years….We will never forget…by the way the Pats have sold out every game since 1994..just another lie the hates spread.

  15. Luck reminds me of Drew Bledsoe Stands tall in the pocket and has a windup release and takes sacks cause he can’t move around.

    Drew was great for us back in the early 90’s

    But it is a different football game today… luck needs to speed up his release and realize that with the line he has, he won’t have +3 seconds it has to be quicker.

    Most sacks in the league….. can’t be all the lines fault….

  16. How bizarre is it that after 3 1/2 quarters of absolute suck, Osweiller ended up with a better stat line than Luck?

  17. scoocha says:
    Oct 17, 2016 11:44 AM
    And remember there weren’t any Patriots fans until January 2002 either. Fair-weather frontrunners. And now that Ortiz has retired, football is all they will ever have.

    Since 2002? That’s pretty weak stuff. Many of us lived through a lot of lean years as Pats fans but at this point even those of us that kept faith with the team through theSullivan/ Kiam years have to accept that after 15 years we can’t exactly put the wood to a generation of fans that have known nothing but success. The Sox reference is even weaker when knocking New England fans. Sox fans went 86 years without a WS win and were still right there living and dying with our team. If some of the pink hats fall by the wayside now all the better, maybe it will help with the ridiculous ticket prices.

  18. “He’s now 3-0 all-time in overtime, and at some point it stops being an accident.”

    I’d like to introduce you to the phrase “small sample size.”

  19. Soooo tired of the Luck praises. Seriously, he’s middle of the pack. It’s like watching Chris Collinsworth talking about what a beautiful spiral Aaron Rodgers put on that last pick six.

  20. Redemption? don’t make me laugh. He was bad against a bad team. Got lucky against a bad team on a few plays. Go see how he did against Vikes and Pats for his true ability.

  21. Honestly, I’ve had posts deleted by pft for whatever reasons. Why do every articles get flooded by irrelevant Patriot fans comments. As a Texans fan reading an article on my team, I don’t care about the Patriots.

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