Buccaneers announce Vincent Jackson is on injured reserve

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The season may be over for Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

Jackson is going on injured reserve, the team announced. Although it’s possible that he could return in eight weeks, there are reports that he suffered a torn ACL, which would end his season.

The 33-year-old Jackson is fourth on the team with 15 catches for 173 yards this season. Although Jackson is a starting receiver on the depth chart, he has been used less this season than second-year receiver Adam Humphries, who has emerged as a good possession threat and will surely get more balls thrown his way now that Jackson is out.

It’s fair to wonder whether this is the end of the road for Jackson, whose production has declined every year he’s been in Tampa. Jackson has had a very good career, with 540 catches for 9,080 yards and 57 touchdowns, but 34-year-old receivers with bad knees don’t have a great track record of making it in the NFL, and that’s what Jackson will be next year.

11 responses to “Buccaneers announce Vincent Jackson is on injured reserve

  1. So much for 21st ranked quarterback Jameis Winston’s accent to the TOP 10 NFL quarterback hierarchy.

    Oh… Jameis Winston’s QB rating is ranked 28th in the NFL.

    So… maybe… Jameis isn’t the 21st ranked quarterback in the NFL.

  2. Nothing against V-Jax, but the Bucs should have cut him before this season. He made like $12mil, and wouldn’t have gotten $3mil on the open market. And I have no idea why the front office didn’t bring in any WRs knowing V-Jax is pretty fragile. Winston is going to look like crap trying to force it to Evans.

  3. Had had a great career on the field, and an even better one off the field. He’s one of those guys who’s always buying this for military families and visiting schools and doing all sorts of things for the community. As a Bucs fan, I hope he’s given his choice of jobs in the front office or coaching staff, because he’s the kind of guy I want associated with the team for as long as possible.

  4. Oh wait jameis has faced 3 of the 4 conference championship team in his first five games amd in his other two faced the falcons and rams. Yeah i guess lets dismiss those facts along with his wrs not being able to stretch a defense.

  5. So long and good luck to V-Jax. He was a great leader and played well for his time in Tampa, with the exception of one speed bumb last year that carried over here. The Bucs do have Cecil Shorts and Louis Murphy back now, and just resigned Donte Dye (no value added). So the biggest change is making Center Joe Hawley the team captain (what I expect) alongside Jameis. My biggest fear is whether Mike Evans has matured enough under VJax mentorship to carry the leadership load of the WRs.

  6. Jackson was in his fifth year…last year of his contract. For the trivia lovers, it was 5 years, $55.5 million. Why the fives? Brought in during Josh Freeman’s (eventually disastrous) run as gift to Josh.

  7. He is a one of the few players that learned from his mistakes. He overcame his DUIs and turned it into positive energy which is great. I think most of us Bucs fans knew this would be his last year before the season. He was declining and this year could never get separation, his route running was not strong enough help him overcome losing athletic ability.

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