Chip Kelly: There are things to build on with Kaepernick

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49ers coach Chip Kelly announced on Monday that the team will give quarterback Colin Kaepernick another start in Week Seven.

Kaepernick started for the first time in almost a year against the Bills last Sunday and went 13-of-29 for 187 yards and a touchdown while also running for 66 yards on eight carries. The passing numbers weren’t great and Bills cornerback Stephon Gilmore said after the game that Kaepernick “can’t really throw,” but Kelly said he saw some good things from Kaepernick.

“I think there are some things Colin did that you can build upon,” Kelly said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “For his first extended playing time since last year, I thought there were some real positives. We need to continue to try to get him going. He did a good job keeping the ball out of harm’s way; he didn’t throw any interceptions. It didn’t seem like there were any balls where you said, ‘Geez, that was a close one.’ Sometimes you can have a game where you didn’t throw any interceptions, but you should have and the defense just dropped them.”

Kaepernick was 8-of-11 for 135 yards in the first half and found Torrey Smith for a long touchdown, which qualifies as the kind of stuff the 49ers would like to see more of against the Buccaneers. Even if things don’t take a sharp turn for the better, it would be hard to argue that they’ve seen better from Gabbert or could expect much more from Christian Ponder and that leaves little reason not to see how things play out with Kaepernick at least a little while longer.

23 responses to “Chip Kelly: There are things to build on with Kaepernick

  1. If the 49ers could somehow convince Jake Locker to come out of retirement they would have a monopoly on QB busts from the 2011 draft.

  2. 13 of 29 and scoring 16 points against the Bills. Things I think of. Alex Smith is a much better QB, Kaepernick has no ability to throw deep, only good play came when Bill’s cb Gilmore totally blew his coverage assignment and left Smith wide open and not for a good juke, there would of been no TD (ball took forever to get there) and hope they keep starting Kaep because it’s the only way we have a shot at a decent QB like Chad Kelly in the draft. This year it’s going to suck even more.

  3. “Kaepernick was 8-of-11 for 135 yards in the first half and found Torrey Smith for a long touchdown”

    … on a blown coverage, and he very nearly underthrew the receiver on that play. It’s not like he made a good throw to a covered receiver. Any QB in the league should have made that throw.

  4. Only thing the 9’ers are going to build on with Kaep at QB is their loss total.

    Next year Chipper will be back coaching in college, SF will have the #1 or #2 pick, and Kaeps career will be over as his little SJW stunts do not sit well with the fanbases of any teams.

  5. I assume the Browns will get the #1 pick, going 1-15.

    Who will get the #2 pick? The 49ers? What about the Jets or Bears? I assume the Panthers won’t end up as badly as that group.

    The Jets and 49ers should both tank, as both teams need QBs, as well as other players.

  6. His teammates don’t even like him. He’s a loner and has taken all attention off the team and actual football with his leftist political activism and disgraceful actions on the field.

  7. the one thing that we know chipper does at an nfl level is blow smoke. he has his eyes on a college qb with the second overall pick in next years draft. the only question is if he gets to coach him.

  8. Please keep Kaep at the starting QB position! He gives the Niners the “best chance to win” ( cough cough ). At least I get to see some roving middle linebacker slam him to the turf at least once a game…in the highlight reel.

    I wonder if Purdue would accept Kelly as a coach….because he’s done in the NFL.

  9. Kap should continue to grow out his afro, buy a bunch more T-shirts featuring historical figures, and go hang out at coffee houses in Berkeley. He’ll walk away with enough stolen money to fund that lifestyle for the next 4 decades. They’ll love his stories over there.

  10. why are any of these people even niner fans?
    york got rid of harbaugh; hired a bum, fired him, and now have the failed chip kelly, acting as if he just came out of oregon, and let’s see what he can do…
    NO! I don’t accept!
    this coach will turn out to be another bum, and these niner fans are treating like gospel his constant fudging on Kaepernick.
    Kaepernick(and harbaugh) led this dead end franchise to the super bowl, and these Kap haters, just set aside for a moment his politics, Kap haters are acting like they don’t even know his talent.

  11. Build on what?
    He can’t read defenses.
    He throws into coverage.
    He takes too many sacks.

    Just cut the fool.

  12. Kaepernick played great. There aren’t too many QBs that are going to travel into Buffalo against that team that just shut out New England, and play as good as Kaepernick played. That was by far the best the 49ers looked all year.

  13. i’d think there would be a little more solidarity with Kaepernick! doggummit!
    he’s being brave.
    he’s being principalled.
    he identifies with both cultures black and white, something that is important that we all do, whenever we remember our common history.

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