Packers place Sam Shields on injured reserve

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The Packers acquired running back Knile Davis in a trade with the Chiefs on Tuesday and they need to open a spot on the 53-man roster as a result.

It appears that move will involve placing veteran cornerback Sam Shields on injured reserve. Shields suffered his fourth concussion in the last six years during the season-opening win over the Jaguars and has missed the last four games.

Shields made a post on Instagram saying that he hopes to be back in eight weeks and the team officially announced the move a short time later. That’s the soonest a player designated to return from injured reserve is eligible to play again.

“I’m making great progress and hope to come back in 8 weeks and play this season,” Shields wrote. “I will make a full recovery within that time frame.”

With Shields out of the picture, the Packers would move forward with Damarious Randall, Quinten Rollins, Ladarius Gunter, Josh Hawkins and Demetri Goodson at corner. Randall and Rollins are both dealing with groin injuries and were expected to do side work only at Tuesday’s practice.

34 responses to “Packers place Sam Shields on injured reserve

  1. That is too bad for Shields. However in 8 weeks the pack maybe out of the playoff hunt; too late to help out his team.

  2. Ugh. Big PACK guy here. Season seems to be slipping away. Ed Lacey inaffective. ROGERS doing god-knows-what out their. All-around bad times in ‘sconsin. Bring on the wild season… GO PACK


  3. I hope he’s able to come back this year. He’s a good player and those concussions are serious business. If he’s not able to come back, he might want to consider retirement.

  4. Wow. I thought it took him an abnormally long time to come back from his concussion last year. If it’s that bad, even though he’s their top corner, maybe it’s time for him to just hang it up. He’s proven to be very susceptible to getting and very slow to recover from these things. The game isn’t worth the potential long-term damage that this could be doing to him.

  5. Undrafted FA who balled out in the NFL. Call it a career Sam. Head back down to Florida and enjoy retirement with your family hopefully without any health issues down the road. Fond memories and a great Packer!

  6. I was hoping Shields would come back and help this young secondary, but now its time for one of the Safety’s to step up and take leadership of the DBs.

    Whether he returns to football or not, as Shields had a serious concussion in a previous season, against Dallas if I recall, I wish him the best getting healthy.

  7. He’s a pro bowler. I’m not sure how much this will affect the team, so I’ll do the smart thing and wait for the Viking fans to tell us.

  8. Time to consider hanging up the cleats Mr Shields. Hopefully you where smart with your money and can retire in comfort doing whatever you want with your time. These concussions are recurring now and the effects linger far too long. Football isn’t more important than your mind.

  9. That is sad news, their D needs him, but you just hope he can work his way through this, when dealing with head injuries/brain issues the football talk seems small. This Vikings fan is hoping you a speedy and full recovery.

  10. Can’t stand the packers but wish nothing but the best for Mr. Shields. I hope he retires before he suffers permanent damage.

  11. Get well Sam Shields, it’s the best time to raise the white flag, Rodgers and Matthews already have. Show that organization how depleted that defense is since they always seem to reach for defensive players in the draft. Damarius Randall, Justin Harrell, AJ Hawk, Datone Jones and Kenny Clark to name a few.

  12. I think that Shields needs to take his money and retire. I have watched 2 of his concussions and neither one appeared to be a drastic blow to the head. Some players/people are more susceptible and who knows how many hard hits he had before. He needs to take care of himself for the rest of his life. There are more important things in an individual’s life than football. Whatever contact sport you play hockey, football, baseball and even Nascar some of the shots one can take will hurt some people and not others. He just needs to get well because it is not nice waking up with a headache every day.

  13. All in all I think it’s time for the NFL to outlaw the forward pass.
    (Said with a sad sigh; meant to be funny.)

  14. I hate everything Packers, but I do wish Shields a healthy recovery. Nobody should have permanent brain issues, just for our entertainment. Numerous concussions aren’t anything to take lightly. Numerous concussions with the latest one lingering this long is down right scary.

  15. The Packers have looked flat-out terrible this season so far.

    I don’t know the answer to any of this, but I can tell you that if I had a future HoF QB still near ‘prime’ age and a well respected GM that I trusted… I’d be nuking the coaching staff and seeing if that fixes it. McCarthy seems to have underperformed considering the talent he’s been given.

  16. Sam, I hope you take a good long look at retirement.
    You’ve fulfilled a dream by making it to the NFL.
    Became a starter, played with success, won a Championship and signed a big contract.

    Nothing else matters at this point, but your health to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Especially down the road.
    Ignorant fans will call you soft.
    But I believe it’s time to move on. Your cognitive skills far outweigh any benefits playing more football will.

  17. Nothing but best wishes for the man from this Vikings fan. He’s been really good and you have to admire going from UFA to pro bowler. Doesn’t happen often.

    Never cheer for injuries. They only weaken the game.

  18. quickbooks12 says:
    Oct 18, 2016 3:36 PM
    Any thoughts on A-Aron’s QB statistics since “deflate-gate” came to life? How his has noticeably decreased?
    ————————————————————Or, didn’t he go vegan or something like that at about the same time when his production started to decline?

  19. One more Viking fan wishing him all the best.
    1st choice is that he can come back and continue a fine career, but man, if the docs say he’s at more serious risk then please walk away.
    One thing about Green Bay and their fans, it seems as though they always provide for careers after football for their ex-Packers. For that, you get deserved admiration.

  20. I love Sam, but I hope he gets well and then, for the sake of his future standard of living, retires. How many brain injuries do you think is too many?

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