Titans still aren’t for sale

Getty Images

The Titans aren’t for sale. If you want to know that, just ask them.

Sometimes, an inquiry isn’t even needed. Since the passing of founder Bud Adams, the franchise has worked nearly as hard at convincing people the team isn’t for sale as it has putting a competitive team on the field.

Most recently, owner Amy Adams Strunk told USA Today that the Titans aren’t for sale. The latest statement came in the wake of a report from CBS that Jon Bon Jovi is monitoring the team’s situation.

“I don’t know how many different ways to say it,” Strunk said. “Haven’t talked to Bon Jovi or anybody else for that matter, and it’s not for sale.”

She added that the team is “part of our heritage” and her father’s “legacy.” The problem for Strunk is that the legacy included a succession plan that divided the team into three equal pieces but failed to give any one branch of the tree full and binding and irrevocable control over the franchise. Strunk’s family members have yet to yield the kind of authority she needs to become the permanent owner, and the NFL continues to push for a resolution.

Strunk would like to become the true controlling owner, but if the other family members want out, she’ll need to buy them out or let two thirds of the franchise be sold to the highest bidder.

Strunk also reiterated the franchise’s party line that the situation is going to get worked out, but it hasn’t gotten worked out yet because the league continues to push for a resolution of the control issue and the team continues to be unable to fashion an outcome that the league deems to be acceptable.

The impasse lingers, and at some point the NFL is going to force the franchise’s hand, making the question of whether Strunk wants to sell the team irrelevant. Eventually, she may have no choice.