Todd Bowles: Ryan Fitzpatrick will be back next week as starter

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With the New York Jets trailing 28-3 against the Arizona Cardinals on Monday night, head coach Todd Bowles elected to replace Ryan Fitzpatrick with Geno Smith for the remainder of the game.

Despite the move Monday night, Bowles was quick to state afterward that Fitzpatrick is still the team’s starting quarterback.

“Fitz will be back next week,” Bowles said, equating the move to Smith as that of a relief pitcher replacing a starter.

“The game was 28-3. There was eight minutes left in the game. We weren’t doing anything else. I just wanted to get (Smith) some reps.”

Monday night’s game was another mediocre showing for Fitzpatrick. He passed for just 174 yards and was intercepted by D.J. Swearinger in the end zone on a pass intended for Brandon Marshall. The interception was Fitzpatrick’s 11th of the season. He had just 15 all of last year.

“It definitely wasn’t Fitz’s fault. He barely had time to throw,” Bowles said. “Anybody we would have put back there would have had a problem.”

The Jets problems extend far beyond the quarterback position. New York rushed for just 33 yards against Arizona. A defense that was viewed as a strength of the roster entering the season is allowing over 27 points per game,  which ranks 25th in the league. However, it will be almost impossible for the Jets to win games with the type of poor play Fitzpatrick has provided under center this season.

28 responses to “Todd Bowles: Ryan Fitzpatrick will be back next week as starter

  1. The defense has been horrible this year and the offense without WR Eric Decker is possibly even worse. Fitzpatrick has 11 picks already. Last year he had 15 for the whole season. Despite his veteran experience…he is back playing like the noodle armed gunslinger of old.

    Bowles won’t fire his Defensive Coordinator, despite the team being completely out of sync and horrible vs the pass. Tonight, they decided to also be terrible vs the run.

    On the flip side, they are awful running the ball and have no consistent passing offense other than Brandon Marshall. Whom will be quadruple teamed by the end of the season.

    Bowles is welcome to stick with Fitzpatrick as his starter. I assume this means he either is playing for 1-15 or for a job with another team next year….or really hates Geno Smith so much he needs to taunt him rather than just cutting him.

    If the Jets don’t make some drastic moves they will be 1-15. If Bowles can’t get them to play better, he will be gone for sure. The rest of the year is him trying to save his job and a chance to turn it around in 2017.

    If he thinks playing Fitzpatrick, who won’t be back in 2017 for sure, is his ticket to another season, he doesn’t deserve to be back.

    I never though the team would quit on bowles, but it sure looks like it. Sheesh.

  2. Fitzpatrick is regressing to the below-average qb he’s always been. Nothing to see here. But Bowles? This guy’s personality could not be more off putting. That stoic, bad man thing he’s got going on the sideline looks kind of absurd after he’s getting beat by 20 points week in and week out. I wouldn’t say it to his face though, he does look scary af.

  3. Todd Bowles: Ryan Fitzpatrick will be back next week as starter…of course, didn’t Jets fans proclaim Fitzpatrick to be a franchise QB who had to be paid as one during the preseason…lol…

  4. He’s journeyman QB who had one very good year. Jets were smart not to cave to his contract demands.

  5. Why? The season is pretty much lost already at 1-5. Go with the higher variance outcome (Smith). We’ve seen him make great and terrible throws, often in the same game. Smith might provide a spark and get the team into contention, or maybe he stinks up the field badly enough to go to Petty or Hackenberg, eventually putting the Jets in good draft position for a real QB. You know what you have in Fitz. He’s never taken one of his teams to the playoffs, and he’s on his 6th team. There’s a reason for that. Don’t be fooled.

  6. LOL…. The gift that just keeps on giving!!!
    As A Patriots fan this news is music to my ears….I’m guessing the JETS are now officially looking to continue to tank in hopes of getting the 1st round pick next year…..I hope 345 Park Ave is enjoying this as much as I am!!!
    Brady & BB will be together another 5 years anyways so it won’t make any difference anyways….

  7. Considering Fitzpatrick looks like hot garbage while still getting 95% of first team reps, I’d want to see what Geno can do after a full week practicing as the starter.

    It’s pretty damned bush league to throw him out there just to clean up that mess.

  8. And Jets fans thought Rex Ryan was an idiot, and Rex was the reason they sucked. Winner of 1 game, playoffs highly unlikely, and yet Bowles sticking with Fitz at QB instead of going with one of the other 3 QBs who couldn’t be any worse than Fitz. How’s Todd Bowles working out for you????? Enjoy the basement Jets fans, you deserve it.

  9. Bowles is a quality guy and an excellent DC. Unfortunately he doesn’t appear to be head coaching material. I’m afraid this situation is going to get ugly pretty fast.

  10. I think everyone warned this team when Picks-Patrick was holding out for a big contract last offseason. It will only get worse from here.

  11. Coming into this season there were a couple teams like Minnesota and the Jets who had awesome defenses, but were a QB away from being a dominant team. The Vikings added Sam Bradford and they’re undefeated. The Jets should take a good look at Tony Romo if he becomes available.

  12. Todd Bowles is only in his 2nd season as a head coach.

    He has some major adversity here. One of the most important decisions is when to make a change at QB.

    He has a guy 5 td-11 int in 6 games, including a 6 pick game. A veteran on a 1-year deal, with 3 other QBs on the roster. Fitz is toast and is not going to be on the Jets in 2017. Lord willing.

    Fitz is not Sanchez. At least Mark Sanchez won some playoff games before he regressed to the point of getting benched and cut. Fitz won some games and then blew a playoff spot. No point in sticking with him now.

    If Bowles can’t see that, he shouldn’t come back. Unless he has orders from clueless Jets owner Woody Johnson to play Fitz due to the money. If so then Jets fans are truly screwed, as the owner is the one person that can’t get fired.

    It also doesn’t help that despite a lot of talent on defense, they continue to blow coverages and allow big play after big play. Bowles is a defensive guy but the defense has played worse than Fitzpatrick. Thats horrible.

    Is Bowles another Eric Mangini in Cleveland? uninspired and gone after 2 years? Maybe. Ugh.

  13. The season is over they need to get Petty and Geno a ton of reps to see what they do or don’t have,I’d have Petty out there next week to see if the kids got it or not because I’m pretty sure Geno is still Geno …they can’t be any worse!

  14. draculalambert

    2017 jets qb. Tony Romo
    Yeah, I heard that bandied about but think about this; half the time the team’s game strategy would be devoted to just keeping him safe and healthy. He would be a target like never before.
    The only way Romo finds his way to the Jets is if he FIRST gets to play some games for Dallas and show the rest of the league he hasn’t become a shadow of his former self. And if he does that he won’t be going anywhere.

  15. However, it will be almost impossible for the Jets to win games with the type of poor play Fitzpatrick has provided under center this season.

    This explains why NOBODY else was even interested in him.

    I think Todd Bowles can be a good coach. The QB situation in NY is terrible though and until they can get even a marginally good QB they are going to struggle. The defense sure isn’t helping though.

    In short, same old J-E-T-S.

  16. If Mac had any “Balls” he would cut Fitzpatrick swallow the salary and move on. We all know Fitz won’t be there next year. Time to see the other three QBs.

  17. When you have Eugene Smith as the back up, you have no other choice, Fitz will go the rest of the way. Smith is a shade worse than Mark Sanchez, so that should tell it all.

  18. Geno won 8 games as a rookie with no talent on offense. Sanchez won with a much better OL and WRs. Geno never had an extended chance to play with actual WRs.

    Of course…Decker is now hurt and the OL is lousy…so…it wont matter.

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