Vikings cut practice squader after DUI arrest, #asexpected

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NFL teams take off-field conduct seriously and will punish you mightily if you transgress.

Especially if you’re expendable.

In news that should surprise no one, the Vikings released practice squad offensive lineman Isame Faciane after he was arrested for drunk driving, according to Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

The Vikings have kept the converted defensive lineman on their practice squad the last three years, but it didn’t take long after his arrest on suspicion of drunken driving charges for him to become unemployed.

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said Monday the team was “getting all the facts” but a day later Faciane was gone.

“My thoughts are that it’s disappointing and that’s one of the things I’m trying to get rid of around here, making sure that our fans are being represented in the right way,” Zimmer said. “It was stupid, and we’ll see.’’

Faciane was arrested last Wednesday at 2:33 a.m. when police spotted him driving around construction barricades and going the wrong way down a highway ramp. He was the first Viking arrested since December 2014, which made him an easy guy to make an example of.


15 responses to “Vikings cut practice squader after DUI arrest, #asexpected

  1. Good for Zimmer cleaning things up on that team and instilling a winning attitude. I wish Green Bay had him as head coach.

    The only negative is his comment “making sure that our fans are being represented in the right way” seems like a contradiction, but maybe he can clean them up too.

  2. Three years on the practice squad? He’s got to have some potential. Let the heat die down and sign him up.

  3. I met 12 Pack Tommie in a Bar in Sioux City Iowa, in the mid 90’s. He was slamming them down and talking to a bunch of guys until somebody said Quarterbacks were wimps.
    Tommy said ” Oh yeah? How about this”? He then laid under a Pool Table and bench pressed it off the ground about 3″ I couldn’t believe it!
    When he played the Vikings had an awful line, he got pummeled, I was at one game where he got hit, go up and walked over to the huddle where he fell flat down on the field.
    it was a pinched nerve in his neck. I asked him about that play and he said it felt like he got hit by lightning and his whole body from his neck down went numb for about 5 minutes. He said it was the scariest 5 minutes of his life!

  4. hey fellow purple panty wearers, big VIKES fan here. this guy has no place on our team, win or loose. glad management has found its morale compass again and can straighten the ship aka love boat before things get out of hand.

    welp, time to go eat some lutefisk

  5. There is being over the limit and driving and there is being over the limit and driving up the road the wrong way.

    The former is an idiotic, serious crime that is inexcusable… but the latter simply defies logic!

  6. More importantly, this gets Trey Roberson back on the practice squad. He looked very promising this preseason for a guy who never played corner before. Surprised nobody else signed him to their practice said after he was released.

  7. You’d think someone so drunk that they would drive around/through construction barricades to drive down the “wrong” way on a freeway ramp would be so hammered they couldn’t drive at all. It’s amazing this genius didn’t hurt someone.

  8. djvh2 says:
    Oct 18, 2016 1:23 PM
    Good for Zimmer cleaning things up on that team and instilling a winning attitude.


    That’s odd, because when you do bad things, like torture a 4 year old, Zimmer and Speildope usually gives you a raise.

  9. What made it worse, Wednesday was the same day Zimmer released the team for the bye week, after talking to them about the importance of being smart. This knuckle head goes out and gets wasted the same night, while driving his own vehicle.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

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