Which player should be traded?

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The trade deadline arrives in 13 days. Which sets the stage for Wednesday’s question of the day on PFT Live.

Which player should be traded before the window closes?

We’ve suppled a list of five finalists, and you’re invited to add others in the comments. (As if you need an invitation to tell us which player(s) you think we missed.)

Invitations to join Wednesday’s show were accepted by Jaguars receiver Allen Robinson and Chargers linebacker Melvin Ingram. It all gets started at 6:00 a.m. ET on NBC Sports Radio, sliding to NBCSN at 7:00 a.m. ET.

14 responses to “Which player should be traded?

  1. Personally I’d say Joe Thomas. He’s still a top level tackle and he has 2 years left on his contract. This might make the price a little higher but I think it would be worth it considering it wouldn’t be a one year rental.

  2. Tony Romo. This situation is so reminiscent of Bledsoe/Brady it’s eerie. Romo’s got, what maybe 2 years left? Prescott looks to be the real deal so why not get a solid draft pick? The Jets would certainly be willing to overpay, maybe Pittsburgh depending on how fast Big Ben can rehab.

  3. I picked Torrey Smith. Why you ask? Because I had to click on a name to see the results. I really don’t care…

  4. Broncos could use Thomas or Richardson if they wanted to make a strong move..but I dont know how you do that and dont give up someone else important. They can’t lose anyone in the secondary.

    DT is the only good player that is arguably expendable

  5. As a Patriots Fan,,,I say TOM BRADY,,Y? What team on the “Cusp” needing a Superstar QB, known value,,,,wouldn’t give up 2-3 1st rd picks? Pats have Jimmy G,,,and the 2-3 1st rd picks would allow BB to do his trade around thing and keep the PATS loaded for 5-10 more yrs

  6. The reason I voted Joe Thomas is that he seems like a real pro, and deserves better. But then , so do the fans in Cleveland.

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