Ben Roethlisberger takes issue with Bart Scott’s “drama king” label

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On the same day that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger played half of a game with a torn meniscus, Bart Scott of CBS trotted out an old #narrative about Ben.

Scott called Roethlisberger a “drama king,” an apparently P.C. and/or gender accurate twist on the “drama queen” label applied to Roethlisberger in the past.

What did I do to deserve that?” Roethlisberger told Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “All I’ve ever done is keep playing and keep my mouth shut. You just have to shrug that stuff off. But I would tell him to go see John [Norwig] our trainer and check out my medical file. It’s pretty thick. You can’t make that stuff up.”

The perception of injury embellishment arose more than a decade ago, when Roethlisberger claimed that he played the 2004 AFC title game with multiple broken toes and former Steelers coach Bill Cowher publicly disagreed. Nearly six years ago, Roethlisberger claimed that he was playing with a broken foot, and the team publicly disputed it.

Those are the only two tangible examples of apparent or actual embellishment from Roethlisberger’s extensive, 13-year career, and it’s been years since any question has emerged over whether he attempted to make himself look more injured than he really was.

Roethlisberger has indeed played with and through plenty of injuries, and he has played better than ever late in his career. To the extent Bart Scott was suggesting that Roethlisberger exited Sunday’s game with a trumped up ailment, it’s clearly a real injury — and Roethlisberger continued to play when he easily could have taken the rest of the day off. (In other words, “can’t wait” for Bart’s apology this week.)

Media and fans tend to cling to our #narratives because coming up with new ones requires thought and effort. It’s too easy and convenient to adopt a viewpoint on someone and stick to it, subsequent facts be damned. For Roethlisberger, a perception rooted in a pair of isolated incidents at some point should yield to a broader body of work that suggests a willingness to play with injuries, and to continuously subject himself to more of them.

51 responses to “Ben Roethlisberger takes issue with Bart Scott’s “drama king” label

  1. He also said he had torn ligaments in his shoulder last year when he didn’t. He also said his foot was broken last year when it wasn’t. He doesn’t really keep his mouth shut either. He seems to talk extensively about every injury he has. Be nice if he stopped, but he won’t. So at this point you just gotta ignore his embellishing and focus on when he returns. Which I expect to be after the bye

  2. Bart Scott’s just mad because Big Ben always beat all the teams he was on while in the AFC.

  3. Ben is one of the toughest guys in the NFL. The problem is that he tells you every day how hurt he is and how tough he is for playing through it. He has a bit of a boy who cried wolf thing going on. Sure, sometimes it’s serious, and other times he’s just milking it so people know he’s no Jay Cutler. For Ben to say “what have I done to deserve that label” is pretty funny though. There’s a long history of Ben embellishing his injuries. I would not be surprised at all if Ben said to the team “tell everyone I’ll be out 3-4 weeks so they think I’m tough when I come back in 2”.

  4. When Ben get injured people immediately want to know what he’s hurt. He answers their questions.

  5. Meh, Ben IS a drama queen.

    He is also a pretty tough dude and it is impressive the way he has played through some of his injuries.

    And Bart Scott is a whack job headcase.

    Why can’t all 3 things be true?

  6. Him fighting back saying how thick the trainer’s records on him are and that you can’t make it up is exactly the kind of thing a drama king would do.

  7. “All I’ve ever done is keep playing and keep my mouth shut”.


    actually the ‘mouth shut’ part is wrong. nobody in the league talks about their injuries like Ben does.

    in addition, the ’embellishing’ part doesn’t only have to do with what he has said. the constant grimacing, getting carted off the field for a shoulder or wrist injury…..that’s part of the drama too.

    I’m not going to claim i’d be any better at it or less dramatic if I were him, but I’m not him, so I don’t need to. He is what he is.

    I’d prefer we stick with “drama queen” though.

  8. I wouldn’t go so far as to call Ben a “drama queen”, but he doesn’t mind telling you that he’s hurt, how hurt he thinks he is, and usually in the worst case scenario. I don’t think he intentionally embellishes his injuries, but we are so used to players and coaches not telling us much of anything about their injuries that a guy like Ben, who shares every possible degree of all of his injuries, comes off as a blabbermouth. He would be better served to let the coaches talk about his injuries, or get all of the facts straight before he talks.

  9. Once an exaggerator always an exaggerator. Whether that’s wrong or right is irrelevant. In life, that’s just the way it is. Unless you confess to your original exaggerations, and I don’t think Ben ever has.

  10. Those are not the only examples. There have been plenty of times in the past where Ol Bathtime Ben has been on the injury report all week, or considered day to day, with a shoulder injury, and he comes out and throws a 60 yard bomb in the air first play. Squeekers love to be dramatic with there injury report.

  11. I’m a Steelers fan and Ben in his younger years was definitely a drama Queen.

    He has grown wiser and in the past several years he has been the ideal player and teammate.

    But people won’t forget what he did in his youth and Ben will just have to live with that

  12. Roethlisberger likes to talk about how bad his injuries are. Then he plays through them. That’s the recipe for being a drama queen.

    Didn’t this website JUST write a story about Ben specifically talking about how bad his most recent injury is?

    I imagine he will be back and “toughing it out” soon.


    That IS being a drama queen!

  13. Obama said that the Donald should stop whining, perhaps he should give the same advice to some pro football players. Speaking of the Donald, tonight the so call debates will be over, and we can get back to football, and the reason I mention this is because he talk about head injuries with the players. Bill

  14. Wait wait wait…

    This time last year Bart Scott went on TV and went on a long meandering rant about how Rosethelisberger was the toughest quarterback in the league and was the gold standard that Tom Brady could never compare to and had the respect of players everywhere.

    Did that or did that not happen? Say what you want about Roethelisberger’s off-field adventures (there’s plenty to say) but the guy is a legitimately tough football player. Bart Scott sucks. People unfortunate to watch him on TV are finding out slow and steady why he got bounced from the league at 32.

  15. How about riding the cart last season when the injury turned out to be to his shoulder? Does that count as tangible evidence?

    Oh, and btw – he made his now-trademarked, uber-dramatic grand re-entrance in the 2nd half of that game.

  16. Anyone needing proof that the,Patriot fan base is the worst only need read the comments posted here and on the other article on Big Ben. And you little boys can’t understand why you get trolled so much…..

    Ben has been known to embellish his injuries…..sometimes I think he did it to fool the opponents and others for the attention, but these were in his younger days. Anyone watching him miss one series after having his nose broken by a Raven scum bag knows he is not a drama king. It makes me laugh at the fanboys pushing the testosterone keyboard to sound tough…..priceless.

    Bart Scott is not known for his brains nor his football skills. His claim to fame is” Cant wait” period.

  17. Those are the only two tangible examples of apparent or actual embellishment from Roethlisberger’s extensive, 13-year career, and it’s been years since any question has emerged over whether he attempted to make himself look more injured than he really was.
    sound’s like someone is on a personal crusade to try to salvage PigBen’s reputation. First of all the above statement is not true. I can think of two other cases just off the top of my head. His “spinal chord concussion” or something like that a couple years age which is something no one had ever heard of. And Tomlin disputed him not two years ago of another injury.

    And besides, it not just the lying and embellishment, it’s the way he acts on the field when he makes a mistake, he’s constantly grabbing his hand, or arm, or limping, etc. If PFT wants to defend someone I suggest they pick someone more worthy.

  18. Bart Scott is about as interesting, informative, and competent as Dan Fouts. Just so painful to listen to.

  19. Fatsoberger and the rest of the Steelers have always been a bunch of sweethearts…pampered by the league and its minion officials.

  20. .

    ” Anyone needing proof that the,Patriot fan base is the worst only need read the comments posted here and on the other article on Big Ben. ”

    Okay, I read them all and there are no comments by Patriots fans critical of Roethlisberger. One referenced Ben’s penchant penchant for portraying himself as Joe Pendleton in the movie, ” Heaven Can Wait “, jumping up from near death to lead his team to victory. But, really no one is harmed. I find it amusing.

  21. Bart Scott was a loudmouth Raven and hasn’t changed much since retirement. You can criticize Roethlisberger all you want but he does play in pain and even when he shouldn’t. He’s one of the five best at his position the last dozen years that he’s been in the league. Bart Scott . . . . not so much.

  22. dmartin17 says:
    Oct 19, 2016 2:33 PM

    laxman1944 says:
    Oct 19, 2016 2:14 PM
    Shut up Bart Scott, your NOT in The League anymore

    It’s literally his job now.

    He needs another line of work

  23. That’s it big mouth Scott. Keep running your mouth and Tee Big Ben off and he will be playing another episode of “Who’s laughing now” in February. Bart Scott has always been a nobody.

  24. I’ve always thought he’s been tough, played through a lot of injuries over the years. I don’t know where that slap came from or why from Scott, I guess he needs the press.

  25. Not a fan of Rothlisberger by any stretch, but how does Bart Scott keep his gig with CBS?

    He’s either Captain Obvious or saying something ridiculous every time he opens his mouth. It’s a blessing that his enunciation is so poor that half the time you can’t understand his inane comments. I enjoy watching Esiason and Cower wince at some of his idiocy.

  26. Bart Scott was wrong this time.

    But historically, he’s correct. Ben, on numerous occasions, has stayed on the ground after a play for very lengthy periods of time, to the point where you say “Oh, he must REALLY be hurt”…only for him to come back into the game.

    I don’t think that indicates he’s tough. I think it indicates, as Scott suggested, that more often than not he’s not as hurt as he pretends to be, but wants it to be perceived as he was VERY hurt so that people call him “tough” when he returns.

    I’ll tell you what’s tough: QBs who don’t miss time. Ben has played all 16 games in just 3 seasons. By comparison, Eli Manning hasn’t missed a game in over a decade.

  27. Ben is soft!!! Lately, he has had a penchant for injuring himself when the team is preparing to face the biggest games. ie the tough teams…. Like NE and Balt. He has been doing this every season for like, the past 4 0r 5 years. Drama Queen is exactly what he is…….

  28. In my honest opinion, I think Roethlisberger would be better served to say NOTHING . . . because no matter what, he’s perceived by the media and trolls as a drama queen. . . whatever, I’d still rather have him as my QB than anyone else.

    Truth be told, I blame the coach for the injuries piling up on Roethlisberger: you don’t leave him in the a game where you are getting blown out, or you’re blowing out the other team. And you certainly do not put him back in a game when he’s so clearly been injured.

  29. Im a philly fan…. Im not a bandwagon fan nor am i a diehard philly fan….more of a dieNEVER fan. Anyway i explain my fandom so yall understand im absolutely not a steelers fan. Now then bart is talking about a 2 time superbowl champion and future hall of fame qb. So does it really freaking matter that instead of the normal type answers most players give ben is as honest as possible..maybe to a fault..but i find it refreshing. One more thing bart… Regardless if he embellishes or not the man is tough. He gets levelled alot and knowing he is he going to he waits and delivers a strike. I wouldnt care how much of a drama king he is just so long as when my teams down in a super bowl his penchant for dramatics shows up and he dramatically brings the team back to win the game lime he did versus arizona.

  30. Bart Scott sounds like CrackMan Jones when Jones said Antonio Brown was faking a concussion. Hey Bart – you were a marginal player on mostly marginal teams. Go back to flipping off tv cameras and threatening to assault photographers like you did when you played for the Jets.

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