Brandon Marshall: Broncos want to “kill” Brock Osweiler

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The league office may huff and puff, but at least the ratings won’t blow.

In advance of a Monday night showdown between the Texans and Broncos, which features the return of quarterback Brock Osweiler to Denver, the defense doesn’t plan to slay any fatted calves for the prodigal son.

“There’s no ill will toward Brock,” linebacker Brandon Marshall said, via “I am happy he got paid. But it’s competition. We want to kill him.”

Marshall doesn’t mean that literally. We think.

Other Broncos have been less colorful with their language. And Marshall was more tactful about the team’s plans for Osweiler in comments distributed by the team.

“We know that Brock likes to hold the ball so I feel that we can get a lot of good pressure on him,” Marshall said. “Just watching their offense, I think this can be a great week for us, I can say that.”

It could be a great week for Monday Night Football, if more players provide more WWE-style quotes to hype up the game. One of the reasons that the prime-time contests seem less interesting this year could be that there simply hasn’t been enough — or any — public acrimony in advance of kickoff.

50 responses to “Brandon Marshall: Broncos want to “kill” Brock Osweiler

  1. Obviously bountygate 2, call Ted Wells. I’m kidding , but if the league wants to, it can ruin this guy, for just a little trash talk.

  2. “We want to kill him”. In today’s NFL, won’t that mean a minimum of a $50,000 fine and being forced to take a course dealing with ones feelings?

  3. Maybe Brock should take one out of Marshalls playbook and kneel in protest when the Denver defense is announced

  4. Hopefully, Marshall will settle for a 40 point blowout win over the crap Texans.
    As much as I hate the Broncos….this one is gonna be ugly!
    Cover the children’s eyes….Oh never mind, nobody outside of Denver will be tuning in anyway.

  5. .
    It’s as easy as ABC

    A. Houston’s suspect offensive line versus Denver’s quality defensive line,

    B. The Broncos have lost 2 in a row.

    C The game is at Denver..

    I’ll give the points.

  6. Judging by the way Osweiler has played, you would think the Broncos would be jumping for joy that he left. It’s not like he is lighting it up in Houston. If I were the Broncos, I certainly wouldn’t be trying to knock him out of the game..

  7. When they go high, Brandon goes low. But the Doncs Dirty D have been getting no more than slaps on the wrists for multiple violations over the past season or more, so don’t expect unsportsmanlike words to draw any reprimand, even though they clearly break NFL “detrimental” rules, and are clearly unprofessional.

  8. Using the season opener as the standard, the officials will take the day off and it will be a long day for Brock! (Have my doubts that Osweiller is as tough as Cam)

  9. You can say you want to kill somebody but dont you dare make fun of the Microsoft tablets!

  10. I don’t care who’s playing or what they’re saying, my boycott of non-Patriots NFL content continues until Goodell is gone for good. (Not happy about anthem protests either, but I want to be clear why I’m not watching.)

  11. Better suspend Sean Payton for a year.


    It’s not like they have official people out on the field to determine if play is too rough or over the top so they can police or patrol for unsportsmanlike like behavior. If they did have people out on the field to determine if play was over the line, well then you could say whatever you wanted to in a locker room environment.

  12. Dick Butkus used to say he had a recurring dream where he hit the quarterback and his helmet was rolling on the ground with his head in it. We have become way too sensitive. In light of Marshall’s comments, just wait and see what happens if the Broncos defense knocks Osweiler out of the game – especially if Marshall is the one that puts him out. The media will spin everyone up into a tizzy and Goodell will launch and investigation…

  13. Can never happen. With this huge G watching over the NFL (or maybe just this little PFT blog), surely a murder would never be allowed to take place.
    What is that “G” on the side of this blog home page supposed to represent, that Goodell is god? Fitting only in his mind.

  14. I think the Kap-Clone, Mr. Kneeldown himself, Brandon Marshall, should look at his two straight losses in a row and wonder if he’s still got it in the tank.

  15. Wow a throwback term from when the gestapo err I mean liberals on social media didn’t run this country. Funny how the PFT crowd knows exactly what he means but I expect he will be forced to apologize by lunch for any and everything ever “killed” on this planet.

  16. It’s still a Monday game, still ESPNs JV attempt at broadcasting a game, still Gruden starring as the walking ego and master of hyperbole….Think I’ll catch a movie. NFL needs to wake up if they want ratings to return.

    As for the teams themselves…meh.

  17. As a Texans fan, I suspect we will get absolutely destroyed because our offense is so bad and we will turn it over. That said, our two losses are to the two best teams in the league and on the road; Denver lost to San Diego and lost another game at home. I’m hoping to be surprised.

  18. Brandon Marshall needs to shut his dam mouth and let his actions do the talking. Ever since he came out in protest he has done nothing but suck at his position. This is coming from a broncos fan.

  19. Whether the comment was meant to be taken literally or not, it was not a very intelligent thing to say. Back in Sept he and Stewart were fined for hits. One could almost conclude that they aim for the head a little too often. Having said that if Brock gets hit like that…….the NFL could interpret that even though the statement was not meant to be taken literally the byproduct could be some extra effort when tackling etc…

    I’m sure the Saints and their front office will be particularly interested in this situation, if it unfolds.

  20. The Broncos better be worried about their own QBs. The Texans d line will feast on that patchwork Denver’s o line.

  21. “if more players provide more WWE-style quotes to hype up the game”
    – do we really want to head down that road?


    Yup. I’d like to see someone go full “Macho Man” during a press conference. It would make some of these match ups a little more interesting.

  22. Uh, Donks better protect their own QB! San Diego made them look like a high school team.

    Oh, and Houston already know the Kubiak playbook. Run right, run middle, roll and throw (usually to the wrong team).

    Don’t be fooled folks, these are two sketchy offenses going against pretty good defenses.

    WHO is Brandon Marshall??

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